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       Yvonne Blake


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Hello,my name is Yvonne Blake.
I have been blessed with a wonderful family-a loving husband and eight beautiful children. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and former students for cheering me on as I learn about this big world of writing and publishing.

God has blessed me with an interesting childhood. I have lived in the deserts of Arizona, the tropic islands of the Bahamas, the rugged hills of New York, the farmlands of mid-Maine. My father was a school teacher and pastor, and my mother was a nurse. My memory is a parade of settings, experiences, and characters to use in my writing.

My husband is my steady rock, loving his Lord and family. Raising a family of eight children, here in Searsport, Maine, has been our focus over the last thirty years, also giving me storerooms of material to draw from. Striving to do our best, regardless of the opinions of others, we have often lived out of step with the rest of the world.

Now that my children have grown, I have chosen to stay home and write, releasing all the stories bottled in my mind. My prayer is to be used of the Lord, to encourage and bless others with my writing.

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I have completed a novel A Home for Phoebe
about an Indian woman and a young orphan girl
wandering the hills of the Hudson Valley in the early 1800s.

  • I have completed the Journeyman Course through Christian Writers Guild correspondence course.

  • I have had articles published by Reg. Bapt. Press, Once Upon a Time, and Highlights for Children.

  • I home-schooled for five years and taught grades K-3 for twelve years, also English in grades 4-6, creative writing in grades 6-8, and high school French.

  • I teach children's writing at workshops and online - encouraging children to develop their skills.

 Yvonne Blake  
 Searsport, Maine  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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