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Cynthia Peoples is a Christian writer that has a burden for the lost and the saved that may be struggling with trials and tribulations while persevering and striving to serve a loving, merciful God! Her writings consist of inspirational stories based on everyday life events with sound biblical messages.

She began writing at a very early age and remembers writing and directing a play for her 6th grade class and had several poems published as a young adult; wrote several human interest stories for a local newspaper while employed as a graphic artist and has written several songs also.

She now enjoys writing on a daily basis when time allows and is a member of and created a FB page called the Potters Wheel Ministry.

She has worked in the healthcare industry for the last 13 years with the last two being spent working with special need adults.

She retired from healthcare in 2013 and is now employed as general manager for the Harris Brake Lake Resort in Perryville, AR.

She has three grown children, and 8 grandchildren. She lives alone and hobbies include: reading, writing, music, painting, arts and crafts, fishing, and she loves to spend time outdoors and loves nature itself which is all due to God's glorious goodness!

Her goal is to continue to submit to God's will and HIS way for her life one day at a time and prays that HE may use her in a mighty way to touch others and to further HIS Kingdom; HIS Honor; and all for HIS glory!

The Potter's Wheel Ministry
Cynthia G. Peoples
Harris Brake Lake Resort

  • Accepting Christ as my own personal Savior on August 6th, 1989

  • Baptized on February 24, 1990

  • Highly Commended for articles:
    "The Shepherd's Flock" and "Living in a Fish Bowl"

  • 1st Place - Intermediate level:
    "Bridging the Gap"

 Cindy Blackmon  Work phone: (501) 215-6307
 202 E. Green St #404  
 Morrilton, AR, 72110  Contact:

biography · favorite links · accomplishments · contact me


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