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       Chris Malkemes


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Chris Malkemes is a Christian, just like you. She’s not a pastor, missionary or elder. She’s found the secret in the Secret Place. Chris has an instructed ear and her tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

The Lord found Chris lost, alone, hopeless, helpless and homeless. She was raised in abject poverty, one of twelve children. With nothing more than a prayer of relinquishment she was delivered from bitterness, anger and so much more. Her uncle traveled hundreds of miles to bring her home, introduced her to Christ and sent her on her way.

Chris didn’t disappoint her Uncle. She worked hard to get her GED, enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps, seized a college degree and became a commissioned officer. Chris retired as a Major nearly a decade ago. She is a skilled facilitator, trained teacher and credentialed with the Assemblies of God. She married the love of her life nearly 40 years ago. They have two adopted adult children and the best ever grand-dog, Jazzi Marie, who always comes to a whistle and the smell of good food.

Although Chris has no previous publishing credits, she writes today from the adventure of it all. Her calling: make the invisible God visible to hearts and minds.

She is fond of saying, “He treasures His treasure and His treasure I am.”


Agent: Dan Balow, Director of Publishing Development & Literary Agent - The Steve Laube Agency

Book proposal sent to Discovery House Publishers, Barbour Books, Bethany House, Chosen Books, David C. Cook Publishing, IVP Press, Dregel Publishing, Waterbrook and Whitaker House

  • Book Proposal: Whispered Words of Wisdom accepted by Steve Laube Agency. Dan Balow, agent.

  • Content reviewed and approved for iDicisple out of Atlanta, GA

  • Numerous guest posts

 Chris Malkemes  Work phone: 407-201-9660
 917 Glendora Road South  
 Poinciana, Florida, 34759  Contact: [email protected]

biography · favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me


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