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       Mary Annthipie Bane


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Mary Annthipie Bane is a Christian, wife, mother, teacher, author and artist. Having grown up in Highlands New Jersey she enjoyed a childhood of summer days spent on the beaches of Sandy Hook, swimming in the Shrewsbury River and hiking through the Hartshorne Woods. With a Master's Degree in Christian Education from Andersonville Theological Seminary Mary loves to teach and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the writing of nonfiction and fiction books. Mary currently resides with her husband and three sons in Middletown Township, New Jersey.

Mary currently hold a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies
from Ames Christian University.

She is a graduate of Andersonville Theological Seminary with a
Masters Degree in Christian Education, with a thesis written on the benefit of Christian Education in Early Childhood Education, it will soon be published under the title "Raised in His Ways".

Mary is a former homeschooling mom and enjoys acareer as a freelance writer and as an Early Childhood Educator.

Through the years Mary's ministry experience includes leading women's bible studies, being a Mothers of Preschoolers Coordinator, vacation bible school teacher and director, church child care worker and coordinator, sunday school teacher and superintendent, youth group leader, Operation Christmas Child coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force leader and is looking forward to pursuing a ministry as a Christian Education Director.

Mary's first book, "Confessions of a Church Hopper" is now available online in softcover and Kindle edition

It is a short story of a full circle lifelong spiritual journey which the author hopes will uplift and encourage.

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 Mary Annthipie Bane  
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