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My deepest desire is to be an encouragement to those who come to this place. I pray that through my writing you will see the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father God.

Hello. My pen name is AmyBeth. I've chosen this name because, very loosely translated, it means, "Beloved Daughter of God."

That is not to say I deserve this beautiful blessing. I am well aware that this couldn't be further from the truth. But, because of the blessings, the grace, and the mercy the Lord continually pours over me, I know it can only mean one thing:  God truly sees me as His beloved daughter.

It is because of His great love that I write. I write to honor my Father, to inspire for Him.

Simply, I want you to know God, and to know that you are His beloved, as well.

Recently, I've begun a new blog which encourages discussions concerning the things of the Lord. Specifically, this site is an attempt to bring Christian Singles together in an atmosphere wherein they learn about each other and form relationships through Godly conversation:


biography · news · contact me


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