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"It is the dream of my life to be an author."

The first time I read this Charles W. Chestnut quote, I felt an instant connection to the statement. Writing grants me peace. To be able to write for the Lord is the best dream my imagination can conjure. Use me as your instrument, Lord.

I am the husband of a beautiful GOD fearing wife, who shares my walk in Christ. Together, we're raising our five children.

By day, I work as a field technician for a Metro Detroit Engineering/ Environmental consulting firm. By night, I enjoy writing.

In my spare time, I enjoy the company of a great fiction novel. My love for Stephen King thrillers has been replaced by the likes of Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, Ted Dekker and Randy Alcorn tales of Christ.

Walking By Faith
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How Come Rocks Can't Talk?

  • ENNIS SMITH Ennis has achieved his first publishing credit with an inspirational story posted on the Webzine, Wherever it Pleases. CONGRATS!

  • 3 of my articles, previously written for Faithwriters, made the cut to be included in the published Anthology, "Rustlings: A Wherever it Pleases Anthology".

 Ennis Smith  Work phone: 313-648-0004
 816 Garfield  
 Lincoln Park, Michigan, 48146  Contact: [email protected]

biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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