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       Melinda Bozak


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For years, I have expressed my faith through the written word. It has helped me in my spiritual growth and brought me closer in my walk with the Lord.
God has chosen to allow many trials, as well as many extraordinary blessings to fill my life. You will discover as you read my writings that my faith – my desire to serve God with my time, and any talents I may possess, will be a central theme. I pray that you will find them to be an encouragement and a blessing to read.

I am first, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, then a wife, and a mother of a teenage son. I am learning day by day to walk closer with the Lord, being handed a quite... unusual and challenging life to live. The joys and blessings of my life are sprinkled with tragedies as well. Not everyone gets to take the easy road. Sometimes growth as a Christian does not always happen on the easy road.

My days consist of devotions, motherhood – which includes a great deal of time being an enthusiastic football and basketball fan, managing a household, working full-time as a Director of Mailing (in the completely insane print/mail industry), and making time to write. It is a surprisingly ordinary in spite of the tragedies. Faith, writing, and laughter are the greatest factors for me in sustaining a life of 'normalcy'.

Faith puts into perspective our purpose for being here. The roles I fill and the activities in which I may participate, are only things I DO. My identity... my true reason for being, is for the glory of God. Realizing it is for His purpose, that my life is to be used, I am free to trust God – whatever happens in this life.

The Bottom Line
Still Living Still Loving
Dr. James Dobson''s Family Talk


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I'm so excited to be a member of FaithWriters. Thanks to the new opportunity emails, I have been offered a writing position for The Bottom Line. I will be writing about politics from a Christian perspective. Also, I have contributed my personal God encounter story to Harriett Ford for inclusion in her book of God encounters. (Another opportunity notification from FaithWriters.)
The support and opportunities on FaithWriters have been such blessings. I am so thankful the Lord led me to this site.


 Melinda Bozak  Work phone: 330-989-0504

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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