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       John Livingston Clark


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I have degrees in music from San Diego State University and Western Seminary in Portland, OR. Presently I reside in the Yakima Valley of Washington State, USA. I have been involved in music education and church music ministry most of my life. In 2005, at the age of 55, I decided to fulfill my lifetime dream of becoming a published author. My book entitled, GOD'S HEALING HOPE:BREAKING THE STRONGHOLDS OF WRONG THINKING, is available on amazon and kindle.

In addition to being a writer God gave me a confirmed calling to have a speaking ministry, in 2011. My speaking experience includes being a weekly chapel speaker at the local mission, speaking in chapel at local Christian high schools, and giving a talk on self-publishing at the Central Washington State Fair.

My writing and speaking comes under the name of LIFE ASSESSMENT MINISTRIES. It focuses on 12 life assessment areas and is primarily geared to Christian young adults. I give seminars in camps, retreats, and at churches called, GETTING LIFE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

In June of 2014 I became a published poet. My poem, "Creation Sings," can be read in "This Time Around:Setting Sail," a compilation of poetry by Eber and Wein.

  • In 2009 I was interviewed on the local affiliate of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

  • In May of 2012 I had a nationwide interview on the Life Talk Radio Network.

  • In March of 2014 I became a professional writer. I was hired to be on a team with nine other writers from across the U.S. to write for, a website of all alternative positive Christian news, devotionals, and inspirational stories.

  • In May of 2014 my article entitled, "God in the National Football League" was published in My Daily Armor's Christian Digest.

 John Livingston Clark  Work phone: 509 830 4024
 P.O. Box 616  
 Zillah, WA, USA, 98953  Contact: [email protected]

biography · news · accomplishments · contact me


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