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       Heather Letto


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I'm so glad you came to visit!

Now pull up a chair and sit a spell.

Grab yourself a cup of jo and relax as we take some time to get to know one another...

But first things first - God's word --

I am happy to report that charging out of the gates, "Plan-V" has been a great success! Thanks to all my faithful readers.

Quirky novel #2 is now polished up and ready to go... simply awaiting publication.
~ and ~
I have a very exciting project waiting in the wings. (wink, wink) I'll certainly keep you abreast of the progress!

When I'm not busy clicking on the keyboard, crafting crazy characters, I simply enjoying honing my skills and researching fun topics for you all to enjoy.

Living in the Great Lakes area, where we live through summer and simply tolerate the rest, allows me ample time for my craft...

Life is sweet.


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 Heather Letto  

biography · favorite links · news · contact me


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