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       Dr. Timothy Hoflund


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Dr. Timothy Hoflund is the Senior Ministry Leader of True Hope Churches & Ministries and Chancellor of True Hope Bible Institute.

Those who know him and are under his ministry know Dr. Timothy Hoflund as a teaching prophet! One long time member of True Hope Churches explains that Dr. Timothy has a way of making the Scriptures easy to understand and apply to real life!
Born again in 1976, Tim has led a very "real" life - - learning that God builds some of our greatest messages out of our failures which God has turned into HIS successes!
Dr. Timothy accepts invitations to minister in churches (of any denomination) that are devoted to Christ as Lord and loyal to the Bible as God's Word and Message to mankind.

Next to the salvation of souls, Dr. Timothy's greatest concern is for Christians to experience the living, daily reality of being the sons and daughters of God, knowing God as "Abba" - intimately as Father! This is the genuine reality of spiritual freedom and power which is not only available to every person who is born again, but is the intention that God expresses in His Word!

Timothy welcomes being contacted and looks forward to every opportunity to provide assistance to church leaders in reaching their communities with God's love in Christ Jesus, and to help the saints in growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  • 1993 - Published "Freedom of Forgiveness"
    Written from his own journey of not only receiving forgiveness but the grace to forgive others and the personal freedom this produces!

  • 2002 - Founded True Hope Churches & Ministries.
    A broad spectrum ministry organization that serves the church community in several crucial ways.

  • 2010 - True Hope Bible Institute received approval from Arkansas Dept. of Higher Education to operate as a Christian College with authorization to confer all levels of degrees from Associates to Doctorate.

  • 2009 - Rev. Timothy Hoflund receives Doctor of Divinity degree.

    2012 - Dr. Timothy Hoflund attains Doctor of Theology degree.

 Dr. Timothy Hoflund  Work phone: 888-800-1584
 P.O. Box 2474  
 Springfield, MO, 65801  Contact:

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