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Paula Titus is an administrative assistant by day, freelance writer by night. She also writes articles for and is an avid blogger. With coffee racing through her veins, she eagerly tackles each day, one word at a time. You can check out Paula's blog here

A Christmas Farewell

Short Story
His Strange Love Affair

Other Article
Chasing Fireflies

Thank you to Wellsprings International Ministry, an arm of Ravi Zacharais Ministries, for choosing my article as first place winner to promote the need. I am praying the article is used in a mighty way to help the thousands of women trapped in human trafficking. Read my winning piece here:

  • Since beginning my writing journey in 2006, I have written hundreds of Bible studies, many for the youth group I teach.

    I also am a staff writer for

    From 2008-2012 I wrote and answered letters from all over the world for Global Media Outreach, which is an arm of Campus Crusades for Christ.

    I have written articles for numerous online publications, such as Lovely Christian and My Christian fiction has won awards such as, Behold, He Makes All Things New and A Sheep Before Her Shearers.

  • I have been published in print as the author of both the prologue,epilogue, and back cover in the 2014 edition of "Trials and Triumphs," a book consisting of 40 life changing Christian testimonies.

    Forty true stories lie naked on the pages of this book like an open wound, pounding and pulsing to the rhythm of forty heartbeats. The words themselves may bleed and spill over with each turn of the page. Though limbs have been severed, lives have been changed, all to the glory of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. When God told Noah He was going to make it rain for forty days and forty nights, Noah didn’t build the ark with comfort in mind. Noah’s goal was to be confident it would weather the storm. Nor did the forty people, who tell their stories in this book, have comfort in mind when they built their lives around Christ. This is exactly why they, like Noah, keep their faith in spite of torrential downpours. Jesus doesn’t remove the disturbances; He is the shelter in the meanwhile.

 Paula M Titus  
 Cincinnati, Ohio  Contact: [email protected]

biography · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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