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       Carol A. Krejci


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Personal Information

I was born and raised near Jeannette, Pa.
Have lived in Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio and California. Although I have been an Ohio resident since 1969, I recently retired from nursing after working in Santee, CA. with Dr. Therese Yang, a Christian physician who specializes in caring and treating patients with Lyme Disease.
I have four terrific adult children and have been blessed with a many wonderful grandchildren.
My current hobbies are reading, writing, scrap-booking, cake decorating and singing.

Carol A. Krejci
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I'm currently leading a bi-monthly home group study based on my book "Israel, My Personal Journey." We will be meeting every Tuesday at my home in Lancaster, Ohio.
I am also currently leading a short-term study of Israel in San Clemente, CA.

  • Education

    R.N. Diploma
    Central Maine General Hospital
    Lewiston, Maine

  • Positions Held
    Staff R.N., Fairfield Medical Center Emergency Room
    Staff R.N., Fairfield County V.N.A.
    Nursing Supervisor, Fairfield Medical Center
    Quality Assurance Department, Fairfield Medical Center
    RN for Therese Yang, MD 2008-2010 and current.

  • Publications

    "Israel, My Personal Journey," a 40-Day Contemplative Devotional." Published in 2010, this book is a devotional which is presented in the form of a tour. You will arrive in modern-day Israel and conclude your journey 40 days later in the Jerusalem of Jesus' day.

    �Sowin� Seeds and Touchin� Lives,� a book about the life & faith of Lancaster, Ohio resident and teacher, Stephanie Whitcraft, founder of �Heartwarmers� and �The Circle of Hope.� Published, 2005.

    �Encouraging the Encourager�Meditations for the Health Caregiver.� Published, 1986.

    Numerous articles in the National HCF (Hospital Christian Fellowship) publication,
    �A New Heart� magazine, since 1982

  • Conference Presentations

    �Heartwarmer Presentation,� National Hospital Christian Fellowship (HCF), Kansas City, Mo., 1986
    Numerous HCF seminars, �Spiritual Values in Health Care,� Indiana and Ohio, 1986
    California Regional HCF Retreat, �Caring to the End,� Hartland Conference Center, 1986
    �When my World Crumbled,� National HCF Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1988

 Carol A. Krejci  
   Contact: [email protected]

favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me


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