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       Karen Marie Schalk


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I found today filled with wonderful tomorrows!

A girl viewing each place she visits or abides with wonder and amazement.
Joys found.
A new story unfolds.
Residing In her sheep gate house and potter’s shop in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
By the sea collecting washed ashore treasures near her beach house in South Florida.
She travels to Italy to reside in the countryside and visit the cities.
All her books and publication are illustrated with rain water and water color paints.
Film footage is captured about where ever her feet may tread.
Where shall karen marie be at the beginning of another story and journey?

this is karen marie

i am a writer, water color illustrator and own
"sheep gate housepublishing co."

Why I write books.

In all these writings abides the revelation and the revealer of my time.
In these writings reside a disclosure of my person by period, and some at least of a message of the gospel not only to me but also to my age.
These are “rhema” revelation to my spirit, and soul of Him who governs the ges.
It is through the stories of Jesus that I have strived to write what is deepest in me.
It is noble evidence, which has never yet perhaps elaborated, as it deserves.
I bring to this work the culture and thoughts of my time and added whatever my own inner soul in its quest to know God and his working could supply.
May God bless these “words” He has given and revealed to me.

This is Karen Marie

A continuing of His Work in His Name shall be done.

Thoughts out of many hearts should be revealed.
Luke chapter 2 verse 35

  • i have walked with God all the days of my life!

  • i have opened my own publishing house!

    "sheep gate house publishing co"

  • i have published many books and publications in bound and electronic environment.

 Karen Marie Schalk  

biography · news · accomplishments · contact me


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