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Wow! What an account! What a vision! I feel as though I have been set free! But I never thought of Judas being the first one to arrive after those who choose freedom had left.

Ominous, very ominous. A picture we need to carry in our hearts of all those we love, and pass on the streets.

Eerie, disturbing - Victorious! Great job!
Oooh ... with all the talk on the message boards recently about horror stories, here we find a TRUE horror scene, described incredibly well.

And thank God for the turning point in the piece ... when Jesus descended into hell and opened that lock!

I've often wondered about those verses and the relevant bits of the Apostle's Creed ... you've brought it to life extremely well!
This was a fantastic piece. Your writing is amazing, but I found that you used too mnay descriptive words. Many people will skip over those parts and lose interest. Which would be horrible because this story is a masterpiece.
Very well done and riveting. I like the use of descriptive words as they bring to mind a picture of what is occurring.
Wow! That was so very descriptive...Nicely done!
Wow! Just Wow! This is one inspired and inspiring story.
What a powerful picture you've painted. I love it! The descriptions are a little wordy - if I wasn't reading this with a proof-reader's eye, I might have glossed over some of it. I'm glad I didn't gloss over it, though, because this gave me a vivid, moving image of my Saviour taking my place in the pit of hell. Amazing!
I wonder if any were stupid/blind enough to stay? Riveting description of hell. Very, very visual.
This is brilliant
What a subject to take on as a writer! Brave you! Your story is bold and gripping, taking your reader on a roller coaster ride of things to come and things already done. I love the authoritative characterization of Christ as He opens the Gate. Interesting use of past and present tenses too. Well done!!