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You are a really good storyteller. Nice job.
Here's a suggestion if you care about how you place in the challenge: I'm not sure if you noticed at the top by the topic that it says not to use a 'literal example' of spilt milk. It's difficult NOT to do, but the idea is to show the topic without actually saying the topic, you know?

Other than that, your grammar and punctuation are excellent, and you did a really good job of taking the story full circle. YOu also made a good point of making sure we don't recklessly hurt people without repentance.
Your title caught my attention, and your vehicle for delivery of your message (who doesn't like to hear gossip, shame on me!) was guaranteed to hook the reader! Well done. I hope you place even with the actual reference to "spilled milk."
I didn't care for the story, gossip and being judgemental, wow! But the writing in itself was not bad. Keep writing.
Masterful writing, capturing a conversation while keeping the reader's attention! This one reads like a skit!