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(smile) I love your descriptions of Bali, and I'm still chuckling over her antics.
Keep it're doing great.
Very nice descriptions of your Bali. Nice job.
The pace of this matched your precious cat. Loved the ending and this "immediately wrapped her front legs around my neck as a child
would do, and loud purrs emanated from her throat. That was the loudest I ever heard Bali purr."
Great description of a wonderful, loving companionship. Your descriptions of Bali and her actions were full and rich. I was able to see her courageous attempts to do the things which were so difficult for her. :)
A very sweet description--I could picture every moment.
Congratulations on taking 12th place in your level with this piece!
We all have 'quirks'.
Bali sounded delightful.We have a kitten who's depth perception is also off.She tries to leap onto the computer keyboard, and misses everytime!
Nice writing.Thanks for sharing. God Bless.
Wonderful description of a loving pet. Animals are sometimes a gift from God. They can bring so much pleasure. This story reminds me of a cat we had. Wonderful house cat with vision problems, she accidently got out one day and our neighbor killed it (one of many, many cats killed in the neighborhood). We grieved for it. We moved to the country just a short time later. Now we have five indoor/outdoor cats, safe now.
God bless and keep writing.
First I would like say thank you for your comments on my article "Where are you my child."

I must say I feel as though I know BALI. I like your discriptions and a feeling of warmth comes across with the antics and laughter. Nice job.

Oh how I loved this story! I also had a blind cat. The memory of her all came back as I read your story. This one was a WINNER in my estimation...If you want to read my story (it is in three parts, but you can get to it by going to the first story), here is the link. (Hope it works). Do Kitties Have Angels? If this link doesn't work, and you are interested, my email address is bless you today and every day...Helen
Hi. I already left a comment on "BALI", but I gave you the wrong story. (Sorry, I got up a little dizzy this morning!) I meant to give you this link, about my blind kitty: Purrfect Trust...Helen
Great description...Great Adjectives used.
Such a great commentary on Bali! I could imagine, through your words,how she lived!
Thank you so much!


Silly me, this brought tears to my eyes! I love cats! Your descriptions brought this one alive to me.
I came to thank you for the comment you left on my story "Something" (I'm way overdue!). And, I found this wonderful and touching story about your kitty. You are definitely a polished writer. Thank you!