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The title drew me in. Chain saw bears, huh? I'd like to see one! Great job.
I love this! That first wonderful line: "I can only sing in one key. That would be the key of off." caught my attention and there was nothing to disappoint me in what followed - I just wish there had been more. Good work.
Loved this. Lots of good humor. Made me laugh. I have the same singing voice.
Keep writing and sharing.
Very cute and humorous. I bet the Lord loves the sound of your voice.
Good article. It felt like you were talking straight to me!
I loved the light conversational humor of this piece. This belongs in a Christian magazine - with this type of humor, you could probably be a regular columnist.
I enjoyed your article and the humour in it. You certainly have a talent in this direction and I hope to read more of your offerings. Good work.
God does have a sense o humor doesn't He? I am sure he sits in heaven asnd smiles when you sing. Keep focused on your purpose it will come. Nice job
I am sure many of us can relate to your story. It certainly made me smile. Do you think when our bodies are transformed in heaven we will also get transformed voices? I hope so. But then, I think God listens for the heart more than the outward sound. Perfect melody does not equal pure worship.
I like this little story. The title was very catchy. Keep making your own kind of melody for God.
This made me laugh. I loved it. Thanks for sharing!
What I like - first, your title caught my eye- very your voice all the way through is perfect along with your humor - not overdone, just enough. I like how you made it into a nice little devotional.
What I might change- really nothing except I wished I could haev read more! nice writing.
Very 'real.' I think we all recognized ourselves here... keep up the good writing!
This was very fun to read. Great writing style - humorous and entertaining. Would have liked to read more. Good job.
One of the better devotionals I've read here--what a charming and witty voice you have!
Like others have said, that first two lines got you off to a great start. I can totally relate to the loving to sing, but not loving to hear myself thing. Need a bear making buddy? hehe
Ha! First line had me chuckling. Lots of great humor here. Seemed like there might have been a few shifts in person, and the flow felt stilted, even for personal thoughts. Humility shown through, however, and I really enjoyed sharing in the cute conclusion!
A hilarious look at "yourself"? Some people can't sing. My husband for one, but I won't give him up, he has too much else to offer. I'm sure you do too.