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Name: Dan Blankenship 
Website: www.danblankenship.com
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Articles written: 412

 About Self
DAN BLANKENSHIP, the author of The Running Girl, lives with his wife and two daughters in Lowell, Indiana. He is the former race director of the Buckley 5 Miler cross-country race and has written three short stories appearing in Catalyst Literary Journal. His writing is inspired by the fictional works of C.S. Lewis, Frank Peretti, and Randy Alcorn.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/21/08 Brotherly Love in a Really Dark Hour 790 For Sale
03/26/08 Have You? 524 For Sale
03/18/08 Barack’s Speech Failed to Address the Judgment Issue 741 For Sale
03/04/08 Back on the Right Path 548 For Sale
03/04/08 A Little Information About Railroad Crossings 1424 For Sale
02/25/08 Self-Made Man, I Don’t Think So 929 For Sale
02/25/08 Accepting the Limits of Your Current Abilities 1197 For Sale
02/25/08 “Stranger Danger” Applies to Many Age Groups 707 For Sale
02/10/08 Ignoring Black History is Not an Option for Christians of Any Color 812 For Sale
02/10/08 Marriage is a Good Thing, a Very Good Thing 600 For Sale
02/10/08 Even Christians Have Rights 599 For Sale
01/18/08 It is Time to Give Britney Room to Breathe 617 For Sale
01/01/08 Seeking the Perfect Church (a fictional account we can all relate to, in one way or another) 617 For Sale
01/01/08 Delicious Billboard Treats 933 For Sale
12/27/07 Yes, Johnny, There are Two Americas! 594 For Sale
12/26/07 Miracle in Panama 1962 For Sale
12/06/07 Desire, Sacrifice, and Reward Work Best in That Order 757 For Sale
12/06/07 Keeping Your School from Tragedy 563 For Sale
12/06/07 When People Don’t Understand You, What’s Next? 708 For Sale
11/12/07 Five Ways for Teens to Advance Their Faith 765 For Sale
11/03/07 The APD Truck is Here 650 For Sale
10/14/07 The Voice of Reason and Salvation 515 For Sale
10/14/07 How Can We Move Mountains? 462 For Sale
10/14/07 Holy Yellow Flags Covering the Earth 481 For Sale
09/02/07 Attitude and Good Sportsmanship 3468 For Sale
09/02/07 Just Around The Corner 876 For Sale
09/02/07 Honesty Never Goes Out of Style 862 For Sale
08/07/07 Interrogating a Demon 1120 For Sale
08/07/07 Choices and Consequences 2249 For Sale
08/07/07 Money and Fame Can’t Buy Common Sense 878 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/28/12 The Bookshelf
11/21/12 TRAINing
11/14/12 The Test
10/24/10 Autumn of Reconciliation
10/09/10 Breakfast Decree
03/09/10 Billy Who?
02/03/10 Words Matter
01/27/10 The "Huh?" of His Presence
01/10/10 Riling Rusty
11/15/09 Yellow Sun – Father’s Son
10/30/09 The Next Page
10/28/09 All Grown Up And A Little Less Green
10/12/09 Crystal Blue
10/06/09 Life in the Red
09/15/09 Life After Training Wheels
09/02/09 Harold Examines the Autumn of His Life
08/26/09 The Most Precious Stage of the Human Experience
08/17/09 My Winter of New Beginnings
08/03/09 He Wanted to be Grown Up
11/29/08 On My Knees in St. Louis
09/11/08 The Happy Hunter Who Never Killed Anything
09/05/08 The Incredible Dad I Wish You Could Know
09/01/08 Daring to be Impressive
08/27/08 Seven Thousand Miles of Change
08/14/08 The Girl, The Ring, and The Weeds
08/08/08 Where I Need To Be Found
07/31/08 The Demon Oscars
07/24/08 Should I Answer That?
07/10/08 Grandma Lucy’s Dress
05/04/08 PKs Rule
04/16/08 The Provider
02/28/08 It is Deeds I Find So Compelling
02/10/08 The Evasive Touchdown Victory Does Not Cause the End of Civilization
12/07/07 Can You Find Me a Church?
10/18/07 The Music For Today
09/06/07 The Birth of a Soul Winner
08/24/07 Billy Buford’s First Fight or Flight Adventure
08/16/07 Flash of Light
02/16/07 The Great Escape From Steve’s Extreme Fitness Center
02/02/07 No Service Available on Days Ending With a “Y”
01/25/07 She Hears You
11/02/06 Where Will I Find A Great Teacher?
09/12/06 The Day I Was Invited to a Garden
09/02/06 Gollobowl’s River
08/18/06 CROSSing The River of Evil Forces
08/05/06 The Mad Gorilla Vision
07/31/06 Painting the Leaning Fence
07/20/06 The Short Walk
07/17/06 Humility and the Karate Gi
06/14/06 The Success and Abundance of Jimmy Cage
05/29/06 The Intervention
02/19/06 The End of the Day (i)
03/18/05 Round Numbers
03/06/05 Moments Like This
02/06/05 And this is love
01/30/05 A Lesson On Highway 93 (The names have been changed to protect the guilty)
01/18/05 Desire's U-Turn
10/01/04 A Path For All
09/17/04 Bozo, Dirty Biscuits, and Life
09/09/04 Silent No More
08/22/04 The DNA Findings - Part 1
08/15/04 As The Toilet Swirls
07/25/04 Where Did Jesus Go To School?
06/18/04 Mastering Rest
06/05/04 The Fifty-word Nightmare And The Honey-to-do-list
05/29/04 Follow Him Above

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