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Name: Glenn A. Hascall
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Articles written: 126

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Professional writer since 1995. Co-founder of Cross Times. Currently a freelance writer with credits in more than 35 books including three of my own.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/03/07 Kelly Willard More Than Life 6343 For Sale
10/11/04 Safe in Your Presence 887 Free to Share
10/11/04 The Martyrs Tears 1237 Free to Share
10/11/04 The Cancer Within 864 Free to Share
10/11/04 A Seed, Reborn 1387 Free to Share
09/07/04 The Fire and The Flood 1013 Free to Share
08/09/04 The Blender 765 For Sale
07/27/04 Old School Parable 1003 For Sale
07/19/04 Ryan's Dictionary 837 Free to Share
04/10/04 I'll Give You Such a Slug 837 Free to Share
04/10/04 Reaping Later Than You Sow 915 Free to Share
04/10/04 In His Service 820 Free to Share
04/10/04 An Inkeeper Named Simon 986 Free to Share
04/03/04 Midlife Crisis 1064 Free to Share
04/03/04 Jerry Lewis Plays Basketball? 950 Free to Share
04/03/04 The Last Time 804 Free to Share
04/01/04 A Prowler, Paper Bags & Answered Prayer 1382 Free to Share
04/01/04 Three Men & A Blazing Brick Kiln 1264 For Sale
04/01/04 A Teakettle Tale 1715 Free to Share
03/31/04 Locked Out 914 Free to Share
03/31/04 Brain Glob 819 For Sale
03/31/04 Grumpy In Pink 876 Free to Share
03/31/04 Lisa's Tribute: A Mother's Day Monologue 3429 Free to Share
03/31/04 She's No Cyber-Mama 972 Free to Share
03/31/04 God's Answer to Justice 1134 Free to Share
03/31/04 Crushed By Puppy Love 927 Free to Share
03/31/04 The Network 1073 Free to Share
03/31/04 Vacancy 945 Free to Share
03/31/04 Gentle Ben 839 Free to Share
03/31/04 Skyline Drive at Sunrise 971 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/05/07 People Singing, A Bible Pusher and a Smiling Jesus
10/25/07 Wade N. Christian's Memorial Service
10/17/07 The All Church Cast Party
10/10/07 Open Our Eyes
09/18/07 Confronting the Painmakers
09/11/07 Bajeeber Pudding and Light Show
09/04/07 A Nigerian Firebrand – A True Story
08/24/07 Only Tears Remain
08/16/07 Of Politics and a Lack of Confusion
08/03/07 A Diatribe on Imagination Convolutants
07/28/07 A Grief Delayed
07/22/07 The Expense of Collecting Recollections
04/18/07 Confronting Smellie and Shue
01/31/07 The Time Between Times
01/10/07 Shake the Flake
12/06/06 A Joy Deferred
11/29/06 Espowyes Remembers
11/18/06 Pez Parenting
11/06/06 Matrix Reduced
10/30/06 Every Potential Holds Me Captive
10/24/06 The Penny Missionary
10/17/06 Too Cool for Mayberry
09/13/06 The Garden Shroud
08/31/06 The Return of the Fishing Pilgrim
08/28/06 Melody Rings
08/22/06 Matthew’s Silent Vigil
08/14/06 Stages
08/03/06 Jake, the Shuffling Visionary
07/28/06 So Many Questions
07/20/06 Exiled – At the End of the Walk
07/15/06 The Final Breath of Gilian Reimer
07/08/06 Simply Day Seven
05/24/05 If You Could See Me Now
05/17/05 The Complete Billy
05/10/05 Guinevere’s Hope
05/03/05 Surviving the Serenade
04/26/05 He Dared to Tread
04/22/05 Botox for the Wrinkled Blessing Psyche
04/13/05 Leon, Lucy and Bologna Dogs
04/05/05 Close Encounters...
03/17/05 When Leaders Follow (Based on actual events)
03/08/05 John Mowry: This is Your Life
03/01/05 The Day Chuck Went On Trial
02/22/05 Visiting Mt. Moriah
02/15/05 The Letter
02/08/05 The Kindness of Fat Joe (Based on a true story)
02/01/05 Gino’s Gutter Gaffe (A Parable)
01/25/05 Rising to the Occasion
01/19/05 Absolutely!
01/10/05 Weary of Tumbleweeds and Gravel
12/01/04 The Omega Blessing
11/25/04 Welcome Home
11/18/04 Because of You
11/10/04 Tellurium Meltdown
11/02/04 Not For the First Time
10/26/04 The Things He Never Knew
10/20/04 He Laughs
10/13/04 Scared Girl Walking
09/28/04 Horse Sense
09/21/04 Genetic Omission
09/15/04 It All Started With Halibut Kibble
09/08/04 Worldwide Flood: The Untold Story
09/03/04 Twice Promoted: Jason’s Story (Based on a true story)
08/24/04 Of Bears, Whine and Hearing Aids
08/17/04 The Legendary Slap Fest of Goshen County
08/10/04 A Tyrant’s Testament
07/27/04 Those Awful Red Marks
07/19/04 Jerry Lewis Plays Basketball?
07/13/04 The Marks They Leave
07/06/04 The Transformation of a Non-Conformist
06/14/04 Bump in the Night
06/11/04 When Life Throws You Out of the Pond
05/24/04 Have You Seen The Sunset?
05/17/04 The Miriam Parable
05/10/04 The Vacuum
05/03/04 The Artist
04/26/04 Lake Walking
04/19/04 Mr. Good Wrench
04/13/04 Self Important Sam
04/06/04 Don’t Slam that…
04/02/04 Why So Downcast?

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
04/01/05 CSI: Fairy Tale Division
03/03/05 Utopian Hope Robbers
01/04/05 Then and Now
11/12/04 The Jim Milner Show
11/10/04 Bear Creek Narratives - Trash Day
10/29/04 I Call Her Blessed
10/27/04 Bear Creek Narratives: Tree Lessons
10/23/04 Small Town Stories: The Bear Creek Narratives
10/23/04 The Canteen

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