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Name: Noel Mitaxa 
Website: www.noelmitaxa.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 171

 About Self
I am an inter-church football and speedway chaplain in my home town in Southeastern Australia, after being away for over forty years. Judy and I have been married since 1975, and our family of four has grown up and added four wonderful grandchildren: two girls and two boys. I've recently moved from being a Baptist pastor to expand my writing ministry. My Good News column syndicates with newspapers in Australia and the USA, and among our armed service personnel. I love using words for their power and clarity, but I also love playing with them. This is why I have recently released an e-book - "Noelogisms: Looking at Life - Through a Punster's Ear," which comprises an alphabetical list of definitions for over 1200 examples of wordplay. A recent Challenge topic inspired me to rename the "Repetititititititive" poem below as "An Ode to Spam" and put it on Youtube for fun, so feel free to have a look. If it becomes a world-wide hit, it will all be "ode" to Spam. I'm also working on children's books and some coffee-table books, some humour material, and a book that seeks to make personal witnessing more personal for the witness and for the witnessee.
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06/23/14 A Window Opens 91 For Sale
11/20/11 His Persistence is Becoming Repetititititive 562 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/23/14 Ministry in a World of Dreams
10/09/14 Sneezes I Have Known - or Suspected
10/09/14 Promises, Prophesies and God's Wider Provision
09/18/14 Big Sarge's Goodwill Squad
09/10/14 Potted Meat Perspectives on the Pecking Order
09/04/14 Do Sacred Cows make Tasty Hamburgers?
08/20/14 A Challenge for the Roman Umpire – or an Authentic Misrepresentation of Ancient History
08/14/14 E Duo Unum – E Unum Pluribus
07/24/14 Getting to Write it Would Have Got it Right
07/17/14 (Prayer) Power to the People!
06/12/14 A Positive Chain Reaction
06/05/14 The Power of One (Extra)
05/28/14 New Words??? New Meanings????
05/20/14 Easter Grief - or an Easter Grinch???
05/14/14 Welcome to GMC
03/13/14 There Had to be a Catch
02/26/14 Merci Beaucoup, Venus de Milo...
02/18/14 Where to From Here?
02/13/14 Let's not Roll the Credits Yet...
01/28/14 Pain for Pastor Peter
01/23/14 No More Loose Ends
01/16/14 An “E-N-D”less Blank Verse: Literally - But Just for Fun
12/12/13 Who Knows What You Might Sea?
12/05/13 One Question Too Many...
11/27/13 Courtyard Collusion
11/06/13 The Swamp – A Return to the Status Quo
10/23/13 When the Kids are Pushing the Limits...
10/17/13 When Will the Questions Stop?
10/10/13 Alibar; Who put the "end" in "Legend."
09/19/13 Two Hours of Torment
09/11/13 A Divine Design
09/05/13 More From Less
08/29/13 Bypassing the Passing Parade
08/22/13 From Bad to Verse...
08/15/13 A Tutorial Surprise...
08/08/13 A Dart through Despair
07/31/13 We Called Him "The Chief."
07/25/13 How Wide is God's Grace
07/18/13 Where does expectancy fit into our prayers for healing?
06/13/13 Two Hums - One Hope
05/30/13 A Window Opens
05/22/13 How Herman was Saved from Himself
05/16/13 Rattled, but Restored
05/08/13 From a Sizzle to a Fizzle
05/01/13 Here’s to Nill; My Humble Irish Hero!
03/05/13 We can Choose our Friends...
02/26/13 Accent-uating Our Communication Problems
02/20/13 Energy from an Em-Dash Existence
02/13/13 I'm in Charge Around Here!
02/04/13 Forget Our Anniversary? No Way!
01/27/13 The Power of One - and My Night Caller
01/23/13 Witnessing - Without a Micro-Wave Switch
01/16/13 Weigh Off-Course!
01/09/13 The Quip - and the Dead!
12/12/12 God's Game-changer
12/04/12 Surprising Steps with a Friendly Wind
11/28/12 The God who Plays Leapfrog
11/22/12 No Time Like the Present - or the Past, or the Future
11/14/12 Free at Last - but Not to Last!
11/08/12 How Final is a Cemetery?
10/30/12 God has a Great Sense of Humour
10/24/12 Reassurance for Rabbi Reuben
10/18/12 Torn Between Two Brothers...
10/08/12 a Fun Look at our Language - Through a Punster's Ear
09/12/12 A Second Mile - with the Sin-Killer
08/16/12 Let's Stretch the Table
08/08/12 Another Side to Self-Control - A Dietribe*
08/02/12 Two Four-Letter Words
07/25/12 A Potluck Sermon - A Personal Saga
07/18/12 Around the Table
07/11/12 How do you Handle a Home-Grown Prophet?
05/31/12 The Power of a Simple Question
05/23/12 Who Can I Tell?
05/17/12 So, Who is this J'Hosiph?
05/09/12 A Saint Thrown into Hell
04/24/12 A Philosopher on the Mound
04/18/12 A Little More Space for God's Grace...
03/15/12 Back to the Old Me
03/07/12 Roger's Reply to Ridicule
02/29/12 At Least He Tried...
02/23/12 Do Not Try This at Home - Or Anywhere Else!
02/15/12 God Stretched my Schedule
02/08/12 Ya Gotta Hand it to Harry!
02/02/12 Not Just a Job
01/25/12 Rough Times for Rudolph
01/18/12 Thirty Minutes of Free Fuel
01/12/12 Heartbreak and Hope
11/03/11 Welcome to My Blog
10/19/11 Rain on the Reign of King Virgil!
09/22/11 What Ultimate Revenge for Harry?
09/14/11 A Note of Caution
09/01/11 "But I Don't Have a Testimony
08/25/11 One Day I'd Like to be a Bricklayer...
08/10/11 Jerry and Helen - and along came Jabez!
08/03/11 A Fool and His Money.....
07/25/11 Gabriel Kept Smiling
07/20/11 Only One Dimension Away
07/12/11 Bomana's Silent Speech
06/16/11 Pulpit-ations: or "How I Discovered the "Mess" in "Message."
06/08/11 Role Reversal
06/02/11 A Tycoon and a Tramp
05/25/11 The Farmer who Flew for Fun
05/11/11 A Prescription for the Doctor
05/04/11 A B'earthday Challenge
04/26/11 Ulysses' Big Dream
04/21/11 Wow, I Almost Never Got Here!
04/14/11 Not so Happliy Ever After
03/16/11 One man's Word for the World
03/07/11 He Just Had to Know...
03/02/11 I've Met the Millennium Muncher!
02/24/11 No Magic in the Stars
02/17/11 When Words Aren't Enough
02/10/11 On the Edge of Eternity
01/31/11 A Date with Destiny
01/27/11 A Secure Foundation from a Six-year Frustration
01/19/11 A Primary Producer's Pearl
01/09/11 No Breakfast at Tiffany's
12/14/10 No Interpreter Needed Here!
12/09/10 Habakkuk - You Media Master You!
12/01/10 A Surprise Christmas Treat
11/25/10 "Make Like a Duck!"
11/18/10 Scattering the Seed
11/09/10 Thanks a lot, Luciano!
11/02/10 "It's For You!"
10/28/10 Anonymous, Unexpected and Amazing
10/21/10 A Meeting with Abraham
09/15/10 Well Heard, Well Understood, Well Told
06/03/10 How Far Can You Reach
05/27/10 God's Double Vision
05/20/10 We Keep Hearing Voices
05/12/10 With my Feet Placed Firmly in Mid-Air...
05/05/10 Prophet and Loss - and Recovery!
04/28/10 Light, Life and Love - Despite the Darkness
04/21/10 So Much to be Thankful For
04/15/10 Seeing the Best - Under House-Arrest
03/17/10 "Asaph's Gone?"
03/10/10 Did Someone say "Princess?"
03/03/10 We Have no Secrets Here ...
02/24/10 After Thirty Years, the Cat is Out of the Bag!
02/10/10 Intrigue vs Integrity: No Match!
02/03/10 Goodbye Storms
01/27/10 Seizing the Moment
01/20/10 Of all the People to Ask ...
01/10/10 From Blunders to Wonders
12/08/09 Listen to the Rainbow
11/30/09 "Brown Days" - But they Could be Much Worse!
11/25/09 Retirement? What's that?
11/17/09 It's Yellow; and We're Ready for the Roar!
11/10/09 "that purple rag"
11/03/09 For Sale Cheap: One White Hat - Hardly Used
10/28/09 God's Green People
10/21/09 Out of the Gloom and Into the Black
10/14/09 Surprise, surprise, surprise
09/15/09 Ahead of His Time
09/09/09 Davidson: King of the Kids!
08/25/09 A Re-Run for Nick?
08/20/09 A Chair to Share
08/05/09 Would that Boyish Grin Ever Return?
07/30/09 Fresh Warmth; Fresh Wit
07/23/09 The Agony and the Ecstasy - and the Acceptance
07/15/09 In Summer's Fiery Furnace
07/09/09 Light in the Darkness
06/08/09 Who Is It?
05/31/09 From Lemons to Lemonade
05/27/09 The Best or the Worst - a Simple Choice
05/17/09 There's a Hole in Your Hurt
05/11/09 A Look Past Luck
05/07/09 In and Out (ii)
04/26/09 hard and soft

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