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Name: Noel Mitaxa 
Website: www.noelmitaxa.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 214

 About Self
As a happy husband of one; father of four; and grandfather of four more; I am an Australian inter-church sports chaplain - football in winter and speedways in summer. Judy and I have been married since 1975. I've recently moved from being a Baptist pastor to expand my writing ministry. My Good News column syndicates with newspapers in Australia and the USA, and among our armed service personnel. Words for me are powerful tools, but they are also wonderful toys to play with. This is why I have recently released an e-book - "Noelogisms: Looking at Life - Through a Punster's Ear." It's an alphabetical wordplay list of over 1200 definitions. You can find my Ode to Spam on Youtube - a renamed version of my "Repetititititititive" poem listed below. If it becomes a world-wide hit, it will all be "ode" to Spam. I'm also working on children's books and some coffee-table books, some humour material, and a book that seeks to make personal witnessing more personal for the witness and for the witnessee.
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06/23/14 A Window Opens 248 For Sale
11/20/11 His Persistence is Becoming Repetititititive 779 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/12/16 Who Shifted the Steering Wheel?
05/05/16 How Sweet it Might Have Been...
04/28/16 Xaphan's Letter
04/21/16 What are the Odds that This Poem will be Odd?
03/17/16 An Election Year, or an Election Smear?
03/03/16 Famous <i>First</i> Words!
02/25/16 Tim #3
02/18/16 Man-Hungry...
02/10/16 A Miracle Meal – Manu-factured from a Menu Fractured!
01/28/16 Uncharted Waters...
01/14/16 Revving Up the Reverend
11/25/15 "I can Smell Something Burning!"
11/19/15 No More Zac the Knife
11/09/15 Step Aside, Pedants
11/05/15 Chill Out, Church
10/08/15 Who Cares About Paris…
09/10/15 How Much Worse Could it Get?
09/02/15 A Question From Left-Field…
08/27/15 Injun-uity
08/19/15 From the Diary of a Prophet with a Death-Wish...
08/13/15 Gullible's Travels
08/06/15 Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?
07/30/15 Paris or Paree - A Choice of Two Great Towns
07/22/15 Let's Kodak - To the Future!
06/10/15 I’ve Never Known Anything but Love
06/04/15 My Little World – Invaded and Invigorated
05/19/15 Purity In Doctrine - Piety In Action
05/07/15 My Sweat Hour of Prayer
03/19/15 God has Become so Much Bigger Now...
03/12/15 A Crash Course in Theology
03/05/15 Out of the Cocoon
02/26/15 A Self-Made Man
02/19/15 It Started With a KIss...
02/03/15 Why Bother with a Title for This?
01/29/15 Temple Troubles
01/21/15 Ten Gluttony Indicators
01/15/15 Regime-Change, and the Fight for Freedom
12/11/14 A Young Man in a Hurry
12/04/14 Questions About God
11/19/14 You Don't Have to be Stupid...
11/12/14 Roots, Relics and Recognitions
11/06/14 No More Troubles at the Hive
10/29/14 Rare Beauty - A Remedy for Loneliness
10/23/14 Ministry in a World of Dreams
10/09/14 Sneezes I Have Known - or Suspected
10/09/14 Promises, Prophesies and God's Wider Provision
09/18/14 Big Sarge's Goodwill Squad
09/10/14 Potted Meat Perspectives on the Pecking Order
09/04/14 Do Sacred Cows make Tasty Hamburgers?
08/20/14 A Challenge for the Roman Umpire – or an Authentic Misrepresentation of Ancient History
08/14/14 E Duo Unum – E Unum Pluribus
07/24/14 Getting to Write it Would Have Got it Right
07/17/14 (Prayer) Power to the People!
06/12/14 A Positive Chain Reaction
06/05/14 The Power of One (Extra)
05/28/14 New Words??? New Meanings????
05/20/14 Easter Grief - or an Easter Grinch???
05/14/14 Welcome to GMC
03/13/14 There Had to be a Catch
02/26/14 Merci Beaucoup, Venus de Milo...
02/18/14 Where to From Here?
02/13/14 Let's not Roll the Credits Yet...
01/28/14 Pain for Pastor Peter
01/23/14 No More Loose Ends
01/16/14 An “E-N-D”less Blank Verse: Literally - But Just for Fun
12/12/13 Who Knows What You Might Sea?
12/05/13 One Question Too Many...
11/27/13 Courtyard Collusion
11/06/13 The Swamp – A Return to the Status Quo
10/23/13 When the Kids are Pushing the Limits...
10/17/13 When Will the Questions Stop?
10/10/13 Alibar; Who put the "end" in "Legend."
09/19/13 Two Hours of Torment
09/11/13 A Divine Design
09/05/13 More From Less
08/29/13 Bypassing the Passing Parade
08/22/13 From Bad to Verse...
08/15/13 A Tutorial Surprise...
08/08/13 A Dart through Despair
07/31/13 We Called Him "The Chief."
07/25/13 How Wide is God's Grace
07/18/13 Where does expectancy fit into our prayers for healing?
06/13/13 Two Hums - One Hope
05/30/13 A Window Opens
05/22/13 How Herman was Saved from Himself
05/16/13 Rattled, but Restored
05/08/13 From a Sizzle to a Fizzle
05/01/13 Here’s to Nill; My Humble Irish Hero!
03/05/13 We can Choose our Friends...
02/26/13 Accent-uating Our Communication Problems
02/20/13 Energy from an Em-Dash Existence
02/13/13 I'm in Charge Around Here!
02/04/13 Forget Our Anniversary? No Way!
01/27/13 The Power of One - and My Night Caller
01/23/13 Witnessing - Without a Micro-Wave Switch
01/16/13 Weigh Off-Course!
01/09/13 The Quip - and the Dead!
12/12/12 God's Game-changer
12/04/12 Surprising Steps with a Friendly Wind
11/28/12 The God who Plays Leapfrog
11/22/12 No Time Like the Present - or the Past, or the Future
11/14/12 Free at Last - but Not to Last!
11/08/12 How Final is a Cemetery?
10/30/12 God has a Great Sense of Humour
10/24/12 Reassurance for Rabbi Reuben
10/18/12 Torn Between Two Brothers...
10/08/12 a Fun Look at our Language - Through a Punster's Ear
09/12/12 A Second Mile - with the Sin-Killer
08/16/12 Let's Stretch the Table
08/08/12 Another Side to Self-Control - A Dietribe*
08/02/12 Two Four-Letter Words
07/25/12 A Potluck Sermon - A Personal Saga
07/18/12 Around the Table
07/11/12 How do you Handle a Home-Grown Prophet?
05/31/12 The Power of a Simple Question
05/23/12 Who Can I Tell?
05/17/12 So, Who is this J'Hosiph?
05/09/12 A Saint Thrown into Hell
04/24/12 A Philosopher on the Mound
04/18/12 A Little More Space for God's Grace...
03/15/12 Back to the Old Me
03/07/12 Roger's Reply to Ridicule
02/29/12 At Least He Tried...
02/23/12 Do Not Try This at Home - Or Anywhere Else!
02/15/12 God Stretched my Schedule
02/08/12 Ya Gotta Hand it to Harry!
02/02/12 Not Just a Job
01/25/12 Rough Times for Rudolph
01/18/12 Thirty Minutes of Free Fuel
01/12/12 Heartbreak and Hope
11/03/11 Welcome to My Blog
10/19/11 Rain on the Reign of King Virgil!
09/22/11 What Ultimate Revenge for Harry?
09/14/11 A Note of Caution
09/01/11 "But I Don't Have a Testimony
08/25/11 One Day I'd Like to be a Bricklayer...
08/10/11 Jerry and Helen - and along came Jabez!
08/03/11 A Fool and His Money.....
07/25/11 Gabriel Kept Smiling
07/20/11 Only One Dimension Away
07/12/11 Bomana's Silent Speech
06/16/11 Pulpit-ations: or "How I Discovered the "Mess" in "Message."
06/08/11 Role Reversal
06/02/11 A Tycoon and a Tramp
05/25/11 The Farmer who Flew for Fun
05/11/11 A Prescription for the Doctor
05/04/11 A B'earthday Challenge
04/26/11 Ulysses' Big Dream
04/21/11 Wow, I Almost Never Got Here!
04/14/11 Not so Happliy Ever After
03/16/11 One man's Word for the World
03/07/11 He Just Had to Know...
03/02/11 I've Met the Millennium Muncher!
02/24/11 No Magic in the Stars
02/17/11 When Words Aren't Enough
02/10/11 On the Edge of Eternity
01/31/11 A Date with Destiny
01/27/11 A Secure Foundation from a Six-year Frustration
01/19/11 A Primary Producer's Pearl
01/09/11 No Breakfast at Tiffany's
12/14/10 No Interpreter Needed Here!
12/09/10 Habakkuk - You Media Master You!
12/01/10 A Surprise Christmas Treat
11/25/10 "Make Like a Duck!"
11/18/10 Scattering the Seed
11/09/10 Thanks a lot, Luciano!
11/02/10 "It's For You!"
10/28/10 Anonymous, Unexpected and Amazing
10/21/10 A Meeting with Abraham
09/15/10 Well Heard, Well Understood, Well Told
06/03/10 How Far Can You Reach
05/27/10 God's Double Vision
05/20/10 We Keep Hearing Voices
05/12/10 With my Feet Placed Firmly in Mid-Air...
05/05/10 Prophet and Loss - and Recovery!
04/28/10 Light, Life and Love - Despite the Darkness
04/21/10 So Much to be Thankful For
04/15/10 Seeing the Best - Under House-Arrest
03/17/10 "Asaph's Gone?"
03/10/10 Did Someone say "Princess?"
03/03/10 We Have no Secrets Here ...
02/24/10 After Thirty Years, the Cat is Out of the Bag!
02/10/10 Intrigue vs Integrity: No Match!
02/03/10 Goodbye Storms
01/27/10 Seizing the Moment
01/20/10 Of all the People to Ask ...
01/10/10 From Blunders to Wonders
12/08/09 Listen to the Rainbow
11/30/09 "Brown Days" - But they Could be Much Worse!
11/25/09 Retirement? What's that?
11/17/09 It's Yellow; and We're Ready for the Roar!
11/10/09 "that purple rag"
11/03/09 For Sale Cheap: One White Hat - Hardly Used
10/28/09 God's Green People
10/21/09 Out of the Gloom and Into the Black
10/14/09 Surprise, surprise, surprise
09/15/09 Ahead of His Time
09/09/09 Davidson: King of the Kids!
08/25/09 A Re-Run for Nick?
08/20/09 A Chair to Share
08/05/09 Would that Boyish Grin Ever Return?
07/30/09 Fresh Warmth; Fresh Wit
07/23/09 The Agony and the Ecstasy - and the Acceptance
07/15/09 In Summer's Fiery Furnace
07/09/09 Light in the Darkness
06/08/09 Who Is It?
05/31/09 From Lemons to Lemonade
05/27/09 The Best or the Worst - a Simple Choice
05/17/09 There's a Hole in Your Hurt
05/11/09 A Look Past Luck
05/07/09 In and Out (ii)
04/26/09 hard and soft

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