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Name: Gerald Shuler 
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Articles written: 120

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I'm an introverted extrovert with an annoying pessimistic optimism. Sometimes I confuse myself so much I simply must write to find out what in the world I am actually thinking. In spite of that, I remain a faithful servant of Jesus Christ and minister weekly through preaching, teaching, writing and just being available when needed.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/20/08 Five Sticks Mini Challenge Entry 990 For Sale
06/18/08 Kid 1096 For Sale
05/01/08 The Good Life 1595 For Sale
04/06/08 A Boy and His Lunch 1408 For Sale
04/05/08 And Still 1016 Free to Share
04/05/08 What Animal Am I? 1099 Free to Share
04/05/08 The Hole 940 Free to Share
04/04/08 Moments 980 Free to Share
04/01/08 Ebbing Waves 1177 Free to Share
03/28/08 The Way to a Man's Heartburn 1178 Free to Share
03/17/08 Master of the Wind 1084 Free to Share
03/05/08 Not What I Had Intended 1045 For Sale
01/27/08 Wounded Butterfly 1183 For Sale
01/19/08 Not Today 1012 For Sale
01/19/08 Tick Tock 911 For Sale
01/19/08 To Please Me 845 For Sale
01/02/08 Peacock and Toad 1077 For Sale
12/30/07 Idolflight 753 For Sale
12/19/07 Time Is... 1030 For Sale
12/19/07 Taylor Englehopper Finds His Way 894 For Sale
12/18/07 He Could Paperclip a Snowflake to His Shoe 1135 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/30/14 Death Leap
10/16/14 Signs of Confusion
10/07/14 Becoming
02/05/14 God of the Bookends
09/19/13 Wasting Time Taking Tests
09/04/13 Extree... Extree... Read All About It!
08/26/13 The Difference
08/08/13 Use Before...
02/13/13 Lemondrop and the Hole in the World
10/20/11 Joshua Fit the Battle
09/22/11 Bully Town
09/07/11 Watching Wallace Walk
07/28/11 The Device at the End of the Hall
04/14/11 Cindy's Worlds
01/17/11 The Tree
01/11/11 Day of the Long Star
06/09/10 Aarga's Awesome Assembly
05/26/10 Writer's Blockhead
05/20/10 Everything Goes
05/05/10 Watch the Next Step... It's a Doosey
04/24/10 Loving a Writer Ain't Easy
04/20/10 Harvest
04/10/10 My Pen Is Bigger Than Your Pen
06/08/09 A Literal Writer Jumps Out of the Box
05/14/09 Robin Hood Sins
05/06/09 Hypocrites
04/30/09 Throwing Darts
04/22/09 Lonely
04/15/09 I'll Take My Tea
04/05/09 Moses Masters the Mountain
03/19/09 Zolphares, Shirtones, and Other Common Things
03/06/09 No Regrets
02/27/09 The Elephant's Oozie
02/25/09 The Wildmen of Liechtenstein
02/05/09 The Legend of Sally Sager
01/28/09 The Problem with Englishmen
10/29/08 So Many Ways to Count
10/15/08 The Oak of Mighty Thor
10/07/08 The Creep and the Carolers
09/17/08 Rules of the Game
09/11/08 Snappy Rat's Final Snap
08/27/08 Wooly and the Sacrificial Lamb
08/18/08 I Do?
08/13/08 A Casual Walk in the Park
08/06/08 Zeb Calloway's Mighty Fine Bridge
07/31/08 Don't Concentrate, Please
07/23/08 The Man With the Golden Phone
07/14/08 Breakdown on the "A" Line
06/10/08 The Fractured Theory of Relativity
06/05/08 Home is Where They Send You Next
05/28/08 The Good Witness
05/05/08 The Great American Cookie Heist
04/24/08 Uncle Jelly and the Egg Family
04/15/08 Vulture Feast
04/03/08 Father Has No Father
03/10/08 Steps
03/02/08 When Mama Fainted...
02/14/08 King Klarence Klinks a Klunker
02/11/08 And God Said...
02/04/08 The Ballad of Heaven's Hoodlum
01/29/08 Flipper and Dipper and Shay
01/19/08 The Wonderful, Multi-colored Picture of... Something
01/12/08 It Would Have Been Enough
01/03/08 Cookies and Brownies and Pies, Oh My
12/08/07 The First Church of the New World Religion
11/29/07 Tillie's Time
11/26/07 You Buried Me Today
11/12/07 One Really Foxy Lady
11/02/07 Clickityclack

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
01/12/11 Lemondrop: The Beginning

Free Reprint Articles
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