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Name: Henry Clemmons
Website: henryclemmonspoet.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 76

 About Self
A growing poet.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/15/11 Sleepy Eyes 361 For Sale
04/12/11 My First Taste 376 Not For Sale
04/11/11 From the Straight Line of the Sun 408 Not For Sale
02/19/11 Closure 368 Not For Sale
01/25/11 I Love You 318 Not For Sale
01/18/11 If Time Stood Still 482 Not For Sale
12/30/10 Change 339 Not For Sale
12/22/10 Orange Butterflies 459 Not For Sale
10/03/10 Cool Floor 408 Not For Sale
09/19/10 Unannounced 411 For Sale
01/06/10 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Faith, For Her 494 Not For Sale
12/31/09 Heart Sparkles 529 Not For Sale
12/30/09 Winter Shards 475 Not For Sale
12/30/09 She'll Listen 493 For Sale
12/28/09 O' Sleep 489 Not For Sale
12/15/09 Colorful Souvenirs 478 Not For Sale
12/13/09 Scent of the Morning 487 Not For Sale
12/13/09 The Dusty Horse 469 Not For Sale
11/21/09 A Golden Bowl 608 Not For Sale
11/09/09 Pardon me Pardon 463 Not For Sale
11/02/09 Even Before We Knew Him 475 Not For Sale
03/25/08 In Den Dark 523 For Sale
03/23/08 Since 590 Not For Sale
03/21/08 Iceberg White 629 Not For Sale
03/21/08 Two Stupid Stories for MiniChallenge 600 Not For Sale
04/15/07 Thoughts on a Kansas Wheat Field 701 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
03/15/11 So You Will Know
03/09/11 A Steaming Brew
03/02/11 Of me In You
02/24/11 Watching or Something
02/16/11 The How To Monologue
02/09/11 The Miracle Cure
01/23/11 Your Gift To Soar
01/16/11 Foxglove White
01/11/11 But, on This Morn ...
12/21/10 How Pit Bullish is That?
12/15/10 En Plein Air
12/08/10 Where Sharks and Whales Only Swim in Books
11/29/10 Double Wow: Especially in Love
11/24/10 The Coo of a Dove
11/16/10 That's What I Read
11/08/10 Philippe and Penelope: Classical Tweet?
11/01/10 Roaring of Truth
10/25/10 On That Day
10/19/10 From Heaven
01/08/10 The No Beefalo Ouch Song
12/08/09 Love Poem
12/01/09 Calloway Brown(ish)
11/21/09 Evangelizing Van Gogh
11/11/09 I Know
10/31/09 A Sonnet in a Haiku Blanket with a White Free-Verse Sauce
07/24/09 When Blooms Expode
04/08/09 Pup and Clown's Little Bladder Blessing
03/18/09 Women Sure Are Sneaky
03/11/09 Laughing At Hunger
02/27/09 The War Correspondent's Last Story
05/07/08 By Moonlight's Lamp
04/28/08 Love in the Scent
04/23/08 Beyond The Realm of Wish
04/16/08 I Simply ... Wanted
04/07/08 Purled Legacy: a poem by grandson warm
03/10/08 Behind The Barn
03/02/08 White Blurs
02/25/08 I Hear Her Now
02/18/08 A Pig's Rebellion
02/11/08 Prime Scripture Solution
02/03/08 Not Like My Soul of Ghosts
11/07/07 Evan's Anti-ism Gel
05/29/07 Her Hero
05/22/07 I'm Not Dreaming Anymore
05/16/07 For The Womb Of Her Heart
05/09/07 A Murdered Black Seed
04/29/07 Shipwrecked
04/21/07 The Dance
04/15/07 Distance Dating
04/07/07 Page Five-sixty-four

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