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Name: Sheri Gordon
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Articles written: 102

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I am a native Southern Californian, blessed by God with an amazing husband of 27 years, 2 incredible boys (20 & 24) and a wonderful daughter-in-law. I didn't enjoy writing much in school, but here I am. (God doesn't always listen to my plans for me.) I wake up each morning excited to see where God will be taking me that day. His power has been awesome in my life, and I thank Him that He uses me to share His message and love with others.
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/08/10 I Blame Margaret
02/21/10 PICU Lullabies
02/16/10 Flanked by Fake Phlegm and Nervous Nellie
02/02/10 It Growls
01/27/10 Texting Strictly Prohibited in Church
01/20/10 Ruined
10/21/09 Booya
10/14/09 Gracie's Fly-Up
10/07/09 whywasiborn.blogging.com
09/16/09 Community Retirement Action Plan
09/01/09 Tweet, Tweet
08/26/09 Contraction Contraption
08/04/09 Ramblings from the Mother of an Eighteen-Year-Old
07/08/09 The Demise of the Poisonous Frog
06/10/09 Friends, Fraud, and Confections
06/01/09 O for Grace
05/19/09 The Big Loogie
05/13/09 THAT Mom
05/05/09 Trapped
04/29/09 It Just Doesn't Work
04/21/09 Beautiful Linda
04/13/09 Tormented
04/07/09 Rock On
03/18/09 All That Rigmarole
03/09/09 Night Commuters & Invisible Children
03/04/09 Buddha Beats the Dragon
02/25/09 Ach, American Fräuleins
02/18/09 kiYAAA-ga-ga
02/04/09 Two Hearts and a Cross
01/28/09 Beans On Toast
01/21/09 Mrs. Peale's Writing Assignment
01/14/09 Number Twenty-Seven
12/10/08 Mary Rocked
12/03/08 The Phone Call
11/26/08 Christmas Eve Congestion
11/12/08 And The Physician Came
11/05/08 Obsessive Light Disorder--OLD
10/27/08 Habakkuk Understands Me
10/22/08 Gravy by Committee
10/15/08 Showdown on Hope Lane
10/08/08 The Waffle Carol
09/09/08 Trap Door
09/03/08 The Worst Night EVER
08/27/08 Moosey, Moosey
08/20/08 Deception Strategy
08/06/08 Interlude
07/30/08 Voila
07/22/08 Haunting
07/16/08 Boys are Different from Girls
06/11/08 Trust Me On This One
05/28/08 Always From Kansas
05/21/08 Alfred's Alarming Adventure
05/14/08 The Really Big Boat
05/07/08 The Crybaby and the Dimwit
04/29/08 Forgotten Lunch
04/23/08 My Name is Lawrence
04/16/08 Driver Error
04/09/08 Fishing in the Fish Bowl
03/12/08 Meringuey-Marshmallowy Heaven
03/05/08 Her Tree
02/20/08 Barricaded in the Bedroom
02/13/08 Mrs. Mackeyhackey's Perfect Day
02/06/08 LaTouche
01/30/08 Million Dollar Handshake
01/23/08 Life's A Dessert
01/15/08 Strike Two
01/09/08 Conflicts and Catapults
12/12/07 Satan Goes to Church
12/05/07 The Umpteenth Time
11/27/07 There Must Be Something Wrong Here
11/21/07 Pastor Tim Topples the Tea
11/14/07 Please
11/07/07 One Too Many Questions From Meagan
10/31/07 Ashley Smashley
10/24/07 Maggie's Triple Dunk
10/10/07 Google Search: "The Perfect Church"
09/19/07 Adrenal What?
09/13/07 Life Lessons from Grandma's Little Boy
09/05/07 Between You and Me
08/28/07 <i>What if ...</i>
08/22/07 Weather Forecast: Patchy Fog
08/03/07 Anger Bugs
08/01/07 Postcard from Heaven
07/26/07 Dinner and Whine
07/18/07 Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho
07/11/07 Jacob's Ladder
06/12/07 Loving Alternatives
06/05/07 The Jumping Zoo
05/30/07 No Experience Required
05/22/07 A Special Place for Me
05/16/07 Trapped (ii)
05/06/07 Drownding Out Squirrels
04/28/07 Mountain Biking with Jesus
04/25/07 It'd Be Best for Both of Us
04/14/07 Nertz at Midnight
04/11/07 He's a Good Kid
03/14/07 One More Time, for Mom and Dad
03/07/07 We're So Funny
03/01/07 Worthless Scraps in Our Lives
02/22/07 "Just Wait"
02/14/07 Stephanie's Big Kid Problem
02/02/07 That Man Could Fish

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Free Reprint Articles
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02/26/2008 Postcard from Heaven
02/26/2008 Please