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Name: Patty Wysong
Website: pattywysong.com/
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Articles written: 53

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TO CONTACT ME PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL ADDY: patterly at gmail dot com Thanks! I spent 6 years in Ecuador as an MK, which had a huge impact on my life. I'm married to a wonderful man and we have 5 children (ages 16-7) who we homeschool. I write in the margins of life, as well as between the lines of life, and...well, you probably get the picture.
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07/10/08 I Finally Listened 661 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/11/09 The Stand
11/16/08 Forever and Ever, Amen.
10/30/08 Decorated
10/23/08 A Faithful Cookie
10/08/08 Exile
04/30/08 Better Than Attila
04/23/08 Peepin' Toes
04/16/08 Jake's Ladder
04/09/08 Dunkin' Cookies
03/11/08 A Lime Green Lesson
03/05/08 The Wages of Kindness
02/27/08 Plagued By A Piece of Cake
02/19/08 Unplugged
02/12/08 A Fragile Balance
02/06/08 Dumb Girls
01/22/08 Syrupy Pretenses
01/16/08 Keeping Company
01/09/08 Walking Pork Butts
12/11/07 From These Ashes
12/04/07 As Simple as a Smile
11/27/07 Windows of Opportunity
11/14/07 Hermanas
11/07/07 An Andes High
10/31/07 Web of Love
10/09/07 The Joyful Chorus
09/11/07 Just a Lark?
09/05/07 Fangs
08/29/07 The Ride of Your Life
08/22/07 Great Graffiti
08/06/07 Lava Mamaís Stomp Fest
07/31/07 Betty Bee and the Long Tongue
07/25/07 Always Room for One More
07/18/07 Ginny G.
07/09/07 Two for One Special
05/30/07 River Rapids
05/22/07 Going Under
05/13/07 Lovely Feet
05/08/07 Berries for Stars
05/01/07 Safety Harness
04/24/07 A Tiger Doth Make
04/18/07 Just Like Mommy
04/11/07 The Park Bench Encounter
03/14/07 Quiet, Please!
03/07/07 Shopping For A Smile
02/28/07 Daffy Duck Syndrome
02/20/07 Flattened By My Son
02/12/07 Taught By a Nosegay
02/05/07 The Real Reason for Fishing!
01/29/07 Really Living
01/21/07 Hidden Talents
01/16/07 Yielded
01/08/07 Cooking up Love

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
03/29/07 Donít Be an Ax Handle
02/07/07 Cooking Up Love
02/07/07 A Laundry Moment
01/15/07 No Translation Necessary

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/18/2009 Cuttings
08/27/2008 Lopsided War
08/27/2008 Not So Impossible!
08/21/2008 Filtering Floaties
08/21/2008 I'm Touched!
08/14/2008 Quiet, Please!
08/13/2008 Whole-hearted Strikes
08/01/2008 The Great Shepherd
08/01/2008 Surely a Sheep
07/30/2008 More Than Potpourri
07/30/2008 Clarity
07/30/2008 Two For One Special
07/23/2008 Two For One Special
07/23/2008 Life Driving 101
07/18/2008 The Master Decorator
07/18/2008 Vacuuming an Octopus
07/09/2008 Turtle Crossing
07/07/2008 God's Binoculars
07/04/2008 Plagued By A Piece of Cake
07/01/2008 Catching the Creepy Crawlies
06/27/2008 Weedy Deeds
06/23/2008 Weedy Deeds
06/19/2008 A Sheep in Mule's Clothes
06/09/2008 Not Just Green
06/03/2008 Jake's Ladder
05/30/2008 Poison Ivy
05/30/2008 That Sparkle and Shine
05/23/2008 A Jonah Look-Alike
05/20/2008 Jonah: An Easy Way Out?
05/20/2008 Jonah: The Runaway
05/20/2008 A Lesson in Lilac
05/14/2008 Dead-falls Dam
05/08/2008 Morning Rains
05/07/2008 The Green Glow
05/06/2008 Sunbathing Turtles
04/30/2008 The Answer to Daffodils
04/28/2008 A Naaman Complex
04/25/2008 Flooded Free
04/25/2008 Prepare to Jump
04/21/2008 Puddled Ducks
04/18/2008 Spring's Birds
04/15/2008 Frosted Blossoms
04/12/2008 The Persistence of Peppermint
04/10/2008 Lasting Beauty
04/10/2008 Prayer Through the Night
04/05/2008 The Small Things
03/26/2008 Security Failure?
03/06/2008 Gourmet People