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Name: Loren T. Lowery
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Articles written: 181

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Simply a man who loves and by the grace of Jesus is loved by God. A man who cares deeply for his family and is blessed with the majesty of horses in his life. And finally, by God's grace, a man with a writer's heart, who has found that both edits and revisions are necessary tools to be used in his everyday life as well.
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12/19/12 Our Journey Home 406 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
04/30/13 So Be It
04/24/13 For God is the Lord of Justice
04/10/13 The Infinite Cycle of Life
03/06/13 Blessesd Be the Ties That Bind
02/27/13 Accent of the Clouds
02/13/13 Darkness Called Light The Paradox of Deceit
02/05/13 On Second Thought
01/29/13 And By This Remembered
01/21/13 Hope Abandoned - The Ultimate Surrender
01/09/13 Once Able to See So Clearly
12/12/12 The Geat Leveler
12/04/12 Fierce Upon the Water
11/28/12 Shadows in the Meadow
11/21/12 The Glass Jar
11/14/12 The Legacy of the Pearl
10/31/12 Beyond Sight and Sound
10/23/12 Letting Go
10/16/12 Abase and Abounding
10/10/12 Come Unto Me
09/11/12 Once in a Blue Moon
08/06/12 Man is More Than Food or Drink
07/31/12 Swallowing the Stars
07/24/12 A Gentle Retribution
07/17/12 What I Got to Say Anyway
07/11/12 Later To Be Recounted
06/14/12 Aunt Molly's Soul
02/22/12 Test Me
02/15/12 Esther
09/14/11 Counseling Session
09/07/11 Love's Affirming Choice
08/31/11 Spiritual Discernment
08/03/11 McQuinn and His Lorry
07/27/11 Hope Vanquished Misery Rejoicing
07/20/11 One Moment Short
07/13/11 A New World Order
06/08/11 Second Sight
05/11/11 A Subtle Boldness
05/04/11 As Fate Would Have It
04/27/11 The Rain Barrel
04/20/11 Leaflets of Alms
04/13/11 Not The Day I Thought It Would Be
03/09/11 Excchange Ticket
03/02/11 Uncertainties
02/16/11 Blindsided
02/09/11 In The Days So Long Ago
02/02/11 Gather You the Rosebuds
01/26/11 Letting Go
01/19/11 A Hook Beneath the Water
01/07/11 Never, This Way Again
12/21/10 On At Dawn - Off At Dusk
11/09/10 Beneath Withered Leaves
10/27/10 Black eye White Mustache Beaming Smile
10/15/10 Gladdened Hearts
09/15/10 The Stoutness of the Wick
09/01/10 Dancing With the Shadows
08/18/10 Twitching a Well
06/09/10 No Better Place to Be
06/02/10 Run Across the Wharf and Jump
05/26/10 Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters
05/19/10 The Huntsman
05/05/10 Unscripted? Maybe
04/21/10 The Four Friends Afternoon Reading Club
04/14/10 The Visitor
03/17/10 Paring Down
03/10/10 Better Than That
03/02/10 Full Moon Rising
02/24/10 Misery Loves Company
02/17/10 A Life Observed
02/05/10 Revelation and Acceptance
02/01/10 Roaming, Seeking Whom He Might Devour
01/27/10 God's Answer
11/18/09 Our Own Backyard
11/11/09 Blended
11/04/09 Of Bricks and Mortar
10/27/09 A Real Standout
10/21/09 All Seemingly Right
10/02/09 Said Another Way
09/16/09 Faithfully Addressed
09/09/09 Imagination, Belief, Faith
09/02/09 O Earth thy Glory, O Soil thy Bounty
08/21/09 Singing Lessons
08/18/09 A Winter's Sound
08/05/09 Life in Between
07/22/09 Fading
07/15/09 Betelgeuse
07/08/09 I'll Be But A Moment
06/02/09 Pennies from Heaven
05/27/09 Victory in the Light
05/20/09 The Saturday of Our Circus
05/13/09 But They Do Serve Sweet Tea
05/06/09 The Billfish
04/29/09 No, It's Not the Butter
04/21/09 Fleeting Days
04/14/09 Dare We?
04/03/09 Emperor of the Afternoon
03/10/09 Imprint
02/25/09 A Stable of One Hundred Horses
02/18/09 India, Pray Tell
02/04/09 The Butchart Gardens
01/27/09 Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
01/20/09 Drawings of a Journey
01/14/09 Defining a Nation
12/09/08 Winter, the American Plains, 1 BC
12/03/08 Of Yellow Ribbons and Homecomings
11/26/08 Back in Place
11/19/08 Silly Goose
11/12/08 Heavenly Greetings
11/05/08 A Festival of Lights
10/22/08 Nine Hundred Ninety-nine
10/08/08 One Stop Before Leaving
09/02/08 What is Truth?
08/27/08 One Summer Evening
08/13/08 I Rowed
08/05/08 One to the Other
07/30/08 The Answer to Everything
07/23/08 Moo Who?
07/11/08 The Invisible Weight
06/11/08 Of Roofs and Walls
06/03/08 Being Needed is Home Enough
05/27/08 Confounded
05/21/08 Only After the Final Good-night
05/13/08 Father Oliver, My Brother-in-Law
05/06/08 Fifteen Minutes Behind
04/25/08 Not So Different
04/21/08 Before Breakfast
04/14/08 Guilt and Misery, Divinely Yoked
04/03/08 Grandma and Gardens
03/10/08 The Golden Thread
03/03/08 Not In This Life, But The Next
02/22/08 Helpful Henry's Glass, Soundproof House
02/20/08 Winter's Despair
02/08/08 The Mystery of Traveling Stars
02/04/08 I Was There
01/29/08 Alas
01/21/08 The Last Chocolate Peanut
01/11/08 Trapeze Artist
01/08/08 Change Me, Change My Heart
12/07/07 God, If You Are There
12/03/07 Just One Good Thing
11/28/07 Twenty Questions
11/15/07 Whose Voice, What Words Will They Hear?
11/08/07 In Those Dark Moments of the Soul
10/31/07 Only As A Facilitator
10/24/07 Hardened Clay
10/17/07 A Red Carnation and Strawberry Pancakes
10/09/07 Prayer Meeting
09/14/07 A Temporary Peace
09/11/07 Seasonal Surprises
08/28/07 Doomed Regret
08/07/07 Silent Scream
07/27/07 God's Sorrow
07/24/07 The Water Globe
07/13/07 Something More
07/10/07 The Silence of God
06/08/07 Turning Point
06/01/07 Tess and the Magic of Zeroes
05/25/07 Three Best Friends
05/23/07 Evening Shadows
05/15/07 Ezekiel Water
05/04/07 The Mary Celeste
04/27/07 Socks
04/23/07 Inseparable Vines
04/13/07 Cream Rinse is Extra
04/09/07 After the Storm
03/13/07 Unfinished Symphony
03/07/07 Consider the Lilies of the Field
02/26/07 Patches of Light
02/20/07 For the Love of the Sport
02/13/07 Dewdrops, Callings and Miracles
02/05/07 By the Still Waters
01/29/07 A Reader's Prayer
01/22/07 Tess
01/16/07 Where All Beauty Lies
01/05/07 Utter Nonsense
12/12/06 The Priceless Portion
12/04/06 The Pastor's Tree
11/27/06 A Lesser Light
11/20/06 Teeter-Totter
11/13/06 RC

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12/19/12 Our Journey Home - December 19, 2012

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