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Name: Joanne Sher 
Website: www.joannesher.com
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Articles written: 102

 About Self
I am a stay at home mom and wife with two children - Andrew is 14 and starting high school in the Fall and my daughter Annika is 11 (middle school in the fall for her - double threat on this mama!). I'm a native Southern Californian living in Western Michigan. I have held several jobs in my life - from teacher to reporter to public relations person - but now my main focus is on taking care of my children, and my husband who is currently on disability because of a brain tumor and complications related. (For part of the details, read "Proof My Husband Has A Brain" in my challenge entries) I have known Christ since 1999(was raised Jewish - an abbreviated version of my conversion can be found in the challenge story "In Old Testament Black and White"). My main writing focus at the current time is children's stories - picture books to be more precise - and I also do some editing. Thanks for stopping by!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/29/11 The Fight 1042 Free to Share
12/14/08 Not What I Expected 1345 Free to Share
11/09/08 But Even If He Does Not... 1241 Free to Share
09/27/08 Not What I Expected 1033 Free to Share
07/14/08 Two Years Ago Today: A Tribute 1248 Free to Share
07/10/08 FW 500 Membership Is Well Worth The Cost 1574 Free to Share
03/30/08 A to Z Challenge A Breath Conundrum 1368 Free to Share
09/23/07 Five VERY short stories 2342 Free to Share
07/31/07 A Little MORE Chutzpah 1735 Not For Sale
07/04/07 You Can Count On It 1382 For Sale
11/17/06 A Case Of The Mines 1871 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
04/28/14 An Ode To Technology (Or Not...)
09/13/12 Vetrinarianism
03/15/12 Try. Fail. Repeat.
12/08/10 Metamorphosis
06/17/10 Those Sneaky Austrians
05/05/10 Investigation
11/12/09 Old Glory's Tears
05/27/09 When I Close My Eyes
03/17/09 My Garden
03/05/09 Smile
02/11/09 Noisy Quiet
01/21/09 Wandering Wanda
01/14/09 New
11/12/08 Part Of The Job
10/30/08 With Her Own Eyes
10/13/08 Open Door
08/06/08 Fifty-Five Years Broken
06/11/08 'Ol Hairy Ears 'n Me
06/04/08 Fleeting Respite
05/28/08 Doctorese-English Dictionary
05/20/08 Litter Box Ministry
05/13/08 In Love And Desperation
05/05/08 Strategy
04/30/08 Keys To Her Heart
04/23/08 Goose Bumps
04/16/08 In My View
04/10/08 Patience
03/12/08 Akiva's Assignment
03/05/08 Crossroads
02/24/08 Contemplating History
02/20/08 Under Cover
02/13/08 Preparation
02/06/08 Moving Days
01/30/08 Our Promised Son
01/16/08 Our Loss
01/09/08 Five Hundred and Fifty Animals Richer
12/12/07 The King Has Left The Building
12/05/07 Not In The Catalog
11/27/07 Glad She's Crazy
11/21/07 Alvin Josiah MacRaney III
11/14/07 Rest
10/31/07 Swayed
10/23/07 The Bent-Nosed Gift of God
10/16/07 The Desperation Destination
10/10/07 I'll See You There
09/18/07 Mrs. Chillsome Chills Out
09/12/07 Just Call Me Kathy
09/05/07 The Cupboard Conundrum
08/29/07 Flee?
08/20/07 Halfway to Heaven
08/07/07 Reflection
08/01/07 Billy's Pocket Change
07/25/07 A Little Chutzpah
07/17/07 The Pain of Gain
07/08/07 Rise And Shine
06/12/07 The 800-Pound Gorilla
06/03/07 Flitter's Foggy Day
05/29/07 Malus Domestica
05/22/07 The Prayer Walk
05/15/07 From Darkness to Light: Julru's Journey
05/08/07 The Good Witches
04/30/07 Oh, Mercy!
04/15/07 Care For An Apple?
04/08/07 The Baffling Bump
03/14/07 Misplaced Musician
03/03/07 100% Angel
02/24/07 To Thread A Camel
02/18/07 Frank's Epistle to the Legend
02/12/07 Small Craft Advisory
01/29/07 The Company We Keep
01/20/07 A Paper Clip Opened the Door
01/13/07 A Useful Branch
01/05/07 A Penny Short
12/11/06 The Unbroken Line
12/04/06 Foolishness To The Perishing
11/26/06 No Greater Love
11/18/06 Beyond the Closet Door
11/11/06 Serendipity
11/03/06 Proof My Husband Has A Brain
10/29/06 A Look of Hope
10/15/06 Lesson Learned
10/08/06 Just The Other Day
09/09/06 If Corn Had Ears
09/02/06 Peace Like A...Pond?
08/25/06 A Song for the Sinking
08/19/06 In Old Testament Black and White
08/15/06 A New Family
08/06/06 Crystal Clear
07/30/06 Father's Business
07/23/06 Hurricane Elliot
07/15/06 The Question

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
01/20/14 An Upside-Down Christmas (1/20/2014)

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
09/29/2011 The Fight
09/29/2011 Funhouse Mirror
12/14/2008 Not What I Expected
12/14/2008 A touch of Zephaniah (part 2 - Hussshhh)
12/14/2008 A touch of Zephaniah (part 1 - His Song)
11/09/2008 But Even If He Does Not...
11/09/2008 Peace AND Quiet?
10/05/2008 Mountains Into Roads
10/05/2008 A Strong Redeemer
09/27/2008 The "in" I'm glad I'm in
08/08/2008 Unbridled, childlike joy
08/02/2008 The Self-Opening Gate
07/16/2008 God's Public Relations Staff
07/09/2008 A Cheerful Receiver
07/06/2008 Not In The Catalog
07/04/2008 Just The Other Day
07/02/2008 Oh, Mercy!
07/01/2008 The Good Witches
11/11/2007 Eternally Connected
10/12/2007 It's Been A Long Time
10/09/2007 Crystal Clear
06/23/2007 Father's Business
05/23/2007 The Defining Moment
12/07/2006 A Pinch of Love
12/03/2006 A Look of Hope
10/30/2006 Who Gets The Glory?