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Name: Sharlyn Guthrie
Website: www.faithwriters.com/websites/my_website.php?id=19778, www.dancinonrainbows.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 100

 About Self
I must say first and foremost that I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart. As a writer I have many published stories, magazine articles, and poems. Through faithwriters I am enthusiastically expanding my writing abilities, while encouraging others to do the same. I teach Preschool and Pre-kindergarten at a Christian school, and so I am privileged to guide little hands of future writers in learning and forming their first letters and words. I also travel to Uganda each summer to train teachers and assist in classrooms. I love extracting beauty from the ordinary: vegetables, notes, fabric, flowers, paper, weeds, words.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/05/06 The Color of Grace 1214 Free to Share
07/05/06 A Down Home Celebration 1403 Not For Sale
06/14/06 Garden Encounters 1049 Not For Sale
04/28/06 God Of No Need 1142 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/09/13 In Training
05/11/11 Sent Ones
04/27/11 Jen the Hen and Her Fine Friends
04/13/11 Lesson in Humility (a sestina)
01/27/10 Bum's the Word
01/21/10 Life Isn't Always a Bleach
12/09/09 Color in Black and White
09/09/09 A Corner for Clovis and Me
04/15/09 Growing Cold
02/04/09 A Wayfarer's Canadian Anthem
01/14/09 Soaring Patriotism
12/11/08 One Question For You
12/04/08 For Just One Day
11/26/08 Christmas Comes Home
11/12/08 It's Clearly Christmas, Clarabelle
11/06/08 Lights of Christmas Past, Present, Future
10/23/08 A Sweet Promise Kept
10/15/08 Isaih 53: Evergreen
09/11/08 Mama Knows Beans
09/04/08 Where Are Ravens When You Need Them?
08/28/08 Impatience Knocks
08/21/08 It's All About Bob
07/30/08 Quiet Time
07/23/08 Merging Roads and Alternate Routes
06/05/08 All That Remains
05/29/08 Arrival and Survival of the City Kids
05/15/08 May I Have This Dance?
05/06/08 Doors
04/24/08 Oh, To See What Uncle Benny Sees
04/17/08 Why I'm Glad I'm Not My Dad
04/09/08 It Could Be A Stretch
03/05/08 Naomi Ponders
02/19/08 All That Bristles Is Not a Broom
02/13/08 Condemned
02/07/08 Weasel Ways
01/31/08 Of Churches and Signs
01/23/08 My Memento Mori
01/09/08 Soaping the Pot
12/12/07 The Peasant and the Prince
12/06/07 Hot Chocolate Served With Hope
11/27/07 Attitudes and Abelskivvers
11/21/07 In the Light of the Cross
11/15/07 Just Across Town
10/31/07 Preparing for Sunday School
10/18/07 Coffee Shop Friends
10/10/07 O Come Let Us Adore Him
09/20/07 Calming Calamity Lamb
09/13/07 When Love Came Knocking
09/06/07 A Bold Dichotomy
08/29/07 Baby Blues
08/08/07 Anger's Path
07/24/07 All Shook Up at the Hop
07/18/07 Life as a Tree
07/11/07 I Am Still Confident of This
06/13/07 Up In a Swing
06/06/07 Swish, Hush, Shush-a-bye
05/30/07 Redemption in the Back Pew
05/22/07 Awaken My Senses
04/30/07 The Eye of the Beholder
04/19/07 What Was I Thinking?
04/12/07 Super Sleuths
03/13/07 Creation's Song
03/05/07 Shopping Expert, Fabulous Friend
02/26/07 Mama's Sewing Machine
02/19/07 A Duck Out of Water
02/15/07 A Tale of Two Craftsmen
02/06/07 Fishin' Fer Men
02/01/07 Natalie's Glasses
01/21/07 The Artist (ii)
01/09/07 The Lundgrens, The Tweeds, and The Greater Gifts
12/13/06 Acquainted With Grace
12/05/06 Wake Up, Jimmy!
11/23/06 A Time to Mourn
11/15/06 Breathe!
11/08/06 Of Doctors, Birds, and Band-Aids
10/31/06 Wormy Apple Cupcakes
10/25/06 A Prayer in the Witching Hour
10/15/06 My Kindergarten Cops
10/10/06 The Fire-fighters of Devil's Canyon
09/09/06 The Gardener's Gift
09/05/06 The Baptism At Lester Richey's Farm
08/29/06 When Words Aren't Enough
08/22/06 Alphabet of the Cross
08/14/06 A Sheep's Tale
07/14/06 The Thirsty Soul
07/11/06 Haley Hall the Small
06/20/06 A Matter of Life and Bears
06/12/06 One Tiny Tender Shoot
06/07/06 What I Really Needed
05/30/06 rose
05/25/06 Sequence of Joy
05/17/06 Garbage
05/09/06 The Fragile Bowl
05/03/06 The Picture of George and Ruby
04/22/06 Good Roots

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
11/15/2008 Soaping the Pot
11/15/2008 Words For Katie
11/15/2008 Naomi Ponders
11/15/2008 Why I'm Glad I'm Not My Dad
12/04/2007 Sequence of Joy
12/04/2007 What Was I Thinking?
09/23/2007 Baby Blues
09/23/2007 A Bold Dichotomy
02/22/2007 God is Great
02/22/2007 A Tale of Two Craftsmen
01/03/2007 The Picture of George and Ruby