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Name: Gregory Kane
Website: scholar.pentecostal.org.uk
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Articles written: 153

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Article Archives
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03/06/08 Faith is a motorcycle ride through the African bush 919 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/10/15 Homeward bound with Simon & Garfunkel
09/02/15 To stay or not to stay
07/23/15 Buried Treasure
07/16/15 The Troll
11/20/14 Immobilised
11/02/14 Adolescent Angst and the Marie Celeste
07/22/14 In tatters on the floor
07/17/14 Fiend no longer
06/04/14 The Selection Panel
05/15/14 'The Wrath of the Eagle'
05/08/14 The Kingdom of God on Earth
05/01/14 Digital Despair in Denmark
04/23/14 The Chrononaut
04/16/14 Goggle That!
05/12/11 Life is short, opportunity fleeting
02/17/11 Between ten and twenty
02/10/11 Feed the hungry
02/03/11 Jack Bauer: 24: The Cover-Up
01/25/11 The Vanity of the Faith-less Life
01/12/11 Sin most uncommon
12/22/10 The Stepford Clergyman
12/14/10 Logophilia
12/09/10 The Battle of the Billboards
12/01/10 The Idiot's Guide to Understanding the Bible
11/24/10 Tarzan gets a phone
11/16/10 "Iranian Premier snubs Media Baron"
11/10/10 The Monsignor of Silicon Valley
10/31/10 Quo Vadis
10/28/10 After the Crash
10/16/10 You do it!
09/14/10 Father Rory is taken by surprise
09/07/10 Descartes and the Dinosaur
09/01/10 My heart is empty
08/25/10 Webcam
07/21/10 Exfoliating
07/13/10 Of Grubs and Goats
06/17/10 Go Away
06/09/10 Paying with Plastic
06/02/10 Sci-fi Conundrums
05/26/10 The Irish Muse
05/18/10 All the way from Troy to Rome
05/12/10 The boon and curse of anonymity
04/29/10 Monkey Business
04/13/10 A Man of Peace
03/17/10 Marry Me
03/08/10 Forgiven
03/04/10 Black Magic
02/23/10 Needle in a Haystack
02/16/10 All Aboard
02/02/10 All creatures great and small
01/28/10 An Elephant Never Forgets
01/20/10 A Confusion of Tongues
01/11/10 He bit me
09/16/09 Is there life after politics?
09/09/09 My Tipical Week
09/02/09 The Curse of Brown
08/26/09 The Bloke's Guide to Fatherhood
08/05/09 Up here in Heaven
07/29/09 April Showers
07/22/09 Hammer House of Horror
07/15/09 All the world's a stage...
07/08/09 The Breathing Disease
06/09/09 Ebenezer's sad, slow decline
06/03/09 A tale of remorse and two chipped cups
05/25/09 Prison Break
05/18/09 Saved by AIDS
05/10/09 An Irish Thief
04/28/09 Calloused hearts. Deep pockets
04/18/09 Mission: Impossible - Flight from danger!
04/10/09 Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink
03/08/09 The pandemic plague
02/25/09 Bathsheba and Rapuzel both conceived out of wedlock
02/19/09 Reincarnation
02/11/09 Faith and Brutality in Rio
02/03/09 Abandoned in the snows
01/27/09 Britain Disunited
01/21/09 The great antipodean hoax
01/12/09 View from the other side of the pond
12/09/08 Christmas comes to the Caliphate
12/03/08 Lines of Longitude
11/25/08 Snow storm in Narnia
11/18/08 Magus
11/09/08 Christmas in Gotham
11/02/08 Back to the Future
10/20/08 Something's brewing in Hell's Kitchen
10/16/08 Lost and Found under the Tree
10/06/08 Glad tidings, Drab angel
09/04/08 The only fly in the ointment
08/27/08 Worth the wait?
08/20/08 Stage Presence
08/14/08 Any body will do
08/05/08 Horatius at the gate
07/31/08 Rock Salt
06/09/08 Revenge in a sweet and sour sauce
06/02/08 More valuable than gold
05/25/08 Kissin’ Cousins
05/17/08 Faithful Lizzy
05/14/08 Fat and Thin
05/05/08 Hospital memo: “The family has donated”
04/28/08 Pain
04/22/08 A Terrorist in the Family
04/13/08 Star Pilot – an analogy
04/09/08 A Shepherd without his Sheep
02/18/08 Live dog, Dead lion
02/09/08 Death’s foul despair
02/03/08 Friend of Sinners
01/21/08 Sawdust and Ashes
01/14/08 Affairs of the Heart
01/10/08 God is outside of time
12/08/07 Decrypting Gomer
12/05/07 Liar and a Thief
11/26/07 The Forbidden Question
11/21/07 What are they really thinking about?
11/12/07 Failure Imminent
11/04/07 False Harvest
10/29/07 What about Obadiah?
10/22/07 It’ll be all right on the night
10/16/07 The sweet and the bitter
09/18/07 The Mariner’s Bible
09/09/07 Lost and Alone in the Celestial City
09/03/07 A Death in the Family
08/27/07 A rustle of bones
08/18/07 The fourth angel sounded his trumpet and a third of the sun was struck …
08/07/07 The Bully
07/29/07 Regret Eternal
06/10/07 Basket Case
06/03/07 Sir George and the She-Dragon
05/30/07 The Flood
02/27/07 The Y-chromosome sewing circle
02/12/07 Boys don’t do sewing!
02/05/07 Wet and miserable and nothing to show for it
01/21/07 Theft by misdirection
01/15/07 In Hoc Signo Vinces – words that transformed an empire
01/08/07 Don’t even think about eating the wings
12/03/06 A conversation in parting
11/26/06 Mrs Marigold Rumplebottom
11/14/06 Death lurks in the water
11/05/06 An odd menagerie of patients
10/29/06 The lost apple of unfulfilled longing
10/23/06 I never asked to be here
10/14/06 A bribe by any other name would taste as foul
08/11/06 Llanfedr’s Doom
07/30/06 Seven short, hairy men
07/23/06 Every step of the way
07/15/06 What is it? (i)
06/11/06 Parables from the Skeleton Coast
06/03/06 Fundamental Misunderstanding
05/29/06 The Fossil
05/23/06 The Sacred Orchard
05/16/06 Have you seen my Mercedes?
03/08/06 Hidden Treasure

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
06/28/06 Death of a Pastor: an Outsider's View

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
09/04/2009 Prison Break
09/04/2009 Saved by AIDS
09/04/2009 The Breathing Disease
09/04/2009 Hammer House of Horror
09/04/2009 The Bloke's Guide to Fatherhood
09/04/2009 Bathsheba and Rapuzel both conceived out of wedlock
11/10/2008 Sir George and the She-Dragon
11/10/2008 Something's brewing in Hell's Kitchen
11/10/2008 Don't even think about eating the wings
11/10/2008 Regret Eternal
11/10/2008 A rustle of bones
11/10/2008 Decrypting Gomer
11/10/2008 God is outside of time
11/10/2008 About ready for an affair
11/10/2008 A Shepherd without his Sheep
11/10/2008 The Gift of Blood - a True Story
11/10/2008 Revenge in a sweet and sour sauce
11/09/2008 Star Pilot - an Allegory of Conception