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Name: Yvette Nietzen
Website: www.freshwind-ministries.org
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Articles written: 31

 About Self
Yvette Nietzen has lived in Colorado, California and different provinces of Costa Rica. She and her husband of 30 plus years currently live in the foothills of the Zurqui mountains of Costa Rica. You can read more about Yvette through her ministry blog at wwww.freshwind-ministries.org
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/25/09 On Being Sober and Vigilant 425 Free to Share
05/09/09 The Lord your God is with You 418 Not For Sale
03/28/09 Breaking those Mindsets 487 Free to Share
12/31/08 2009 The Year of Fulfillment 857 Free to Share
10/31/08 Becoming the Salt of the Earth 658 For Sale
10/21/08 Are you interested or are you committed? 548 Free to Share
09/22/08 Be Doers of the Word 548 Free to Share
06/16/08 Size and Authority 512 Free to Share
05/27/08 Can You Speak Like This Man? 574 Free to Share
03/13/08 Inscribed on the Palms of His Hands 1275 Free to Share
01/17/08 Prophetic Giftings 917 Not For Sale
11/05/07 Just Let Go 749 Free to Share
10/14/07 Are you Called or Chosen? 1606 Not For Sale
08/29/07 Are You Unprofitable? 775 Free to Share
08/09/07 Women in Ministry 945 Free to Share
07/28/07 You Can Climb that Mountain 846 Free to Share
07/11/07 Receive your Spiritual Gift 673 Free to Share
06/06/07 Who do you think you are? 748 Free to Share
05/23/07 Disobedience Creates Detours 909 Free to Share
03/18/07 Out of the Ground 741 Free to Share
12/13/06 Matters of the Heart 1265 Free to Share
05/27/06 Loose us Lord 764 Free to Share
02/08/06 Volcanic Activity 809 Free to Share
02/06/06 Rest For Your Time Will Come 847 Free to Share
02/05/06 The Pencil 868 Not For Sale
01/11/06 Leave Behind the Mistakes of the Past 849 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/27/08 The Basement
11/11/07 She Sang
07/26/06 The door has been opened
02/12/06 The Elder
01/26/06 The Space in her Heart

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
12/01/2013 Faith
01/31/2010 Looking for the Fire of God
10/08/2009 Throw Aside your Garment
10/02/2009 Flowing in Power, Signs and Wonders
06/04/2009 On being Sober and Vigilant
05/09/2009 The Lord God is with You
03/28/2009 Breaking those Mindsets
02/10/2009 The Brook has Dried up
01/18/2009 Our Foundation is in the Lord
12/31/2008 2009-The Year of Fulfillment
12/15/2008 Receive His Outpouring
12/15/2008 Calling Fire from Heaven
10/31/2008 Becoming the Salt of the Earth
10/21/2008 Prepare Your Storehouse
09/22/2008 Be Doers of the Word
08/08/2008 The Critical Path of the Christian
07/08/2008 Possess the Land the Lord Has Given You
06/16/2008 Size and Authority
05/27/2008 Can You Speak Like This Man?
03/13/2008 Inscribed on the Palms of His Hands
02/05/2008 Women in Ministry
02/05/2008 Be what you are called to be
12/06/2007 Become Pregnant
11/05/2007 Just Let Go
08/29/2007 Are You Unprofitable
07/28/2007 You Can Climb that Mountain
07/11/2007 Receive your Spiritual Gift
06/06/2007 Who do you think you are?
05/23/2007 Disobedience Creates Detours
03/18/2007 Out of the Ground
12/13/2006 Matters of the Heart
10/08/2006 You are Always with Him