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Name: Marilyn Schnepp 
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Articles written: 167

 About Self
Published writer, poet and essayist in various magazines and OP/ED Sections of local newspapers, and the ex-Editor of TradeWinds (Senior Citizen Newsletter). I write to hopefully touch, inspire, or entertain readers with my simple wordsmithing. If I can move the reader to chuckles or tears...I've reached my goal. I DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE MESSENGER -So contact me at schneppm@att.net)
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/04/07 Sticks 'n Stones Rap 1030 For Sale
04/11/07 Too Bad it's a NO NO 1358 Free to Share
02/12/07 Just Name The Gate 1044 For Sale
02/04/07 Oh Fool Dream On 1047 Free to Share
10/12/06 Black Eyes and Gold Gloves 1283 Free to Share
10/01/06 Too Busy For God? 1467 Free to Share
09/30/06 My Proudest Moment 1164 Free to Share
09/10/06 Freedom Is Not Free 1140 Free to Share
08/16/06 My Friend Shanty 1123 Free to Share
06/06/06 I Found Utopia 1068 Free to Share
04/24/06 Sculpting The Rock 1048 Free to Share
04/02/06 Mother's Knights in Shining Armor 1159 Free to Share
02/27/06 Cost Of a Wardrobe 1409 Free to Share
12/30/05 THAT MISERABLE LIFE LONG TASK 1176 Free to Share
12/22/05 The Christmas Orange 1870 Free to Share
12/03/05 THE RESCUE 1805 Not For Sale
11/26/05 THE EMPTY MANSION 1571 Free to Share
11/19/05 The Mystery of the Century 1074 Free to Share
11/14/05 Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed! 931 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/19/10 The Worst is Yet to Come
08/31/10 It Shouldn't Happen To a Dog!
07/21/10 Tell It To Eve
07/13/10 Hmm? Odd Place to Meet
05/12/10 Password To the Stars
05/03/10 Carolyn Gets Lucky...
04/28/10 Don't Tell Me God Doesn't Smile !
04/22/10 "Run, Spot, Run !
04/12/10 Mysterious Message Written In Sand
02/28/10 A Heart-Breaking Critique
02/25/10 Mothers Are 3-Dimensional
02/02/10 The Lady In The Park
01/28/10 Don't Believe Everything You Hear
01/18/10 Dust , Dusting Off Dust
01/10/10 Always Take a Second Look
11/12/09 Show and Tell, by JoAnna
11/04/09 If a Cloud Can - Why Not a Crayon?
10/14/09 The Birth of a Legend
10/07/09 He Made His Daddy Proud
09/12/09 A Wordsmithers For God
09/10/09 Revisiting a Place That's Gone
09/01/09 They're Dressed to Kill, but.....
08/17/09 That Magical Blanket of White
08/02/09 Time's Too Short To Squander
07/14/09 Christmas In July
07/04/09 From Booties to Bunnies
06/08/09 Two Very Intriguing Words....
05/23/09 An Eyebrow Raiser...perhaps
05/15/09 Shortest Essay Ever - Bar None!
05/13/09 Gettin' Up Early Ain't My Bag
05/06/09 Dialing "432-836" For Help
04/30/09 The "Skillet" Trial
04/18/09 He's Penning His Own Epitaph
04/04/09 Greatest "Up & Down" Ever!
03/17/09 Just Passing Through
03/07/09 Without Gloves - Sam Believed
01/31/09 Bootleggin' With Panty Hose
01/17/09 For Adults Only
01/14/09 Leave It To Grandma
12/09/08 The Newest Star In The East
11/23/08 Come Weep With Me
11/19/08 Getting But Not Giving
11/06/08 Heavenly Lights VS Earthly
10/28/08 While the City Sleeps
10/20/08 My Can Opener Still Works
10/09/08 She'll Play Again - Up There
09/15/08 Thoughts From The Peanut Gallery
09/02/08 Atta' Boy, David!
08/25/08 Momma Called It an Art
08/21/08 A Tail Wagging Tale
08/09/08 A Closet's Point of View
08/01/08 Remember "His" Friday, Not Mine!
07/23/08 Retiring the Cat's Meow
07/12/08 The Invitation
06/08/08 My Excuse? - "I'm Dust"
06/02/08 Foolish, Stupid and Dumb
05/26/08 Money's A Magnet, Didn't You Know?
05/19/08 Candy Lou
05/11/08 Worthless Brother Becomes Hero
05/06/08 It's Kill-Joy's Specialty
04/26/08 Missing - But Not Forgotten
04/18/08 A Family Affair So to Speak....
04/05/08 As Simple as ABC
03/08/08 Time Seems to Fly Away
03/02/08 Finding Solace In the Sea
02/22/08 Are You Talkin' to Me?
02/16/08 Just Kickin' Myself, Lord, That's All!
02/12/08 If Only? If Only? If Only?
02/05/08 The Carpenter & The Fisherman
01/30/08 Miss Jenny's Philosophy
01/20/08 Sorry, I'm No Monkey's Uncle!
01/15/08 Growing Up Greyhound
12/09/07 God's House
12/04/07 Just a Matter of Space
11/26/07 DareBase
11/03/07 Ballerina Wins Converts
10/21/07 Musings....
10/14/07 Finding a Fella on a Ship
10/06/07 Who's Right & Who's Wrong?
09/15/07 Interruption of the Z's
09/01/07 Swinging & Slinging With God
08/25/07 Better a Junkie Than a Bundy...Right?
08/18/07 Did You Know?
08/03/07 He Slept With A What?
07/29/07 Rejection! Rejection! Rejection!
07/24/07 The Prayer God Won't Answer
07/14/07 No Slum Lords in Heaven
07/08/07 Dumb As a Doornail I'm Not
06/10/07 Friendship, The poetry of Life
05/28/07 A Crazy, Mixed-Up World!
05/18/07 Crocodile Tears & Buffalo Wings
05/13/07 Hi-Fi, Semper Fi or Sci-Fi
05/04/07 Man's Inventions or God's Creations?
04/28/07 The Stranger's Dreadful Task
04/22/07 The Brothel
04/13/07 The Unmentionable
04/10/07 What It Was?
03/10/07 The Story Behind the Song
03/04/07 Famous Last Words
02/16/07 Chaos in the Storage Shed
02/09/07 What's My Craft?
02/02/07 Just <B>ONE </B> Silver Mouthed Bass
01/27/07 Whew...Like Reading a Telephone Book!
01/20/07 Word Game for Nerds , Anyone?
01/13/07 A Pencrafter's Solemn Oath
01/05/07 Shhhh....It's a Secret!
12/02/06 The Letter
11/24/06 The Missing Link
11/21/06 Earthlings Goof...again
11/13/06 Yikes!
11/04/06 My Doctor Dad
10/29/06 The Nifty Professor
10/20/06 My Last Visit
10/13/06 Earth Angels
10/08/06 Brawn PLUS Brains
09/08/06 From Eden To Gethsemane
09/02/06 The Devils Staircase
08/26/06 "The Song Is Ended, But....."
08/19/06 WHY?
08/03/06 The Window Peeper
07/28/06 Bad Day In Cell Block "B"
07/21/06 Walking His Way to Heaven
07/16/06 How? When? and Where?
07/10/06 Great Balls of Fire
06/16/06 The Facts Of Life
06/09/06 I Got Plenty of Nothing
05/29/06 God Answers Knee Mail
05/22/06 Hot Dogs and Cool Cats
05/16/06 My Bed Of Roses
05/06/06 Hopeless Without "Wite-Out" -
04/28/06 Fickle Hearted Me
04/23/06 "Thanks For Being Here"
04/07/06 When Teens were Fulfilling - Not Foreboding
03/09/06 Under State Lock and My Key
03/01/06 Enter A Smile ...... Delete A Frown
02/22/06 Chintzy Cups And Golden Goblets
02/17/06 The End of Innocence (ii)
02/09/06 Break It to the Lord in Prayer!
01/31/06 Two Wrongs Make a Right
01/23/06 Seeing Is Believing!
01/10/06 I'm Homesick Lord
01/02/06 You Cannot Escape Time
12/07/05 Lucky Coconut Tree
11/30/05 A Decollete' Gown of Forest Green
11/23/05 A Vine Covered Mansion
11/17/05 Good Morning, World, I've Arrived!
10/27/05 IS THERE A GOD?

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/11/2012 Remember Eve's Taste Buds?
02/11/2012 It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog!
02/11/2012 Hot Dogs and Cool Cats
03/09/2010 Retiring The Alarm Clock
03/09/2010 Facts Of Life
01/25/2010 Better A Junkie than a Bundy
04/16/2009 Crocodile Tears & Buffalo Wings
10/14/2007 I'm Homesick, Lord
08/13/2007 Life's an Adventure
07/25/2007 No Slum Lords in Heaven
06/18/2007 Vine Covered Shack
06/18/2007 A Most Unique Fashion Show
06/12/2007 My Friend Shanty
06/11/2007 Black Eyes and Golden Gloves
06/10/2007 Is There a God?
06/10/2007 Good Morning World, I've Arrived
04/11/2007 The Empty Mansion