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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Donna Haug
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Articles written: 127

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I'm a Canadian who grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil. My husband, Mark, was a missionary kid in Tanzania, East Africa. We now have three MK's of our own. We have spent one 4 year term in southern Brazil (where our youngest was born) and 6 years in Mozambique, Southern Africa. In 2009, we returned to Canada on extended leave as we help our teens complete their high school years and settle into life at "home". Writing has been a part of me for a long while but I put it to great use over the years publishing our website which was updated with a new 'epistle' and photos on a regular basis. I've been looking for other avenues to minister through writing. I have been thrilled to find this site which gives me incentive to keep writing new things regularly. My prayer is that through my writing people would be encouraged to pray for missions and to grow in their spiritual walk.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/10/03 Love Your Husband ... I Mean, Enemy 1198 For Sale
09/05/03 Prayer Worrier or Prayer Warrior? 1249 For Sale
09/01/03 Savin the Back Packin 915 For Sale
08/26/03 ALMOST is Not Enough 1179 For Sale
08/19/03 One Way Chameleons 759 For Sale
08/17/03 Good Morning, Lord! 1065 For Sale
08/11/03 CHALLENGED 789 For Sale
08/10/03 To the Beat of a Different Drum 1100 Not For Sale
08/04/03 FINALLY! 792 For Sale
08/01/03 Sammy s Story 1421 For Sale
07/30/03 Out of a Sea of Faces 831 For Sale
07/21/03 God in the Fire 944 For Sale
07/20/03 Comfy, Cozy ... CRASH! 818 For Sale
07/16/03 Take Off Your Sunglasses! 800 For Sale
07/13/03 Who? Me? Struggle with Prayer? 1022 For Sale
07/08/03 Crossroads (Revised) 2864 For Sale
07/06/03 The Least of These 982 For Sale
06/30/03 Serenity in the Ocean Depths 678 For Sale
06/29/03 God, You're Awesome Dude! PARDON?? 1258 For Sale
06/24/03 Window Washer 965 For Sale
06/21/03 Summer Holidays 785 For Sale
06/20/03 A Tale of Two Journeys 1279 For Sale
06/14/03 Get Ready! Get Set! ... Huh? 774 For Sale
06/06/03 Toys 2 900 For Sale
06/05/03 A Summer's Day - by another 11 year old 1686 For Sale
06/04/03 'An Apple is an Apple is an Apple!' 2767 For Sale
05/28/03 Life ... Never a Dull Moment! 893 For Sale
05/23/03 Shoes 3 3201 For Sale
05/20/03 My Garden 715 For Sale
05/20/03 Shoes 1 975 For Sale
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08/02/06 The Mommy Balancing Act
07/15/06 SOUL SEA
07/13/06 Life - The Great Adventure
12/12/05 Special Trees in Memory Lane
11/24/05 Ouch! That's Good Preachin'!
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10/23/05 Will We Wash Away?
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02/22/04 To Write or Not to Write - The Betrayal Question
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02/05/04 Look at the Bubbles!
01/30/04 Whispers of Love
01/25/04 From Blob to Beauty
12/16/03 Heroes – Treasures in Jars of Clay
12/09/03 One Life Seasons Another

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
11/28/06 Window Washer

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
11/24/2006 Crossroads
11/24/2006 I Love the Rains in Africa!
11/24/2006 God in the Fire
11/24/2006 Garbage Woes and Other Marital Blues
11/24/2006 Confessions of a Brown Thumb