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Name: Lynda Schultz 
Website: lyndasgrainsofsand.blogspot.ca/
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Articles written: 160

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I began writing in my pre-teen years. Those first forty pages still exist, though I have never been able to figure out how to get my heroine out of trouble. In 2010 I returned to Canada after 15 years as a missionary with Fellowship International working in Caracas, Venezuela. This follows 8 years in Colombia, a stint in the mission's home office in Canada and ministry as part of local church staff. Writing has had a part in all of these assignments including everything from prayer letters to Bible Studies to magazine articles to promotional pieces, dramas, skits and children's materials. Currently I am working part-time as Director of Adult Education at First Baptist Church in Timmins, Ontario, Canada and continue to work with mission as part of the Communications staff. As well, I am the Managing Editor of THRIVE magazine, the official communication tool of our National Fellowship. In July, 2009, my devotional study, Divine Design for Daily Living was published in Spanish. In October of the same year, the English edition was also published and is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In 2013, Ordinary People With An Extraordinary God was published. This book told some of the personal stories of the missionaries who have served and are serving with Fellowship International and was written in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the mission.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/12/09 The Greenborough Circle Chronicles, Tibby's Tail 856 Free to Share
01/24/09 Living in Two Worlds 990 Free to Share
06/17/08 Clouds, Grease, and Bits of Orange 1003 Free to Share
10/10/06 ONE Is A Whole Number 1288 Free to Share
04/26/06 The Greenborough Circle Chronicles, Buster's Bones 1273 Free to Share
02/23/06 Telegram By Train 1290 Free to Share
02/15/06 Fanny 2074 Free to Share
01/29/06 Charlie's Escape 1390 Free to Share
01/27/06 Broken Dreams 1379 Free to Share
01/19/06 Saying Goodbye 1244 Free to Share
01/14/06 A House Of Prayer 1791 Free to Share
12/14/05 Sammy's In The god House 4173 Free to Share
12/10/05 A Glorious Christmas 1600 Free to Share
11/21/05 Mildred's Mouse House 2171 Free to Share
11/01/05 And He Shall Be Called Servant 1724 Free to Share
10/27/05 And Baby Will Fall 1188 Free to Share
10/09/05 It's A Whale Of A Day 2400 Free to Share
07/08/05 Faith Measured In Bottles Of Oil 1381 Free to Share
05/29/05 And He Shall Be Called The Lion of Judah 19211 Free to Share
05/23/05 And He Shall Be Called Bright and Morning Star 1429 Free to Share
05/18/05 And He Shall Be Called Shiloh 3027 Free to Share
05/10/05 The Tale of a Missionary Car 1250 Free to Share
05/10/05 And He Shall Be Called Carpenter 1199 Free to Share
05/06/05 Andd He Shall Be Called The Branch 1409 Free to Share
05/05/05 And He Shall Be Called The Bridegroom 1227 Free to Share
05/03/05 AND HE SHALL BE CALLED Only Begotten Son 1161 Free to Share
04/29/05 And He Shall Be Called The Amen 1205 Free to Share
04/28/05 And He Shall Be Called The Almighty 1106 Free to Share
04/23/05 That Sinking Feeling 1206 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/24/16 The Most Important Answer
01/10/15 One Uncontrolled Desire
10/07/14 Pink Slipped
07/23/14 Sincerely Yours
07/16/14 Standing Still
01/14/14 Come In Time
01/11/12 Constance Munroe Silverlake
04/09/11 Desk Dirge
02/23/11 Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow
02/10/11 A Distant Green
02/03/11 Shift Change
01/25/11 "Biblical Proportions"
01/19/11 It Seems Like Only Yesterday
01/13/11 Kitties Come Home
01/13/10 Giddy-Up
12/09/09 Shades of God
11/11/09 I am Maranta
10/05/09 The Potter
09/02/09 The Maples Leave
08/16/09 Der Kessel
07/27/09 The Clutch
07/15/09 Lessons at Kilometer 2.5
07/08/09 Two Minutes Before Dawn
05/25/09 No Light, No Tunnel, No End
04/29/09 The Quiz
04/21/09 Forever Beginning
04/13/09 When Heat Becomes Light
04/06/09 Illusions, Delusions, and Conclusions
03/17/09 Doggoned Sermon
03/11/09 God's Gardener
02/28/09 Covered
02/18/09 Return to Kolkata
02/09/09 Who Killed Felix Ortega?
01/31/09 "Shunia"
01/25/09 Dogsbody, and the Man Who Never Quit
01/20/09 Would the Real Devil Please Stand Up
01/13/09 I-75
12/08/08 One Little Snowflake
12/02/08 On This Particular Christmas Day
11/14/08 Better Than Plasma
10/14/08 Grandpa Explains the Sad Facts of Life
10/08/08 Tinkle and Clang
09/07/08 Cereal Killer
09/01/08 The Better Alternative
08/24/08 Bide a Wee, Bully
08/17/08 One Bad Breakfast
08/10/08 Looking for Mittens
08/04/08 A Bridge is Ö
07/29/08 As I Was Saying, Lord Ö
07/21/08 The Conditioning
07/14/08 Walking Trees
06/07/08 Leaving the Family
05/31/08 A Unique Love
05/27/08 White and Gold With Just a Touch of Red
05/21/08 Mala Praxis
05/12/08 The Bandit Queen
04/26/08 It's in the Genes
04/20/08 The Photograph
04/13/08 A Question of Trust
04/05/08 Hindsight
03/01/08 The Thing I Lovingly Hate
02/23/08 Rattling On
02/15/08 Fatherland, Socialism, or Death
02/08/08 Thirteen Steps to Disaster
02/04/08 Confessions from a Person Who Didnít Always Appreciate Her Friends
01/28/08 Tibby Tibbits
01/22/08 A Stab in the Dark
01/05/08 Rock Solid
12/10/07 Thirteen Good Reasons to Keep the Doors Open
12/01/07 Under the Radar
11/24/07 A Little Bird Told Me
11/10/07 Two Plus One Equals Ö
11/02/07 Teardrops in the Fog
10/27/07 From Rags to Raikes
10/19/07 I Call You Mother; I Call Him Lord
10/17/07 The Banner
10/09/07 Sweet Song of Crow
09/15/07 Before the Supreme Court of Heaven
08/25/07 No Muss, No Fuss
08/20/07 As It Was In The Beginning
08/03/07 God Set My Pot Upon A Stove
07/31/07 This Old House
07/19/07 Wait A Minute While I Put My Other Foot In My Mouth
07/14/07 God On Broadband
07/09/07 It All Depends On Who's In Charge
05/26/07 In The Eye Of A Tiger
05/08/07 9:04:35
04/28/07 A Suit-able Service
04/24/07 Glass Walls And Rubber Hammers
04/15/07 Barker's Bits
04/11/07 The Case Of The Shoe-less Joe
03/12/07 Jail House Rock
01/29/07 From Where I Sit . . .
01/06/07 Kitchen Klatch
12/11/06 Joe Who?
12/06/06 Jim's Special Wedding Reception
11/29/06 The Patron Of The Parliament Hill Pussies
11/22/06 Too Great A Loss
10/28/06 Through The Eyes Of A Child
10/19/06 Fools Rush In ... But Only Once
10/06/06 Preacher's Woods
09/08/06 Chicken Killers
09/01/06 If All Else Fails, Lick The Spark Plugs
08/29/06 Immortal Song
08/17/06 A Drawer Full Of Crosses
08/15/06 When Men Donít Give, Or Ask, Directions
08/05/06 Final Notice
07/27/06 Labour Naught
07/21/06 Tucker: Living In Divine Order
07/16/06 Coroner's Report
07/06/06 Bridge, Anyone?
06/20/06 Bubbles, Bathtubs and Rubber Duckies
06/13/06 When Not Enough Is Too Much
06/07/06 P-Day
05/26/06 When Life Puts You In A Box, Get A Box Cutter
05/19/06 Ali Barber And The Forty Haircuts
05/11/06 Just Ask A Tree
05/05/06 Cubic Zirconium Hope
04/29/06 Being Loved Ain't Such A Stretch
04/20/06 Hurricane Strength
04/06/06 The Domino Effect
03/07/06 The Next Best Thing To Sherwood Forest
02/28/06 Break, Enter and Theft
02/20/06 Help, I've Been Catnapped By A Sofa Bed
02/13/06 Portrait Of An Egg
02/06/06 Dawn's Early Light
01/30/06 The Road Home Leads Downward
01/24/06 Saving Space Between The Ears
01/19/06 You Can Let Go Now
01/12/06 Being Home
01/02/06 The Ultimate Escape

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04/28/2009 Spit
07/24/2008 Abusing Grace
06/07/2008 Presumed Guilty
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08/08/2007 The Invisible Face Of Prejudice
06/12/2007 Sammy's In The god House
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