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Name: Dixie Phillips 
Website: floydslighthouse.com
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Articles written: 37

 About Self
Dixie Phillips is on the Christian Editing Services team of Christian book editors. An award-winning children's author, she began writing seasonal plays for children in 1987. These delightful programs have been published by Abingdon Press, Standard Publishing, Eldridge Publishing, Evangelizing Today's Child, and Gospel Publishing House.Although Dixie has been writing children's books for years, she also has a passion for writing God's truths for adults and is a contributor to Guideposts. She has contributed to an award-winning devotional book and has been the ghostwriter of books on marriage, health, poetry, and personal testimonies. Thomas Nelson has recently accepted a story Dixie wrote about her father-in-law's P.O.W. experience during World War II. They will be including it in God Makes Lemonade, scheduled for release this year. (2013) Dixie also writes gospel music with her sister-in-law Sharon. Their song "Hidden Heroes" won the Grand Prize in the 2012 Singing News/Solid Gospel Songwriters Search. Dixie and Sharon are now Staff Writers for Crossroads Music. Dixie is a pastor's wife of more than thirty years. She and her husband, Paul, have four married children, three grandsons and two granddaughters. They have served the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd, Iowa, for thirty-two years years.
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