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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 13a)
By Jacob Gibson

And we're still rolling! I was actually able to think of a way to end this episode (which was unfinished and the place where I stopped writing) so I plan to end here unless somehow something convinces me to continue. Many thanks to a special someone who has read all of the story so far. If I wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't have written any more of this. It's my hope that more people will read my story, enjoy it, and find some good lessons. Thank you!

Warning: this episode is a little mushy and not for the faint of heart. XD

The deal was settled. A few of the humans stayed on the island to watch Yoshi, while a few others left with some of the yoshies to breifly return to the Mushroom Kingdom. A large number of yoshies on the island who didn't know about the humans until later felt surprised or shocked that they were here, but after getting to know them better the dinos began to trust them more and even make friends. Almost everyone felt thrilled that they had made new friends and would be able to work together with them. The future looked bright and exciting!

Before long, the humans left and returned that week with plenty of new equipment and a couple of new friends, including a couple of human families and mushroom people, and even some of the friendly turtles, Koopa Troopas, who hadn't joined King Koopa. (As you can imagine there was some trouble with that but they soon managed to not worry abou it.) E. Gadd came up to Yoseph and, to his great delight, showed him that he had brought his books with him like he promised and would start reading them soon. Everyone also stopped by to see Yoshi and his loyal family and kindly greeted them and said hello. They all were glad to see the great legend alive, but Yoshi still felt horrible about his actions and also uncomfortable from the ropes still around him.

The dinosaurs and island tourists had a fun day together and talked about many things such as each other’s lives and what had happened. The yoshies who had never seen the aliens before and didn’t even want them to come, were at first shocked and displeased as you can imagine, but they soon saw how kind they were and got used to them too. Miyamoshi promised to send Yoshies to build huts for the humans. E. Gadd discussed some of the things in the books with Yoseph and a few of his friends. The only problem was that Victoshia never stopped by Yoshi to talk to him but maybe tomorrow she would. Night fell and the day reached an end.

A week passed by and Yoshi still was tied down. But since Yoshi had calmed down and seemed much better, they decided to finally let him go. The people stared at him in awe and said that he looked incredible. E. Gadd also commented that he walked around just like a T. rex did.

So far, everything was going well. People were having a good time and getting along, and the Koopas were still leaving them alone. But one very early morning, everything changed. And like before, it all began with a scream.


Sanya and Hiroshi woke right up, jumped out of their bed, and ran to the other room. Remembering the thought of Yoshi’s panic, the sound of screaming frightened them when they at first thought it was him. But Yoshi was back sleeping on the same shore again and this voice was female. It sounded like Angel, but why would she be so upset?

“Angel!” said Sanya as she ran to her bedside. “Are you alright? It’s just a bad dream, sweetie. You’re fine.”

Angel hid beneath her sheets and wouldn’t stop shaking. The rest of the family had awoke by now and made their way to their sister's bed. She stayed under her sheets and wouldn’t show her face or say anything at the time.

Hiroshi looked with concern at the big squirming lump under the covers. “Angel, please come out. It’s just your family, there’s nothing to fear. Hey, what’s in your bed that’s glowing so bright?” His eyes enlarged.


Turbo, her fraternal brother with black skin, asked, “What’s going on, sis? You can tell us!”

Sanya swallowed. She had a terrible feeling that she might know what was going on. “Angel... we promise that everything will be fine. You can’t hide forever. We won’t laugh and we want to help you.”


Hiroshi couldn’t take it any more. “Either you’re going to tell us what’s wrong or we’re going to find out for ourselves!” He immediately pulled off her sheets and Angel screamed. The sight they all saw before them made them gasp and stare.

“Oh man!” yelled Lily.

“I must be dreaming!” said another of the siblings.

“It happened again!” Hiroshi blurted out. “I can’t believe this!!”

Angel covered her face. The yellow yoshi that the Zoruses once knew and loved was gone. In her place sat a strange creature that looked much like her but simply couldn’t be. Her yellow skin now glowed so bright that it was scary yet captivating. But that was nothing. Out from Angel’s back emerged two giant, leathery wings together strecthing to at least seven feet wide. The outsides of the wings were the same shade of yellow as her skin and on the inside a shiny silver. And also, her tail was longer, sleek, and had a diamond-shaped point on the end.

Angel blushed and then burst into tears. Sanya hugged her and then cried as well. “Oh dear! My little girl. You must feel so terrible and embarrassed.”

Hiroshi put her hand in his and held it tightly. “I’m so sorry that you have to go through this again. Both of you.” He looked at his wife and then at Angel. “Maybe the human doctors can tell us why this is happening again.”

Angel whirled her head around and stared at him. “No, Dad! I don’t want anyone else to see me this way! Can’t you all just... sniff... leave me alone? PLEASE?!”

“My sweet Lemon, we have to do something,” said Sanya, “We want to help you because we love you. If we don’t try anything, you could have problems like your brother Yoshi did. I’m sorry if you feel embarrassed but it’s for your benefit.”


One of Angel’s little sisters sweetly replied, “But I tink you wook wiwy pwetty like dat, Angel.”

Lily glanced at her sister sideways and then nodded with a smile. “Yeah! So do I. Heh heh... I bet the guys won’t believe their eyes when they see you like this! I’m... uh... really jealous! And can you actually fly with those?”

Angel settled down. “I... I don’t know. But I still don’t want to be seen right now. Maybe later though if I feel like it. Just please don’t make me step outside!”

Hiroshi thought for a second and said. “Alright then. We won’t do that. But how about we bring the humans here instead and then keep others from coming in? Would that be okay? We don’t want to embarrass you but we have to find help.”

Sanya said, “Let’s do that. We have to protect you and stop this madness right now!”

- Y – O – S – H – I –

“Grrrrrrrr! This is killing me! How is our progress coming? Is it almost ready, Dr.?”

“Yes, I think that after a week or two we’ll finally be set to launch.”

“It shouldn’t be taking this long, Dr. You’re all too slow and I’m sick of waiting around!!”

“With all due respect, sire, you need more patience. I don’t think that you simplyt understand the huge difficulty of your proposal. This is reality and we have to build this strong enough and completely flawness so it works right no matter what. Otherwise, the yoshies could wreck it, it will all be for nothing, and you’ll chew us out anyway.”

“Watch it, Doc! If you keep on mouthing off, I can give you prisoner duty permanently!”

“I’m starting to wonder if that would be more fun. Anyway, it’s almost done and then you can prepare to regret this huge waste.”

“Actually, you can prepare to be wrong! Because this will be the one solution to solve many objectives! Bwahahaha!!”

- Y – O – S – H – I –

Sanya and Hiroshi had left the hut and managed to hunt down and wake up several humans to come to their home, while Lily and Turbo guarded the door. They all rushed back as quick as they could and went inside. The yoshies who saw them go by asked what was so urgent but no one told them anything except not to worry about it. Soon they returned and charged into the hut and went to Angel’s room where she still laid in bed. Dr. Engrish asked her to step out. She did and the humans reacted like expected.

“I don’t believe my eyes!” said Dr. Engrish. “That’s just incredible! You have wings much like... a pterosaur!”

E. Gadd nodded and scratched his chin. “Yes, except pterosaurs have wings on their sides as limbs and not coming out of their backs. You’re lucky you didn’t lose your arms, lady! Hoo hoo!”

After Dr. Engrish interpretd for them, Sanya asked, “What is this ter-o-sour that you’re talking about? Is it like the T-rex you mentioned with Yoshi?”

Mia stood with her husband Tony and admired the yoshi’s wings. “Wow, you do look very pretty. Like a real angel. Especially when you’re glowing, which I guess only happens in the dark, but... oh sorry. Uh... yes, a pterosaur is another dinosaur from our ancient world and we think it has thin wings, a long beak with sharp teeth, and claws. You’re also lucky you didn’t get a beak or anything.”

“Yeah,” said Angel miserably, “But... there’s something I haven’t shown you all yet.” She slowly slipped off her boots and showed her bare feet. They looked the same as usual except that her toes were now talons, and one was now in the back of the each foot. Angel stared at them without saying another word.

Sanya threw herself to the floor. “Oh! Oh! Why me? Why did this have to happen again? Isn’t it bad enough that I have one child who changed so much? This is just too much for me!! Boo hoo!”

“Oh no,” said Mia. “Don’t worry! We’ll do our best, dear. We promise.”

E. Gadd pointed one finger in the air. “You can bet that! Mia loves animals and she would do anything to... well, uh, anyway... Hiroshi, I need to ask you something about your daughter. How old is she?”

Hiroshi replied, “Seventeen.”

“Ah! And how old is Yoshi?”

“Seventeen. Wait a second... do you think that...”

Dr. Wunnup finished his words, “That her mutation is linked to her birth from Yoshigefumi? That could just be it!”

Everyone looked shocked but also seemed able to believe it. E. Gadd said, “Yes! Yoshi’s real father was a mutant and he passed on those mutated genes to his son. Angel was born from him too, and she must have received those genes as well!”

Mia moved her eyes back and forth as she thought this through. “But... that doesn’t make sense. How do you get the genes of a pteradon from a... Yoshisaurus Rex? She should have turned out like her brother did if that’s the case!”

Turbo spoke up, “Oh man! I’m also a fraternal brother with Yoshi, so I could mutate too!”

“And me as well,” said Lily. “We could be the next ones! EEEEEEEEEEK!!! I don’t want to change into something like that! No offense, Angel.”

The heavenly yoshi sighed and continued to stare at her strange-looking feet.

Outside of the hut, Yoshi had awoken and after finding some fruit for breakfast, he soon realized that he didn’t see any of his family outside this morning. He came back home to see if they were there and found two of his brothers guarding the door from a small group of creatures begging them to let them come in. Something didn’t seem right here.

“Good morning, guys. Uh... what in the world is going there?”

One of them replied, “Sorry, Yoshi, but we can’t tell you right now. It’s really nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah,” said the other. “I think that you’ll know soon enough. But for now—woah!”

The door swung open and Sanya and Hiroshi stepped out with the doctors. They looked surprised to see the crowd of concerned dinos waiting at the door, but Sanya told them that Angel felt “sick” and didn’t need to worry. Then when the crowd left, Yoshi’s parents finished up their conversation.

“Thanks for stopping by,” said Sanya. “That really means a lot. We’ll pay whatever you want to help our daughter.” Yoshi was speechless when he heard this.

Tony put his hands together. “It’s really no problem. We love to help.”

E. Gadd said, “That we do! But I don’t know how much we can help when there’s so much we don’t know. If we could only figure out who was responsible for this mess and how they did it, we might be closer to solving it. I don’t know of anyone brilliant enough to do something like this, except for King Toadstool and King Koopa and a couple others, and I would place all my bets on Koopa before our loyal king.”

Yoshi and the others couldn’t believe their ears. “King Toadstool?!” They all shouted at once.

The doctors stared at the professor with that “you-mean-you-haven’t-told-them-yet?” look. E. Gadd said, “Uh... sorry that slipped. And it’s a very long story that we’ll have to tell you some time. For now I’ll just say that we used to have a king but recently Koopa kidnapped him and many others in a battle and we’ve been trying to rescue him ever since.”

“How terrible,” said Hiroshi. “I didn’t know that. I wish you good luck with rescuing him. If only we had the ability to help you we would, but we’ve already tried to attack the castle a few times and failed.”

Dr. Wunnup nodded, “Yes, and so have we. We’re still planning another attack and we’ll try again after proper preparation. However, the last thing we need is for Koopa to have more prisoners after how many he’s got now.”

Mia said, “Anyway... we’ll see what we can do. I don’t know if inherited traits can be changed but we won’t give up! Good bye!”

“Thank you,” said Hiroshi and Sanya gratefully. The rest of the family waved to them. But Yoshi still looked confused.

“Angel’s sick? And what’s the deal with these inherited traits?"

Neither of his parents answered him at first. Then Hiroshi motioned for Yoshi to bend down his head and he whispered into his ear. “Forgive us for not telling you this but your sister doesn’t want everyone to know about this too soon. This morning we discovered that Angel... has transformed like you.”

“WHAT?! Oh not again!! Uh... does she look like me? If she does, how can she fit in there?”

Sanya shushed him. “Son,” she said quietly, “We shouldn’t talk about this right now in case others hear. She has transformed, but nothing like you. You can talk to her later when she feels ready to come out. Until then, please act normal and don’t tell anyone else about it.”

“Okay, guys. I’ll promise to stay quiet and wait until then.”

Yoshi kept his promise and waited to see his sister again. He felt so worried for her anda little guilty like this was his fault somehow. He also really wanted to see what she looked like and how she felt. Day after day he waited but never saw her. One day passed. Nothing. Two days passed. Nothing. Three days passed, and one early morning in the middle of the week, it finally happened.

Yoshi was dozing on the shore like usual and dreaming about what kind of scary creature his sister looked like. And that was the day that he finally got his wish. He felt someone tap him on the side which woke him up right away with a little start. A voice to his left shushed him. He opened his eyes and saw something in a large white sheet with two holes in the area of the eyes. The sky was still dark and the thing underneat the sheet was glowing a bright yellow. As you probably guessed, this didn’t help our dino friend much as he almost screamed out loud.

“SHHHHHHH!! Yoshi!” whispered the creature, “It’s me! Your sister, Angel! Please be quiet and don’t let anyone hear you.”

“Angel?” he replied just as quiet. “I’m sorry. You scared the eggs out of me by showing up like that! It’s great to finally see you. Why are you wearing that glowing sheet?”

“I’m sorry about that. I’m wearing this sheet because I don’t want anyone to see me right now. And it’s not the sheet that’s glowing. It’s me.”

“Woah! That’s unbelievable. So, is that what happened to you now? Your skin glows in the dark? Hey, your tail looks different too!”

“Yeah, and that’s not all.” She took off the sheet and dropped it beside her feet. Yoshi’s eyes nearly blew out of his head and he couldn’t help but stare.

“Holy Koopa! You have wings! I would trade that for my deal any day! Can you actually fly with those?”

“Heh... I haven’t tried yet and probably never will. I wouldn’t be caught dead flying around for all to see me!”

“Oh please. Don’t be a wimp now. You think that it was easy for me, sis? There’s no way you can live inside all the time, or with a sheet over yourself. I bet that plenty of your friends would like the way you look. I look super ugly compared to you and I can’t even use my arms.”

“Wimp?! You may have not had a choice but I do! I feel happy enough living indoors away from the critical eyes of those who only care about looks. I’m sure you understand with Victoshia. Oh! Sorry... I didn’t mean that.”

Yoshi now looked sad. “Vicky... I’ve tried so many times to talk to you and you won’t talk to me. You hide from me and don’t want to talk. When will you...” he noticed that he was talking to himself and returned to the topic. “Uh... look, Angel, I’m very sorry that you have to go through what I am and feel like I do. But I am starting to learn to be happy no matter what is happening in my life, and how to use my strengths to help others. If you do have the ability to fly and never did, you would be wasting that gift for everyone including yourself. I’m sure that you could help many people with your ability to fly.”

“I know. But... I’m just not ready, Yoshi. Maybe some day.”

Yoshi shook his head. “No, Angel. I think that some day will never come if isn’t today. How about this, Angel? How about we have a private flying lesson right now in the early morning while the others sleep? You can stand on my head while I quietly run on the beach and then you can take off and have a short flight in the air?”

“Eeh! Yoshi, I know you’re trying to help me and I appreciate that, but how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to do this. And besides, why would I have to do it that way in the first place when I could fly off the ground? Okay! Fine, I’ll show you.” She flapped her wings and hovered in the air for a couple seconds before gracefully landing again.

“That’s great!” said Yoshi with a big grin. “But it would be SO much more fun if you did it my way, because that way you could catch a lot of air!”

“Nuh-huh! No matter what you say, I will NEVER fly like that!”

About ten minutes later, Yoshi stood on the shore looking down to the end of it. On top of his nose and in front of his eyes stood Angel, facing away from him with her wings stretched out. Yoshi looked excited but his sister had a very worried expression on her face.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to do this, Yoshi! Ugh!” She twisted her sheet into a rope and then tied it around her ankle.

“It won’t be for long, Angel. Just a few minutes. If anyone sees you then you can hide behind me or something. You’re helping me to begin to overcome my struggle of rejection and now I want to help overcome your struggle of fear.”

“Y-y-you don’t have to do that, brother! Really! It’s no problem to help you. Speaking of fear, I’m also very seriously afraid of heights and I’m not making that up!”

Yoshi smiled. “Well, I’m going to bend down while I run so you’ll be closer to the ground. Then you can choose how high you go. No problem.”

“Actually... I changed my mind! Let me down!”

“Ha! Too late! Here we go!”

{Mario Party “Let’s Go Lightly”}

Yoshi took off right away and Angel nearly slipped off. She regained her balance and considering jumping off, but she decided to give it a try anyway. While her brother ran down the shore, with his neck down like he said, Angel flapped her wings as the cool breeze passed by. She bent over and got ready to take off soon. For a second she became too nervous to move but then she closed her eyes, didn’t think about it any more, and did a running jump off his nose.

Whoosh! Angel flew high into the moonlit night. Yoshi stopped and looked up at his glowing, soaring sister. He felt very impressed.

“Nice flying, Angel! Woohoo!”

Angel opened her eyes finally and shrieked. She quickly descended a few feet to get closer to the ground and then flew around in a big, swift circle. But eventually she got used to the height and decided to fly higher and faster. Looping, twirling, and zooming around like some kind of shining Goonie bird, Angel found herself having a lot of fun. So much fun that she even forget that she was worried about anyone seeing her. The world shrunk beneath her and thanks to the soft glow of the rising sun, she could see over the tops of many of the trees, quiet huts and the giant mountains at the center of the island. Suddenly Angel felt truly alive and truly free. Everything was under her now, and she could go anywhere as fast as she pleased, and feel the wind pass by.

“Wheeeeeeeeee!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! AH HA HA HA!!”

Yoshi happily followed behind her and watched his sister conquer the air. “Alright, Angel! But don’t forget to be quiet so now one sees you.”

Angel gasped. “Oh yeah! Uh...” Her green boots touched the ground just as Yoshi caught up with her. “I forgot about that, heh heh. Well, thanks for making me do that, Bro. You were completely right. I did have fun. I don’t think I’m ready to face the world yet but I will remember this. Thank you and good bye.” She hovered beside him and kissed him on the cheek before turning around to walk back home.

“You don’t want to fly back home?”

“Nah.” She took off the sheet on her ankel and then threw it over herself again. “I’ll... I just want to walk again like everyone else. See ya.”

“Yeah. Bye.” Yoshi smiled and walked around the island.

- Y – O – S- H – I –

A few days later...

“Sire! Sire! We have an emergency! Come quick!” A blue-shelled Koopa Troopa charged into the turtle king’s dark throne room. Following close behind, a tortoise with oily blue overalls. Not only was he was the same creature as Dr. K, with his yellow skin, claws, and short stature, but he also looked much like Dr. K, and even wore glasses that looked like his. The king had a book in his hands that he looked very interested in. But when he heard this, he looked up like someone had pinched him in the back.

“HUH?! An emergency? What’s going on? Is that Yoshi here?”

“Uh... we don’t know!” said the tortoise, “But... there’s a... just please come to the control room immediately and help us!”

“Fine then,” said the King as he hurled the book to his right. “If there is an enemy in the castle I look forward to torching his behind for interrupting my reading!”

King Koopa jumped out of his gold throne and charged down the room and straight through the red iron doors. The two workers followed him out and then to the control room where a big surprise awaited for them. As soon as they stepped inside they entered a room with decorations of balloons and streamers that went from the marble ceiling to the marble floor. All of the workers of the castle stood inside and wore their finest uniforms and gowns. When they saw the king come through the iron doors they quickly faced him and gave their loudest cheers and applause. Koopa looked confused.

“Surprise!” yelled out a single Goomba. Everyone stared at him and didn’t say a word.

“Wow!” said Koopa with big starry eyes. “You did... all of this for me? And... made me get up for nothing?!”

“HUH?” everyone blurted out.

Dr. K tried to chuckle. “No, your highness. We just wanted to tell you... it’s finally finished!!”


“Yes!” said the other tortoise, “Your huge plan is finally done!”

“And are you all ready to go? Is that ferocious thing ready too?”

“110%!” said the blue Troopa with a thumbs up.

“BWAHAHAHA!! Then let’s do it RIGHT NOW!”

“But,” asked someone from the crowd, “Shouldn’t we wait until tonight so we can properly ambush them?”

“Are you kidding me?!” Koopa gasped. “With a weapon this powerful it doesn’t matter anyway! And would you really make me wait any longer after all this? It’s time to push the big button!” Koopa ran down a red carpet to the control machine, where a brand new system awaited him. This machine had so many buttons and screens that it could make even the biggest geek want to throw up.

“What about a speech?” asked a spiky Tap-tap, a metal ball-like creature covered with spikes. “We want to hear a speech!” The others agreed and began to chant “Speech! Speech! Speech!”

Koopa stopped and turned around. “You want a speech? Fine. Eh eh hem... I’m glad to be your king. You’re glad to work for me. I’m happy for my new weapon and excited to use it. Blah blah blah. Good enough!” He faced back to the machine and raised his hand over the button. “It’s time to do it! Prepare for the ultimate panic!” He hit the button and in seconds the castle began to shake. Everyone eagerly looked out the window at Yoshi’s Island.

- Y – O – S – H – I -

On a large sunny hill on Yoshi's Island there sat a small hut in the midst of other similar huts. Victoshia and her azure-skinned mother, Crystal, were inside working together. Since there was no school today and her mother needed her help, Vicky and her younger brother reluctantly stayed home with her and spent most of the day with cleaning, cooking, home repairs, and other chores. She felt very unhappy that she couldn't be with her friends and whined about it for an hour, but eventually gave up and focused on work. Soon all three were having a good conversation. They talked about the weather, recent events, their new human friends and hope of the future, and, of course, the latest gossip. After much smiles and laughter, Victoshia suddenly became serious and looked at her mom as they prepared supper. Now seemed like a good time to bring this up, since her brother was outside taking a short break.

"Mom... I know we've talked a little about this before but... what do you think I should do with this situation with Yoshi? I mean, I feel terrible for what I said to him and how I made him react. Yet I'm afraid to talk to him. I'm afraid of what he'll say. Afraid he'll go crazy again. On the other hand, I feel he deserves my apology. What should I do."

Her mother looked down at her with a sad smile. "It was hardly your fault for what he did. The doctors found out he had a problem with his brain and certain things unlocked a terrible part of him. Anything could have made him react this way, not just you. Don't blame yourself."

Vicky nodded. "Yes, that's very likely. I still feel crushed by guilt and fear though."

"I know how you feel, sweetie. Sometimes I feel the same way when I think about your father and our divorce, wondering if we made the right choice for this family. We fought so many times over little things and hardly ever got along, and we wanted to have peace in the family and thought maybe spliiting up was the right thing to do. Even though some of it was my fault and I could have tried a little harder to show respect and encourage him. Was it the right decision? I don't know. I just wanted you and your brothers and sisters to have a good childhood and know that none of this was your fault."

"Yeah, I know, Mom. Honestly it's been very tough for me but I understand. Do you... do you think that you made the right decision?... About choosing Dad as... your husband?"

Crystal sighed and was quiet for a moment. Then she answered, "Only the gods can know the answer to that. We did love each other very much but I should have noticed his early problems with his short temper and uncontrolled fits of anger. That was my mistake, and I was too blinded by my deep feelings to see that. However, if we hadn't gotten married then I wouldn't have such wonderful, mischevious children." She poked her daughter in the side and in return she pulled on her mother's scales. They laughed again.

When they calmed down her mother continued, "Sweetie, please don't let your guilt and fear take over your life. It would be far worse to be eaten alive by a monster than to be eaten up by regret every day of your life. You're a smart, kind, and beautiful girl and you'll find the right male some day. Don't let one person's thoughts ruin your life. Let go of the past and keep looking forwards."

"Thanks, Mom. So you think I should forget about Yoshi and look for someone else? What if he gets jealouse?"

"That's a good question. You may want to wait until he calms down before you do that, just to be safe. But no matter what you do, I think you need to talk to Yoshi about this. You two have been a couple for a good time and he deserves to talk with you a little more. I would bet he feels much worse than you do!"

"Yeah... I'll get the courage to do that eventually. I don't want to lose a good friend over this relationship. Maybe I could find a girlfriend to go with me."

"That's a perfect idea, Vick. I'm proud of you for doing this."

They hugged each other for a second and her mother rubbed her arm. Suddenly, the door to the hut burst open and Vicky's younger brother charged inside. He looked completely panicked. "Mom! Sis! Something huge is coming to the island really fast! You need to see this! I have a terrible feeling about it!!"

-Y - O - S - H - I -

Three Yoshi kids were playing on the beach with some koopa troopas and monkeys, building tall sand castles while their parents were talking and watching them. Suddenly they all noticed a disturbance in the ocean far away in the direction of Koopa’s world. It appeared like one or two giant things were coming from the castle and right towards them underwater. Two pounding waves quickly rushed to the island at the same time, both at a great distance apart, side by side and with a loud whoosh.

{Yoshi’s Island “Big Boss Fight”}

As the children looked up from their work and stared at this peculiar sight, the parents didn’t have to think about what to do. They snatched their kids away and immediately left the area while the two things collided into the beach. BLAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!! The beach shook and the things dug into the land. However, it didn’t end there and the objects underwater kept moving into the island. It sounded like they were actually drilling into it!

The farther the objects cut, the more the land shook and made panicked civilans flee from the tremors. When the huge tremors ceased at the half way point under the mountains, everything became calm again. Then... things got even worse. The center of the island quaked and the shaking traveled out from there and spread to the outsides of the island. Everyone thought for sure that it was all going to crumble apart!

Now the strangest thing happened. A big green pipe shot out from the ground beside a tree. A second blue pipe broke through the floor of a family’s hut. A third yellow pipe came up and made a ball bouce off and hit the Yoshi who kicked it. Across the entire island, hundreds of different colored warp pipes broke out of the ground in random locations, smashing up yards, homes, and everything else. Now people were really frightened and couldn’t image how this could get any worse.

- Y – O – S – H – I -

A monty mole with stained overalls stood beside Koopa and looked at a computer screen. “Pipe drills have broken through. Warp pipes have emerged. Operation infiltration is a success!”

“WOOOOOOOT!!!” Koopa shouted and danced around. “I can’t imagine how this can get any better! BwahahahaHA! Are we ready for part 2? Huh?”

Dr. K. grinned with his sharp teeth and nodded. Koopa faced a large line of monsters and shouted, “Now is your chance to attack! Don’t be afraid of them. Together we’re stronger than anyone! Let’s GO!!”

- Y – O – S – H – I -

The island became still again and a few braveyYoshies approached the colorful objects and peered down into the black. Very few of them knew what these things were, but Libby and the humans knew exactly what they were.

“Warp pipes! Everywhere!!” shouted Dr. Wunnup. He stood outside with some of the humans and a few yoshies, who had watched them pop out. “I don’t like this!!”

“Yes,” said E. Gadd, “But I have a feeling that we’ve only seen half of our problems. Stay away from the pipes!”

“Is that even possible?!” asked Libby, looking over the multi-colored mine field. Of course not.

Wahp! Wahp! Wahp! That familiar sound came ringing out of many of the pipes and sounded like an army of people were about to come out. That was exactly what happened. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Marching Mildes, Lakitus, Tap-taps, Seedy Sallies, Ravens, Clawdaddies, and loads of other enemies (except for Shy Guys, which I'll explain later) poured out of the pipes like water and dashed around the island as an endless flood of angry monsters. No one could believe their eyes.

- Y – O – S – H – I -

“Troops are being deployed!” said the Monty Mole. “We have reached Yoshi’s Island and are ready for treasure hunting!”

Koopa raised both fists into the air and threw back his head. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF KOOPA HISTORY!!!!”

All of the employees cheered with their king while looking at an overhead screen. The screen showed an underground room in the castle with two giant tubes sticking out of the floor side by side. A long line of sworld-wieling soldiers charged up a big ramp on the right pipe and upon entering blasted to the island like a bullet. A second screen beside the first showed a map of the whole pipe system and red dots that traveled from the castle to the island.

“I CAN’T WAIT!” Koopa shouted. “When can we do the final part?”

“In just a few more minutes!” said the Monty Mole with a smile. “I have to admit that this plan was genius! Gah ha ha!”

Koopa punched Dr. K in the shoulder who then folded his arms and frowned.

- Y – O – S – H – I -

“Aaaaaaaghh!!!! Monsters are everywhere!” shouted one.

“Mommy! I’m scared!” little children cried.

“Why aren’t they attacking us?” asked Sanya to her friends. “They have weapons and aren’t using them!”

Victoshi’s mother replied, “Well, if they won’t then I will!” Right away the ferocious dino chased after a red Koopa Troopa and lashed out a long pink tongue. The enemy dropped his sword and was pulled into the yoshi’s mouth. In most cases an enemy could be swallowed and turned into an egg which the Yoshies would use for throwing, but turtles like this one couldn’t be swallow (at least not right away). Instead, she spit it out in the form of 3 orange flames which wiped out many of the other enemies. Every enemy that died would simply poof out of thin air without a trace.

Yoshi Zorus was also surprised by this huge attack, but thanks to his large size he had no trouble slurping up the tiny enemies all around him. (The sharp objects couldn’t hurt the tough dinosaur tongues, so they could swallow anything that wasn’t too hot or spiky) The enemies ran away from Yoshi and his friends with him, but for some reason they wouldn’t leave the island either. What was going on?

“Yoshi!” said his good friend Josh as he chased the enemies with Yoshi. “Don’t let them go back in the pipes! None of these creatures should escape.”

Yoshi followed the army and ate them like an ant eater. “I’m doing my best, okay? Slurp! They’re pretty easy to beat... slurp! But there’s so many of them everywhere that I can only do so much. Slurp! But at least they’re scared of me!”

“It could be worse!” said Koshi who had just joined them. “There could be really huge enemies that could eat us! All we have to do is—“

All of a sudden, the ground shook again and soon even more creatures came out of the pipes around them and ran in different directions. But the ground continued shaking and Yoshi knew that something worse was about to happen to happen. He and his friends couldn’t see anything at first but they could hear people in the distance screaming. Then they saw what the others were seeing; large scary plants coming from all pipes. They were green plants with round red heads and a mouth full of sharp yellow teeth. Piranha plants.

“YIKES!” said Yoseph when one of them tried to bite him. “These plants are trying to eat us instead now instead of the other way around!!”

Yoshi kicked his foot at one of them, but it turned around quick enough to bite his toe. He pulled back his foot and yelped, very unhappy to see the plant was still there unharmed.

“Ouch! What in the world?!”

“Stupid plant!” said Koshi. She picked up one of her blue-polka dot eggs and aimed it right at the monster’s head. “How do you like your eggs?” She tossed it at the plant and it suddenly coughed and then shriveled away. It was gone, but immediately replaced by another snapping piranha plant! And thousands more still remained to be taken care of. But they realized that these weeds refused to die and kept coming back.

The troubles had just begun though. All of the piranha plants began to grow bigger and longer and until they climbed over Yoshi’s head. Next, thick vines rapidly grew out of the pipes and spread around everyone’s feet, and nothing that anyone did could stop them. In only a few minutes, the vines covered much of the island. Finally, chaos reached a crescendo. Out from one larger-than-large pipe in the distance, a king-sized piranha plant emerged from the ground and popped up into the sky. Compared to Yoshi’s head, it’s head was at least three times as large and it had 6 smaller green heads surrounding it. Words cannot describe how the people felt from seeing this.

Yoseph stared with huge eyes. “Ah... ah... YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SAVE MEEEEEEEE!!” He ran away faster than he ever had before.


{Super Mario Sunshine “Sticky Situations” (mucky piranha plant battle) remix}

The purple king piranha plant looked down at the terrified dinosaurs and drooled at the smell of all the savory food around it. Several of the yoshies who were close enough, hurled their bouncing and exploding eggs at the perilous plant, but it did no damage to the big one and only temporarily killed the smaller ones. Yoshi kicked one of his large eggs into the air and then sent it to the large head, which did nothing as well. Then he considered trying to chew off the main stem but decided against it when he saw the huge spikes jutting out. Everyone still continued to try though.

“Not good!” said Yoshi. “I never like it when that happens. I’m almost tempted to just try to bite off it's head but you can forget that!”

“What about the fire mellons or ice melons?” asked Yoseph. “We should try that and blast them.” But soon they saw the yoshi militia doing just that and having no luck either.

Koshi looked scared. “What now?!”

Back at Yoshi’s hut, Angel sat in her bed alone. She heard the rumbling and now could hear a lot of screaming, but she didn’t want to reveal herself to anyone no matter what was happening. It was difficult to hide so long but the embrassment would be even worse. When she looked out the window and saw everyone running, she didn’t know what to do.

The door to the now vine-covered hut swung open and her mother and a few of her borthers and sisters came in. “Angel!” said Sanya, “Please get out of here right now! We need to run for safety. Grab your sheet and come outside before this building comes down or you become plant food!”

“No, I’m fine. I... I’ll take care of myself. Don’t worry about me.”

“Angel, this is no time to worry about your appearance! Get out right now or we’ll drag you out if we have to!” The family ran towards her and she backed away to the wall. No matter what, she wouldn’t step outside the hut.

Back at the piranha plant battle, Yoshi and the others were running out of options and opportunities. Nothing seemed to hurt this thing no matter what they tried. Even when Yoshi ate some of the plants they still grew back. The vines were growing thicker and choking out their room. Before long, the vines began to wrap around their feet and tried to pull them off the ground until they would break free. Every second that went by, this became more challenging and dangerous.

“Off! Let go of me!” said Josh while kicking free from the vines. “Stay away!”

“Yoshi,” said another friend of Yoshi strugling to stand up, “Let me up on your back please!”

“Uh... sure! I don’t want to let down my tail but you guys can hop on my foot and I’ll bounce you up!”

Yoshi’s friend did this and let him kick up and land on Yoshi’s nose where he gladly climbed on. Then more people wanted to get on him as well so he helped them up too. His head and back were starting to get crowded and everyone had to hang on while he kicked through the tangled vines. This was one situation where Yoshi wished he wasn’t so big right now.

“Hey, kid,” said an older yoshi that stood on his nose, “I think we should go to the underground caves like everyone else! I don’t want to fight any more.”

“But that doesn’t sound smart,” said Yoshi. “The plants CAME from underground so how would that be any better? Why not the ocean or on top of a mountain?”

“No, let’s go to the clouds where the plants can’t reach us!” someone else said.

“What? And get eaten by the big one? I think that’s just as ‘good’ as the other idea.”

As they threw out ideas as fast as they could, Jikondo suddenly ran up to the area very quickly and jumped from a tree onto Yoshi's back, being careful not to knock anyone off. He pushed his way through the crowd and jumped to Yoshi's nose and faced him.

"Yoshi, my friend! I've just been informed that the leaders of the island have declared for a complete evacuation! All yoshies who are not in the fighting force must leave the island as soon as possible by boats, as many as we can fit in them, and go to the Mushroom Kingdom. We need your help!" (I just decided that the island should have more than one leader) Jikondo looked urgent but didn't have a hint of fear in his face. How did he do it?

"Jikondo! Yes, I'm going to destroy that monstrous plant as soon as I get a chance! Don't worry!"

"No, what you are doing now is what you need to keep doing! Help everyone escape safely to the boats, and only then should you fight it! Women and children first!"

Yoshi couldn't believe what he was hearing. "But--"

"This is an order from the authorities, not just me! The militia can hold it off until everyone is safely gone. Then you can have your chance."


Jikondo didn't flinch. "Yoshi, with all respect, you owe this to everyone. You need to regain their trust by showing that you're still the same good helper and brave hero that you were before. Don't do it for me or the leaders. Do it for them! Your friends, family, and even enemies alike."

The people close enough to Yoshi's head to hear Jikondo said things like, "Yes! That's right! We need you now." "If you don't help me now I'll never forgive you!" "Please save my family! I don't care about myself I just want them to be safe!" "My parents are old and can't easily get around!" "My child is handicapped and struggles to walk very quickly!"

Yoshi closed his eyes and threw away all of his selfish thought. He opened them and said, "Alright, I'll do what I can. It's my responsibility and pleasure to help you. Don't worry everyone!"

The old silver dinosaur, Jikondo smiled. "I knew you could help. Letting you live was the right decision. There are some dinosaurs with me who will ride on you and tell you where to go. I've got to keep moving. Thank you, my friend. The gods of strenght and protection go with you." And with that he leapt off and ran in the opposite direction with purpose in every step.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

"Nothing is working against these beasts!" shouted an adult yoshi as he pelted plants from the pipes and defeated enemies around him. "We've tried eggs, seeds, ice, fire, and swords, and they keep growing back! And nothing seems to even affect the biggest one! There's no way this could be invincible!"

"I know! We're all doomed if Yoshi can't do anything!" shouted Koshi who was also doing her best to help fight the enemies. "Do the humans have any ideas?"

"Yes," replied Koshi's mother beside her. "They tried a few magical items but they had little affect as well. How could these plants grow so fast and so big?!"


Turbo, who was in ear shot of this proclomation, stopped immediately. "Oh snap! I've gotta tell Angel about this and drag her out of the hut!" He dashed through the plains, jumping across trees and large rocks, and returned back to his hut which was covered even deeper in pirana plant vines. When he got there he found his parents and a few siblings waiting for him.

"We were waiting for you. Did you hear the message?" Sanya and Hiroshi asked.

"Yeah! I came to get Angel out of there! Is she still inside?"

"Yes, your brothers and sisters dragged her out by wrapping her in her blanket and carrying her. Now that you're here, we just need to find the rest of the family that went looking for you and get our tails outa here! Did you see any of them?"

- Y - O - S - H - I -

"Evlin! Professor Gadd! Where are you?" Yoseph ran past many yoshies who were fighting or fleeing and called out for E. Gadd. He had no luck whatsoever of finding him or even knowing where to look. He had run into a few humans and asked if they had seen the professor but no one knew. He decided to run back to their campsite and look there, but his tent was gone. He started to panic but then remembered that he had moved to another location not long ago and Yoseph went there next. Soon he found his tent with a few yoshies sitting beside it and ran straight to it and rapped on the the front. Thankfully Libby was there too and said she would translate for him.

"Professor Gadd! Are you in there? Please be here!" The yoshies looked at him and began to speak but were interrupted.

"Yoseph, is that you? Yes, I'm here. Come in and talk with me."

The two dinos charged inside and found the professor sitting on his bed made of leaves and grass, working on something.

"Elvin, didn't you hear that we've got to leave the island? What are you doing?"

Gadd looked up for a second and smiled, then looked back down and continued to work on something. "You came to look for me, ey? How thoughtful of you. I appreciate your concern. A few others came too and asked me to leave but I told them I had to do something first. Those good friends outside are waiting for me and will take me."

Yoseph's mouth hung open in shock. "What could you be doing that's more important than leaving with the others?"

Gadd remained perfectly calm. He held up a large jar to Yoseph's face that was full of a purple liquid, just one of a few around. "Making something that will exterminate these pirana plants! I made this out of poison mushrooms from the mushroom kingdom and some other things I found around this island. If we can poison this thing maybe that will do the trick."

"Poison it? Yeah, that could actually work! But do you have enough poison to kill it? And how could you do that? Would you pour it on it's roots or make it swallow it or something?"

Gadd nodded enthusiastically. "You're on the right track! We probably have no possible way to reach it's roots safely but the other option has a much easier chance, although likely no safer." He put the jars in a box and closed it up.

"That's impossible!! Who would be able to get up that high and accurately throw it in it's mouth? Even if they could jump up the clouds, they would have to face the six heads around it and survive that too without getting eaten. What's your plan for that?"

The devious smile on the man's face remained. "Let's just say that I'm placing my bets on a new card in the game. Will you please take me to the Zorus family?"

Yoseph didn't know why he wanted a ride from him and not someone else, but he gladly took up the offer and let him climb onto his back. For some reason, letting someone ride on your back was a great feeling. It may have been slightly humbling and the person may have weighed you down somewhat, but Yospeh had a strong back and felt like he was meant to do this. He trotted off into the jungle in the requested direction and the other yoshies followed close behind. He had no clue what they were going to do but he trusted his knew friend and knew he had a good plan.

Little did the two of them know that there wasn't much time to catch them. The Zorus family was already prepared to leave the island upon getting what they needed from their home and heading to the crowded docks for their departure. Angel was now completely wrapped up in her blanket and carried by her mom, ashamed to be seen by anyone even in the middle of this disaster. The family said everything they could to try and get her out but nothing worked. Her father told her not to worry and that she looked silly in a blanket. Her mother said no one would probably care in this time of peril. However, they decided to respect her privacy and let her hide her new body from other eyes.

"Sis, you owe us big time for this," one of her brothers said to her. "How can you still care what people think at a time like this?"

"Shhhhhhhh!" she whispered to him. "Not so loud! Don't draw any more attention to me!"

"Like I could do that," he said quiter. "A strange lump in a blanket shaped like a yoshi. No suspicion there."

"Don't you have trouble breathing through that?" asked Lily.

"No, this blanket is thin enough that I can breath just fine, thanks."

Another sister added, "Betcha 100 coins that she never shows her face again in daylight. Only at night."

"Stop talking to me already!" Angel whispered frustrated. "And don't let anyone know I'm here either!"

They were almost to the docks and could see a humongous gathering of dinos, humans, and other creatuers moving around the area. Some of the family members looked back and sighed, thinking about how much they would miss their home and their island they had lived on their whole lives. Even if they could ever return soon, who knew if things would be the same. Would the island be safe with all of the pipes connected directly to their enemies' land? Could the pipes be closed up somehow? It was hard not to think about these things, and surely everyone had very similar thoughts. Then all of a sudden.

"Hey! Hey! Guys, wait up a second!" Someone was yelling from behind and running up to them. They turned around and saw a very heavy yoshi moving quickly and almost out of breath. If you can belive this, he was actually the same yoshi who played in the championship ball game and got the ball kicked into his mouth.

"Takashi! What's up, bro?" asked Turbo.

"Huh! Huh! Huh! Excuse me... let me... get my breath... huh... huh... huh... okay. I'm sorry to stop you at such a horrible time, but I didn't know if I would see you for awhile and... I wanted to speak with Angel before she left."

Angel heard this but remained silent in the blanket. Sanya laid her down behind her gently and some of the family tried to make a wall in front of her. "Oh really," said Hiroshi. "I'm sorry but she's... uh... uh... um..."

"Went to grab something she forget." Sanya finished for him.

"Right! I'm sorry you missed her." He gently kicked his daughter with his the back of his boot.

Takashi looked very unhappy. "Oh. I see... Well can you pass on a message to her? It's... a little embarrassing but I didn't write it down and... I want to make sure she hears it."

"Yeah, go ahead and tell us," said Lily now very interested and curious. "We'll remember to pass it on."

Takashi rubbed his neck and struggled to say it for a few seconds. Finally he worked up enough courage to spit it out. "Okay, here it is, but promise you won't laugh at me or tell anyone else!" He looked around and lowered his voice. "Last night... I had a strange and wonderful dream. It had to be a dream. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and walked outside of my home to get some air. I didn't expect to see anything that night but what I did see I will never forget. I saw a bright and glowing creature flying gracefully through the air. It was yellow and had the body of a yoshi and... and... face of Angel, but it had large wings. When I saw it... I... I... thought it was the most beautiful and stunning thing I had ever seen in my life. My heart almost jumped out of my chest."

At this point Angel's face turned deep red and her eyes grew larger. She also thought that her heart would jump out of her chest. She felt embarrassment and shyness at the same time. Takashi? Wasn't he in one of her classes at school? He only talked with her occassionally but was very friendly and considerate. She did find him very attractive. (Especially considering his weight, which was often found to be very attractive in this culture. XD) She listened closely.

Takashi continued with just as much embarrassment. "I just wanted to say that... if I never see her again... I will always remember her like that. A flying and radiant princess of the night. But more than that... a wonderful friend to me. I can't risk letting her go without her knowing that. And thank you all for always being so nice. It was good knowing you. Bye" He sighed at finishing his intimate speech and covered up his big cheeks burning red. He turned to leave and rejoin his family at the dock. But before he could get far...

"Okay! That does it!" Turbo could take it no more. Before anyone could stop him he turned around, pulled off the sheet, and pulled the stunned yellow dino up to her feet. She accidentally screamed and tried to hide behind them. His parents, Sanya and Hiroshi gasped and scolded their son for his insensitive actions.

At hearing her voice, Takashi whirled around and gasped loudly. He ran back to them and found Angel slowly standing to her feet. He stood motionless and embarrassed, unable to move. Angel took a breath and then came out from her family and strode towards him. She still looked embarrassed but perhaps not as afraid as before. The dinosaur's eyes were now almost as big as his stomach.

"It... wasn't a dream. It really happened, huh? You were here... you heard everything I said, didn't you? I... I didn't mean to... I'm sorry if..."

Angel strode up to him with a new confidence inside her and came very close to him. She put her hand on his mouth to silence him and suddenly gave him a warm hug, to his surprise and delight. He was stunned and speechless but hugged her back, squishing her against his large belly. He couldn't belive this was happening. He didn't want it to end. Never. The first time to show his affection to his secret crush and maybe the last time to see her. Why had he waited so long for this?

The Zorus family smiled and felt pleased that their daughter had finally got some courage back. Only some of the younger male siblings made gagging noises and acted sick. Angel looked deeply into his eyes, put his hand on her wing, and said, "Takashi... I'll always remember you as the kind, brave, handsome and truest friend who liked me even when I was with someone else. I'll miss you. I won't forget you." She withdrew from him and softly kissed him (which is an interesting thing to see for two creature with very large noses).

Takashi smiled and blushed. "You either. I'm sorry we have to leave."

"We'll meet again soon. As long as I can fly, I promise that I'll find you if you don't find me."

The beaming yoshi turned around again to go back to his family, occassionally glancing back at her and the family. Angel sighed and smiled and then walked back to her family, picked up her blanket, and wrapped it around herself just so it would cover her wings and tail.

Disaster had come to the island and was still spreading like a weed. But maybe somewhere among the weeds a beautiful rose was about to open.

TO BE CONTINUED... (=(: )@)

Fact: I was going to call this episode "Super Pipe Panic" but decided not to. The name was just too much of a hint.
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