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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 10)
By Jacob Gibson

As Yoshi's life is on the line and time is running out, everyone is frantic to do something. With few options left, will the dinos take the ultimate risk? Thank you for reading and critiques!
Ep. 10: Cure for the Common Controversy

{Super Mario 64 “Boo’s Merry-go-round”}

Ah ha ha ha ha! Yoshi, you horrible beast! You thought about no one but yourself and believed only lies, and now look what you’ve done! Hoo hoo hoo! Even though you may never have got the chance to devour anyone, you still caused much damage and terror across the land! No one will ever trust you again and it’s all your fault for doing this! No one will forgive you! All will hate you! You deserve nothing short of death and that is just what you’ll get!! If you do not die, may you drown in guilt for the rest of your miserable life! Heh heh heh heh HAAAAAAAA!!

While he lay unconscious in the peaceful forest, Yoshi’s thoughts tormented him in his dreams. The voices that seemed so understanding, now hurled accusations at him from every direction. Traitor! Worthless! Fool! Criminal! Monster! Hopeless! Over and over he heard these things and at the same time he saw quick glimpses of his actions and the expressions on the people running away from him. This time he really didn’t have a way out, and no way to end this awful nightmare.

Outside of Yoshi’s mind, many yoshies gathered around him while doctors did some tests on him and tried to decide what needed to be done. Someone had already given him some medicine to keep him unconscious for awhile and now they were doing everything to try and understand how to make him return to normal. The doctors told the others to stay away from him and talked to themselves about the situation.

“Thank goodness that monster is finally out!” said an elderly female Yoshi. “He wrecked my home and almost squashed me while I was still inside!”

“Yep. Yoshi got what he had coming to him,” replied her friend. “When you mess with the population of Yoshi’s Island you get nailed big time! How did he go crashing into this area anyway?”

Hiroshi kept holding on to his tearful wife and tried to comfort her as long as he had to. “It’s alright, Watermellon. It’s alright. He’ll come out of this curse and be normal again. We won’t... give up. We’re going to... keep our promise to him.”

“I hope so,” said Sanya. “But if he does make it I... I’m just afraid... that... I won’t love him any more.”

All of a sudden a dark blue Yoshi came running up to the area as quick as a flash. When she saw the scene ahead of her, she ran even faster towards Yoshi.

“Ack! NOOOO!! Yoshe! Yoshe! Please don’t be dead! You’re one of my best friends!”

The girl ran towards the large black tied-up dinosaur and impulsively pushed the doctors aside to throw her arms around his large neck. “Oh oh oh! Yoshi! Please don’t die! I could never live with the thought that I was responsible for your death! And I would miss you so much! Please... get up...”

“Girl, please step back from the area,” said one of the doctors that gently pulled her away. “It’s not safe.”

“Koshi! My little baby!” Koshi’s mom ran up to her and hugged her. “I can’t... tell you how wonderful it is to see your face! Oh...”

“Mom... are you okay? What happened to you? What happened to my friend? Did he... hurt anyone?”

She started to tell her but was interrupted by a familiar voice from the distance. “Ah! There’s Yoshi! What happened to him?” It was Miyamoshi the mayor.

Jikondo spoke up first. “Yoshi had a little crash off the platforms of Plummeting Pit after he chased us across. But I know that he should be fine soon.”

“He chased you across?!?!?!” Miyamoshi looked as surprised as the yoshies did while they were jumping across the pit. “Why did you go there anyway?”

Jikondo looked embarrassed and started to tell him but someone from the group interrupted him. “A much better question is why are they even there? And why hasn’t anyone built another bridge across that area and taken down the platforms?”

Miyamoshi paused for a second and said, “So can someone please tell me why we’re letting Yoshi live after all of this?! We should have put him out of our misery by now, not try to help him! He’s nothing but a huge threat that—“

Sanya immediately looked up at him and gave the most angry face you could ever see. She let go of Hiroshi and began to charge towards him, but before she could go far, Hiroshi managed to grab her little green tail and prevent her from doing something she would really regret. However, she kept running in place while shouting at the top of her lungs.


Jikondo interrupted her. “Sanya! Miyamoshi! Please calm down! We are not going to kill the boy and neither are we going to insult each other again.” Sanya calmed down and Miyamoshi looked scared out of his mind. The determined gray Yoshi continued, “With all respect, Mayor, we have gone through far too much to make sure that he didn’t die while he chased us across the chasm, and to murder a good friend for a reason we don’t understand would be a horrible act to perform. I understand perfectly how everyone feels. I myself have—“

A stranger in the crowd yelled, “What makes you think for a second—“

“QUIET!!” shouted Jikondo. The air fell dead silent. He waited for a second and looked around at all of the tense dinosaurs, save the doctors who were still working. No one even moved an inch. “You can all accuse me of whatever you want but for now I will speak. As I was saying, I myself have spent much time with Yoshi and his family, and it’s very difficult for me to know what to think about this. I believe that Yoshi would never do something like this intentionally and that there must be more than we understand.

“We don’t know what made him transform into this and we don’t know what made him react like this. Perhaps the two things are connected together. No matter what it is though, I believe that we need to do everything we can before we let anyone die. As I have said before, we may need to end Yoshi’s life if necessary, but I do not ever want to take that option.” After hearing this, Yoshi’s parents and a few of his family members present looked sad but still nodded in agreement. Jikondo finished by saying, “Forgive me for being so extreme but when you know what I know and have seen what I have seen, it’s hard not to feel like this.”

Jikondo slowly walked over to Hiroshi and stood by his side. Hiroshi stared at his red boots and sighed. As he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by someone else.

“No!” came a voice from behind a tree. “I’m the one who should die!” Everyone turned their heads to the left and saw a pink Yoshi emerge from behind a few trees and step towards them. Victoshia. She appeared like she stood on the very edge of uncontainable weeping. “I... I... everything is my fault. I used to be Yoshi’s girlfriend but... I dumped him last night after the storm. All I cared about was how I felt about this and didn’t even think about how it would affect him. He was right about to snap and... I was the one to push him off the edge!! Uh-huh-huh!”

She coughed a few times and almost began to cry but covered her eyes. “I can never forget the last thing he said to me that night. ‘I don’t know if I can keep going on without you. I have been feeling so sad and depressed lately. You’re the only thing I’ve thought of since this happened and hoped that you would stay with me and encourage me through my pain. I don’t want to make you feel guilty, but please hold on with me just a little longer. You’ll give me hope and peace. I’ll give you love and keep you safe from life’s storms. Please.’ But then... I... LEFT HIM ANYWAY!!!” She fell on her face and watered the ground with her tears. Koshi bit her lip and a few tears wet her eyes. Hiroshi and Sanya watched her and looked sad but relieved at the same time. Some of the yoshies looked angry, but most of them appeared like they would cry too.

Angel suddenly came out from the area where Victoshia had been and ran towards her. “Vicky! It’s alright. We forgive you. I’m sorry what I said to you today when I got upset.” The golden yellow Yoshi stooped down and looked into her eyes. She whispered, “We forgive you, Vicky. Please don’t blame yourself.”

“I don’t deserve forgiveness. I deserve to be eaten by him. There’s no way that anyone could forgive me for killing the soul of a friend and nearly killing the lives of everyone here! No way. No way.”

One by one Yoshi’s family walked over to her and helped her stand to her feet. Some of the others came too and said they forgave her. However, Jikondo felt compelled to spoil the moment again. “That’s alright, girl, we do forgive you and it was not your fault alone. But please... we just can’t have any more of these interruptions while Yoshi’s life passes with the time!!” He looked straight at a doctor who he now stood by and demanded, “Sir, do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem yet?! What do you guys plan to do?!”

“W-w-w-we’re doing all we can, sir, but we just don’t understand how to deal with this problem. This kind of thing has never occurred before and if we did surgery we wouldn’t know what to look for.”

Jikondo suddenly lost his cool. “Are you joking?! How can you even call yourselves—?! I’m sorry... sorry. Are there any other doctors on the island who could solve this and find a remedy?”

Another doctor answered, “I doubt that, but we could try. It may be the only option left for us.”

Yoseph, who had been in the crowd for a few minutes and listening, said, “What about the humans? Do you think they could help him?”

His statement unleashed a reaction similar to a stun bomb going off. The majoriy of the people stared at him like he was worse than Yoshi. But Yoseph appeared totally serious. “I understand how we feel about them, but... but think about it. If they’re smart enough to supposedly build giant weapons for evil purposes, like the Koopas, couldn’t they also... perhaps... know how to do other things that are good? The only stuff we know about them is that old story, but is it fair to judge all of them by the actions of one? Even some of our enemies were friends until the turtle King forced them to join him! I say we should give them a chance!”

No one said anything for a second, but then they began to whisper to each other. Miyamoshi looked at the brown dinosaur and said, “In a way you do have a good point, son. However, the possibilities of the unfavorable events that could occur far outweigh the benefits. We just can’t take those kind of risks whenever we please.”

Yoseph growled but then calmed down. “What about you, Jikondo? What do you think?”

Jikondo shook his head. “You know... I’m afraid that I agree with the mayor. I want Yoshi to recover, yes, but I’m primarily concerned about the lives of this island. If there was a way you could take Yoshi off the island to the humans, then you would have no problems. But I don’t know how anyone could accomplish that or should even attempt to with our friend’s unusual problem.”

“No! We have to try! We need to find physicians to help him! In the legend, the yoshi was kidnapped during the night when he wasn’t expecting it. But during the day we can defend ourselves against anything with eggs and swords and other weapons so maybe—“

Once again, he couldn’t finish what he was saying when someone from the crowd cut his words short. “Yes, he’s right. We have to do it!” A white female Yoshi with black boots stepped out into the open. “I believe that I know the truth about the humans and that this story has gotten way too much attention.”

Yospeh couldn’t believe his ears. “Libby? You know things about the humans? How?”

Libby nodded. “Yes, I do. Because I have spent time with one!” Again, another stunned reaction. She continued, “I’m so fed up with listening to the rumors about these creatures and I think it’s about time someone burst your bubble. Yes, everyone talks about the story of the kidnapped yoshi who may have been the same giant one that supposedly came here. And yes I believe it. But what really ticks me off is how no ever wants to believe or even listen to my story!”

Someone began to argue but she didn’t let them get four words out. “Let those who have significant things to say, speak first! I know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard this story before and don’t want to hear it again. Or you don’t care. Well too bad because I’m telling it anyway!

“So... over ten years ago a female human, or a ‘woman’ as they are called, came to this island in a large sail boat along with the friendly mushroom people. I remember how everyone reacted at the site of her: scared, indifferent, or even hostile. But despite how you treated her she nevertheless stayed here for awhile anyway to roam around the island for a few days. Like she was looking for something very important.

“At first, I felt a little frightened of her as well but then my curiousity wouldn’t leave me at peace, so I dared to do the unthinkable and cautiously approached her to find out what she was and what she wanted to do. When I could see her clearly I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. A very tall creature with long arms and legs and had somewhat pink skin. Her face was so pretty, despite how strange it looked, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her emerald green eyes and golden-orange hair. Her facial features looked so small compared to ours but still very pretty.

“I attempted to speak to her but she spoke to me first... and it wasn’t before long that I realized I couldn’t understand a word she said! I felt embarrassed and discouraged but she was very nice to me and tried to communicate with me. We spent some time together, and I showed her around the place. When she finally prepared to leave the island, I made up my mind to go with her to the Mushroom Kingdom for a short time and said good-bye to my people. Of course you know I was a teen when I did this and not even dating yet! Ha ha!” Most of the Yoshies appeared bored, but some who had never heard the story yet had eyes nearly as big as their noses.

“Anyway... I went there with this creature and spent a lot of time with her at her home. Over time, she taught me many things she knew INCLUDING her own language, English!” She spoke a few words in English and to her pleasure everyone gasped. Libby smiled. “That’s actually only one of the many languages that the humans speak too! When I knew enough of her language then we could finally have a real conversation. I told her about my family and our wonderful island and taught her a little bit of Yoshish. Then she told me something that I couldn’t believe. She was an alien from another world!”

The crowd gasped again and talked among themselves. Libby didn’t give anyone a chance to butt in. “Wow, I still marvel at the reactions I get from a story I tell so often! Anyway, the human said she was here by mistake and was trying to go to a different world in order to quickly retrieve a small and insignificant item, but now she was trapped in this world and trying to find a way to escape to her own world. Then one day she said she was going to go exploring underground in the Mushroom Kingdom and didn’t know if she would ever return. She asked me not to follow her there and jumped down a pipe. That was the last time I saw her and I returned to this island. I hope she made it back but part of me wishes she could have stayed here too.”

The majority of the melancholic audience appeared to understand how she felt. Miyamoshi said, “I believe your story, Libby, and I agree that not all humans may be bad. However, this was only one out of many and a female at that. How do we know who we can trust?”

Sanya laughed a little bit. “Well, when was the last time we were attacked by one of them? The Koopas were the last ones to threaten us and we took care of them with no trouble. If it wasn’t for that huge stone castle and the iron doors I’m sure our militia could easily finish them off! I’m starting to agree with Libby now and I’M the one who lost my first husband to the human!” The moment she spoke these words, she covered her mouth and realized she had made a big mistake. Everyone, in complete shock, stared at her. Hiroshi swallowed. The rest of the Zorus family looked away. Sanya put her hand on the side of her head and tried to fix what she said.

“I... uh... that was just a joke. Heh heh! I was just trying to make a point there.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what the point is,” said Miyamoshi. “We’re not letting them come here and that’s the end of the story.”

Hiroshi grunted. “Sir, let’s just wait a second and think—“

The mayor interrupted again, “No! I don’t want to hear anything else about humans coming here because—“

“Just hear what I have to say! I’m Yoshi’s father and despite what my son did, I think he deserves another chance and should get the help he needs. I... I just have this feeling in my gut that they could have the answer to this situation. BUT! That alone is not the only reason I want to do this; I think that we could could actually accomplish this proposition safely.

“First of all, I could take a boat to the Mushroom Kingdom and find some humans that might know the practice of medicine, and who are willing to help and appear trustworthy. Second, we could have guards to keep an eye on the humans at all times in case they attempt to hurt us. If we do this we could finally discover the truth about the humans and if they’re really as terrible as we imagine.”

Miyamoshi quickly replied, “That would indeed be a good plan, but the big problem is that their weapons may be far more advanced than our pointy objects and flying eggs. Remember that huge weapon the one human used to kidnap the Yoshi? And even if you could bring them here with no trouble, what if they began to attack us when we weren’t looking? No matter what anyone says, it all boils down to the risks and we just can’t take those risks!”

Koshi suddenly spoke up. “Mayor, with all respect I think we should all just shut up and do it!” Her mother scolded her but she continued on. “Don’t we have enough reason to put some trust in them? A woo-man that’s kind to Libby. Guards for protection. Our huge lack of knowledge. The lack of attacks from them on this island for so long. Yoshi’s... sniff... huge problem. He needs this help!!"

“For one thing, I think that if we plan to live in complete ignorance for all of life, can we really say that we’re completely safe from harm? I believe that we’re only exposing ourselves to things that we’ll never see coming. Or maybe even depriving ourselves of something that could be a major turnaround. What if the humans could not only heal Yoshi, but also help us defeat the Koopas? What if they could teach us things that they know and we could do business with them? What if we could help them with their problems and allow peace to return to Mushroom World? The biggest risk to take in this situation would be not taking this risk! We need to learn the truth once and for all and as soon as possible! If Yoshi risked his life for us, why not do the same for him? Come on! Let’s do it right now!! He deserves to live, and we deserve to know!!”

To Koshi’s complete surprise, almost the entire crowd cheered in agreement with her and shouted things like “Yes!,” “Absolutely!,” and “We have to do this!” Koshi scanned the crowd of clapping dinosaurs and couldn’t believe her eyes. Her mother patted her on the shoulder. Koshi’s face beamed. But Miyamoshi still looked hesistant. When the clapping stopped he answered her.

“Koshi... you got me.” Now he had to wait for the crowd to stop cheering again. “Hold on a second! I know that the number of people here is only a small portion of this island, but... who here wants to let them come?” Many hands went up. “Who wants them to stay away and try to find another way to save Yoshi?” Very few hands went up. “And who thinks that I’m the most handsome Yoshi ever to live on this island?” No one but his wife raised their hand. “Ha ha! Just a joke. Anyway... I don’t want to have to tell this to the entire island and wait for their opinions, so just go and get them right now!”

More cheering, but the mayor held up a hand. “On two conditions! One, we do the things that Yoshi’s father said and do our best to protect ourselves if needed. Two, the very SECOND that they attempt to do anything they shouldn’t, they’ll go straight back home. I may never get reelected after this, but strangely... I don’t care.” He smiled his biggest smile. “Go now before I change my mind!”

So it was all settled then. Early the next day, Libby, Yoseph, Yoshi's parents, and several others packed up some supplies and then secretly boarded four large sail boats for the adventure. With plenty of time left in the day and a gathering of friends to wave them good-bye, the dinosaurs headed off northeast to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and face new adventures awaiting them.

{Yoshi’s Story “Ocean World Screen” as the boats travel}

In just a few hours of sailing the colorful ships were coming near to the shore of the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom. Libby noticed this right away and so she gave the signal to a group of friendly whiet birds called goonies that they could scout the land and let them know if they found any humans. It was great to have friends who could fly and weren’t on the enemy’s side.

One hour later the ships landed safely on the south-western shore of the Mushroom Kingdom. They moved in as close as they could and lined up their boats side-by-side but with enough room apart. Everyone seemed happy to be there.

“So... yay, we’re here!” said Koshi while someone threw down the anchor. “Now what?”

Libby helped lower a row boat off the ship, as did the members of the other ships. “Well, we should probably wait on shore for our feathered friends’ return. One group will be swooping around the land as we go to let us know what’s up ahead. A second group is searching for any humans or mushroom people and if they find anything they should come back and let us know. The first group of goonies can see the second group in case we get lost.”

“Sounds perfect,” said Hiroshi. “But I just hope that no one tries to hurt them or if they get confused with any other goonies.”

“Hey, Sweetie?” asked Sanya beside him, “Do you think that Jikondo can handle watching Yoshi?”

He laughed. “I’m surprised you would say that after what he did to protect him on the rails. He’ll be fine.”

“I know, but... I kind of wish I had stayed behind now. Just to be with my son and see how he is. Do you think that maybe—“

“No, sorry,” said Libby with a sigh. “I understand completely how you feel but we just can’t do that. We don’t know how many people, if any, will come back with us so we need to be ready with all of the boats. But I think he’ll be fine. If I know Jikondo, he’ll stay up all night to make sure that no one tries anything they shouldn’t.”

On another boat, Yoseph helped his family and other passengers to carry supplies to the row boat. “So, this is pretty exciting, huh? I’ve never been to this place before and I want to see the aliens up close!”

His father took a box from him and placed it in the boat. “Yep, I’m excited too. You did a great job of speaking out without being afraid.”

“Well... heh... thanks. The others did a better job than I did but... so how come none of the yoshies ever go exploring to new worlds? We trade supplies with other creatuers in other lands but we don’t really seem to get off the island very often.”

Yoseph’s older brother answered, “Yeah, we don’t get off the island like we used to! Ha ha! Don’t ask me what happened but it seems like ever since the so-called human monster showed up, hundreds of giant monsters have come out of no where and attacked the whole planet. Especially that crazy King Koopa who popped out of thick air! I can’t help but wonder if he’s our biggest problem. I think he’s gathering more of these monsters and even peaceful creatures to help in his terrible plans!”

Yoseph’s mother added, “That’s true. Before that we did do a lot of exploring but now we have to worry about protecting our island from these new enemies. If only we could improve our technology fast enough to have the proper defenses then things might be different. But somehow the Koopas really jumped ahead of the others. But I bet Yoshi could be the answer to that if he’s capable. Oh, is that the last one?”

“Yep,” said the ship captain, “We’re all ready to row!”

Soon the other ships were prepared and the passengers hopped into their row boats and paddled to shore. Now they all felt glad to be here but no one had a clue where they were. A long sandy beach went as far as you could see to the left and right. Beyond that and to the north a large open field crept into a thick forest. On the left side, more wide open space followed the shore to the left. On the right, a very rocky shore that also went beside the forest.

No one knew where to go but they waited a little while and a few moments saw the goonies coming. However, after Libby talked to them she realized that this was the scouting team so everyone had to walk until they could hear back from the search team. The goonies suggested that they take the beach to the right because the rocky shore didn’t go for too long and was much better as you went.

They traveled for what seemed like hours through forests, fields, and plenty of large grassy hills. Everyone walked towards the middle of the land while the goonies traveled ahead of them, and then when they flew back, they told the yoshies about the upcoming landscape and suggested which way to go. This was very helpful but what everyone really wanted to see was the first group of goonies that was searching for the humans. After seeing no creatures or buildings for so long, it was hard not to look up in the sky every once in a while and worry that this was the wrong place.

As the search went on, things began to get a little better. Some of them found hidden treasures on the ground or floating in the air, like Yoseph who found a bunch of gold coins that the mushroom people use, and snagged a few by shooting an egg at them. It got even better when the dinos discovered a bunch of floating platforms that they could use to jump across and travel faster. Aside from the stepping stone clouds, these platforms were much different from those on Yoshi’s Island: most of them were red steel girders that moved forwards and backwards or dropped down quickly, and some were wooden platforms that kept moving in one direction.

Finally, the first group of goonies flew overhead and quickly swooped down towards the excited Yoshies. Since they all stood on a cloud, the white birds landed there and immediately told them the news.

“You’re sll back!” cheered Libby. “Did you find them?”

The leader quickly said, “Yes we did! Wow! We couldn’t believe our eyes! I’d tell you all about it but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Unfortunately you’re going to have some trouble getting there, but we can help. Some of you can ride on our backs if you want and we’ll carry you to the place while the others walk below. Ah... better idea! If all of us together can make a big formation, and let you jump across like stepping stones. The only thing you have to worry about is jumping and fluttering long enough so that everyone has room while we keep moving ahead of each other. Plus we can go by clouds for extra room. Sound good?”

“Yeah!” everyone agreed (thanks to the fact that there no elderly or physically disabled yoshies had come on this expedition). The large birds did just what they said and helped the skillful dinosaurs travel to the humans. A goonie from the second group said, “Why didn’t we think of that sooner?! Oh brother.”

"I felt like walking anyway," answered Koshi. "Hang on, Yoshi. We're going to get help!"


Well, that's all I wrote for this episode. I felt like jumping ahead to work on later chapters and come back to this later, but I never did. My plan was to possibly write another episode about the yoshies meeting the humans and mushroom people and convincing some of them to return to the island. Though that might not have taken another whole episode to cover, I always find a way to write more than I planned. ^_^ Stay tuned and thanks for reading. It gets more exciting (and a "new" yet familiar face joins the story!)
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