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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 9)
By Jacob Gibson

Another episode that's another one of my favorites for some reason. All I will say is hold onto your boots! Sorry there's another cliff hanger. Critiques are always appreciated.

A new day had arrived. The sun looked over the golden coast and greeted the world with its glorious light. The storm’s fury had passed and nature began to return to her calm and sweet joy. All seemed well. Then... the creature awoke.

After the night had passed and the sun had risen, a strange beast had come to the island and was lying on the shore in the same spot where Yoshi used to be. The creature looked just like Yoshi did—the same size and shape—but it had black skin with sharp purple zig-zags like lightning around his body. Despite what you might think, it wasn’t Yoshi.

The creature moved around. It felt the awful sunshine burning its skin and then slowly opened its dark, ferocious eyes. Morning, it thought. Time to get something to eat. That little snack yesterday didn’t stay with me for long. Need more food. Have to eat something.

It stood to its feet and stretched, suddenly shutting its eyes and growling like it was in pain. My head is burning. And this sand is itchy. What is that sound? Are those stupid animals making more noise? I wonder how they would taste right now.

The creature noticed a green dinosaur walking towards him. It looked familiar but somehow it couldn’t recognize the thing. However, the dinosaur seemed to recognize him. “Good morning, son. How are you doing? Do you want to talk about anything that happened last night? Or do you want to eat breakfast first? We have some tasty bananas now!”

It didn’t reply. It simply looked at her for a second and snarled through his teeth. Then it muttered in a very sluggish voice, “Breakfast. Going to find my own. I don’t need anything from you. Don’t talk to me now.”

The dark monster turned and took a few big, slow steps forwards to go to the jungle to find his own food. If the green dinosaur hadn’t stepped to the side in time, she might have become a dino pancake. The dinosaur gasped and stared at the creature that had almost done away with her. “Agh! Yoshi, what’s going on with you? And what happened to your eyes? Just stop for a second so we can talk. I really think that—“

The creature didn’t hear anything else. It kept walking and when it approached a tree with apples, it immediately slurped up most of it and then went to other fruit trees. Somehow none of the fruit seemed to satisfy his huge appetite.

“Hey, Yoshter! Good morning!” said an elderly male yoshi that was working in the jungle. “Thanks again for everything last night. That was pretty scary, huh? But we did it! Is there anything I can do for ya, kid?”

“No. I’m eating now, thank you. Go away.”

“Wha? Uh... okay then. I’ll be seeing you... I guess. What’s wrong with the big fella today?”

{Super Mario RPG “Trouble in Town”}

That was a very good question. What was this creature and why was it acting like this? Perhaps it was because the creature, which you probably know by now, was actually Yoshi. It seemed like whatever had happened to him last night or during his sleep, carried itself to the next day and was doing something strange to him.

Yoshi went on like this for awhile and continued eating food and snapping at people who greeted him. No one could understand what was wrong. Did the storm do something to effect his brain? Did he just get up on the wrong side of the "bed"? Everyone that saw him felt very uncomfortable around him.

Yoshi kept moving at a slow pace but now he wasn’t eating anymore. Just walking and giving no attention to anyone else. He felt full from all the fruit, but for some reason it didn’t satisfy him and he wanted to keep eating. But he didn’t know what. And he was so busy thinking about this that he couldn’t notice his dad running after him and shouting his name. “Have to find... something for breakfast.”

“Yoshi! Hey, son! Down here! Yoshi! Yooooooshiiiiiiii!! Ugh. PLEASE STOP FOR A SECOND SO WE CAN TALK!! Now don’t ignore me, Yoshi Orange Zorus!”

“Don’t talk to me now. Going... to find... some breakfast.”

“What? Aren’t you stuffed by now? Yoshi, for the last time!! Oh forget it.”

Hiroshi left and Yoshi kept going but it didn’t appear he would stop any time soon. More and more people saw him and couldn’t believe how he was acting. Probably one of the most shocked people was Victoshia, who while walking through the jungle, happened to see him suddenly appear and she almost yelled in surprise. But a few mintures later, it was Koshi who got one of the most uncomfortable surprise of anyone.

As soon as she spotted the marching zombie, Koshi decided to run up and talk to him. “Hey Yoshi! Good morning!” said the cheerful dark blue dinosaur. Yoshi finally stopped and listened to her. “Nice colors today. I liked the shades of blue a little better but... uh... so, what did you have for breakfast? Man, that was a dumb question. I mean... uh... what’s new? Any plans for today? Oh yeah... and I’m sorry if I embarrassed you at the dance a few days ago. If you want I’ll promise to never—“

Yoshi slowly moved his head down level with her and eyed her for a few seconds. Then he did one of the most repulsive and horrifying things ever. He grinned at her with a very unusuale expression on his face; wide open eyes and all of his sharp teeth exposed. Then from out of his mouth poured a large stream of sticky drool to the ground right in front of the girl’s pink boots. Koshi couldn’t believe her eyes and thought she would throw up. What in the world was he doing and why?

“Yucky!” She stepped back and covered her mouth with both hands. “Yoshi! That is just SICK, man! Why are you acting like this anyway? You gotta tell me! Otherwise, just keep your slobber in your mouth and don’t—“

Yoshi snorted and sent out a gust of hot, smelly air out from his nostrils that hit Koshi’s face and made her cough and gag. Yoshi moved his face closer towards her. “Mmmmmmm... eh heh heh.” Koshi decided to stop trying and took off like a bullet bill to find someplace less disgusting.

He watched her leave and thought about following her, but instead turned around and continued on his never-ending path. This time, though, he finally began to look at the other dinosaurs when they spoke to him, but the same way he he did with Koshi. And now, the voices were coming back and louder than ever.

“Huh... huh... huh... where is he?” Koshi ran through the jungle and looked at everyone she saw. “Gotta... find that guy and... know what’s going on... with Mr. Drool. Ah! Yoseph! Hey!”

“Wha? Koshi?” The brown dinosaur stopped to turn around and faced her. “What do you... want with me?”

“I don’t have time for the pity game right now, Yoseph. Tell me what’s wrong with him right now!”

“Pity game?” Yoseph blushed. He started to defend himself but dropped it when he saw how worried his classmate appeared. “Uh... what did Yoshi do now?”

“Yoseph... forgive me for asking this but... do you know if Yoshi might... uh... have a problem with... staring at girls?”

Yoseph raised an eye and then blushed again. “I really wouldn’t know, sorry. Did you see him doing this somewhere?”

“Yes, he did it to me! Guh-huh!” Koshi gagged and Yoseph gulped. She continued, “It was just so GROSS! I was chatting with him and all of a sudden he came real close to me, opened his mouth and then... blehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” She opened her mouth and tried to copy what Yoshi did by staring at Yoseph and making her tongue hang out. “Except he didn’t have his tongue out but you get the idea!”
“Uh... yeah.” The chocolate brown dino bit his lip and looked away. “Oh... now I understand.”

“Ya do?! Why did he do that?”

“Yeah. Well, I mean I know what you’re talking about but I don’t know why he’s doing that."

Koshi put her finger to her chin and thought. Then she mused, “Maybe... he got a rare type of disease that makes you drool uncontrollably at the site of pretty blue yoshies?”

Yoseph unintentionally stared at her with with a weird look. When Koshi noticed sge shook her head and said, “Uh... I didn’t just say that!! Ack!”

Yoseph smiled a little. Then he remembered something. "Actually I also saw him this morning he gave me that same look and also made me feel pretty sick inside.”

Koshi’s eyes were now wide open. “What?! You too?! But then... that doesn't make any sense! What the Koopa is going on?"

Suddenly a soft voice came from behind Yoseph. “What’s wrong, Koshi? What are you two talking about?” It was one of Koshi’s girl friends from school, a dark red yoshi. Once Koshi told her the strange situation, she looked up thoughtfully.

"That is really odd and gross. I haven't seen him yet today but now I don't know if I want to."

Koshi frowned. “Yeah. Oh why?! Why did my good buddy have to become like this? I was hoping that if there was ever a way I could maybe... go out with him some day!”

Yoseph rolled his eyes. “Don’t jump to conclusions yet. It may not be what you think, Koshe.” Then he thought for a few seconds. “There must be something to this. Why would he start acting like this today? And why not before?”

“Maybe... the aftermath of the storm caused him so much grief that it affected his mind,” suggested Koshi’s friend. Yoseph nodded and thought about that.

Yoseph was about to give another idea when he was interrupted by a loud roar in the distance. Birds flew out of trees, small creatures ran for shelter, and several Yoshies also went running. The three friends looked at each other and said the exact same thing. “That was Yoshi!” Yoseph and Koshi’s friend ran in the same direction as the others. Koshi ran towards the sound to try and help Yoshi.

Yoshi stood on top of a small hill near the center of the island and roared a second time. He bared his teeth and spilled more drool from his quivering lips. No one remained in that area to see what he was about to do, yet he could still hear someone talking to him.

Go now! Don’t let a single one of them escape! Let everyone suffer no less than they have made you! Especially that terrible fiend Victoshia! Do it NOW!!! Kill them!... Kill them!... Kill them!... EAT THEM!

{Super Mario RPG “Smithy Fight 2” remix}

“GRAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” Yoshi threw his head back and roared so loud that the entire island felt like it was shaking. Now everyone who heard the roar, yoshies and other creatures alike, went running for their lives and were completely scared out of their wits, fearing that Yoshi was about to do something unspeakable. Everyone ran as fast as they could, however, the elderly Yoshies couldn’t move as fast and had trouble keeping up with the others. Even with help from friends and family, who some of them placed them on stretchers or carts so they could transport them faster.

Yoshi’s parents wanted to go and find out what was wrong, but they also knew from others that he had been acting very strange and it wasn’t safe at all. Hiroshi held his arm around his crying wife and they followed the fleeing Yoshies to a large cave in the side of the hill leading down into the underground caverns. How long they had to stay in there, no one knew. How long they could survive in there, no one wanted to think about.

While everyone rushed forwards, the sound of stomping feet came from behind them. The gray yoshi Jikondo turned his head around and saw the second most terrifying thing in his life: Yoshi was running after them, and trying to eat them. Every once in a while he would open his mouth and shoot out his long pink tongue and try to gobble up anyone he could. So far he had not managed to get anyone but had got very close. The scared dinos barely avoided him by covering themselves inside of eggs and rolling to get away faster (the egg roll move) and spreading out. Jikondo also screamed and kept running to a cave that they were nearing. But something stopped him; it was Koshi’s voice.

“Yoshi!” yelled Koshi, who now stood at the back of the crowd. She stood in one place and and faced Yoshi with her arms out. “Don’t do it, Yoshi! I... I love you!!”

Immediately Jikondo broke out of his egg and went running at her. “No Koshi! Don’t!!”

Very few dared to see who was saying this, except for Jikondo who immediately ran towards her. He thought for sure that she wouldn’t make it, but Yoshi’s feet stopped his feet and looked at her for a second like he actually understood what she said to him. Koshi closed her eyes and waited for him to do something. But the only thing he did was roar at her and lash out again to swallow her whole. The next thing she felt... was two hands grab her and carry her away.

“Huh? Jikondo?” Koshi opened her eyes and saw him carrying her and Yoshi running after them. “It didn’t work?”

“Yes it’s me and no it didn’t work!” He set her down and she ran beside him.

“Uh... thanks for saving me.”

Jikondo looked mad and scared. “Koshi, what on the island were you THINKING back there?!?! I was afraid you were done for!”

She frowned and turned her eyes away. “I’m sorry, Jo. It’s just... that always works in the books I read!”

He didn’t answer her but grabbed her arm and then leapt into the cave. Yoshi was right behind them and when they jumped into the hole, he shot his tongue inside to get them, but they were too far in and he couldn’t fit inside. The two dinos had avoided death by mere inches. Yoshi gave up and ran off to find food that was easier to catch.

“Ah... okay!” said Jikondo, looking at all the startled faces before him. “I’m glad to see you all here. Did we lose anyone?”

“No!” someone replied, “Our families are safe. But there may still be others outside, or those who don’t know about this problem.”

“We’re not going to make it!” shouted one. “We’ll die out there and we’ll die in here!”

“What is happening to us?” cried another. “Why didn’t we get rid of that monster before he started this?”

“Don’t blame my brother!” yelled a girl near the back. “This is all your fault, Victoshia! If you didn’t leave him because you thought he was big and ugly, we might not have this life-threatening problem!”

“What?! How dare you say that!” Victoshia replied. “You’re the one who suggested I should tell him and I did. How can you put all the blame on me for this?!”

“Would it have hurt for you to wait until AFTER Yoshi regained his sanity before you destroyed whatever hope he had left in life?! Nice timing there, Miss Dino Heart Breaker!”

“I didn’t want the hold the truth from him any longer!! I felt terrible about it, okay? How can you talk to me like that when you’ve never even kept a boyfriend for a few months?”

Jikondo couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “HEY! QUIET!!” Everything became dead silent except for the sound of dripping water. Jikondo spoke quickly and loudly. “No one blame anyone for this, alright! We don’t know 100% what happened to our friend so forget and forgive. This is not the time for pointing fingers, but the time for reaching out our hands. People may still be out there and they need help. So I’m going back out there to do my best to save them!”

This caused a very mixed reaction. Many of the Yoshies cheered but just as many begged him not to do it. But Jikondo wouldn’t budge. He replied quicly, “I appreciate your concern, but I have to do this. I let Yoshi become my personal student so he’s partly my responsibility. The longer you hold me back here, the greater the chance of people losing their lives. I’m going now and I will not think twice. I love you, family, but now that I know you are safe, I must do the same for everyone else. If the salvation of one means the death of myself... then my life was not a waste. Good-bye, friends, and stay alive for me!”

Jikondo rushed to the door and tried not to hear to the cries of everyone behind him. But he did hear something that made him listen. The voices of many people coming with him to do the same, including Yoshi’s parents and some of his brothers and sisters.

“We’ll help you, Jikondo!”

“No!” He stopped and turned around. “Do not come with me!”

“But you can’t do this by yourself!” said one. “We’ll help you!”

“For the last time! I said— nevermind. You may come with me, but only those who have permission from their families and are prepared to die. And only if you will do your best to stop Yoshi without killing him or even injuring him. That’s a last resort and one that I don’t want to take but it would be better than the death of many. Okay... let’s do it and save our land!”

Several yoshies broke out of the cave into the light and followed Jikondo where he was going. The hungry Yoshi monster was gone but his tracks remained on the ground to point out where he was. However, Jikondo ignored them and went another direction.

“Where are you going, Jikondo?” asked Hiroshi. “This isn’t the right way.”

“I know,” said Jikondo. “But do you really want to fight something that big without any ammo? We have to get ‘egged up’ first!”

Everyone understood and didn’t ask any more questions. Soon they arrived at a small clearing in the jungle. It had no trees, rocks, flowers, or anything except grass on the ground and a white block with green polka dots floating in mid-air. While the others waited for him, Jikondo ran up underneath the block and the polka dots changed from green to gray to match his color. He jumped up and punched the block several times and white eggs with gray polka-dots fell out to his grasp. Then he left the area and let everyone else quickly gather matching eggs.

When everyone had as much as they could, Jikondo led them away to another area and they followed him while their own eggs followed behind the Yoshies (a mystery that still none today can understand). He came to a small enclosed hut where he grabbed some small supplies and stuffed them into a crate. Finally they departed and prepared to enter the battle!

The group ran back to the footprints and followed them, while listening for the sound of Yoshi’s wild stomping and roaring. During the way there, Jikondo told them what he wanted them to do and everyone agreed with him. Then they finally found Yoshi in a wide open field, facing to the left, and chasing around more terrified egg-rolling Yoshies. They also saw something hopeful too. Many of the island yoshi militia running around Yoshi’s feet and firing green feathers out of blow guns and into his skin. These feathers had pointy ends with a special kind of liquid on the end that worked like tranquilizer, so they were basically tranquilizer darts. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to be having much affect on him and he didn’t look any bit tired yet.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Hiroshi. “How can they not be doing anything at all?”

“How many darts will it take to bring him down?” asked someone else.

Jikondo’s eyes narrowed and he calmly replied, “Either his mutation is too strong for this or his anger is so hot that almost nothing can cool it down. We need to take him down now and stop him before he can cause harm anyone else. Does everyone know their jobs?”

“Yes!” everyone replied.

Jikondo smiled and shouted “Then here we go!”

The band of colorful dinos charged at Yoshi and when they got close enough (which wasn’t too close) they hurled eggs at his side and face. Yoshi hardly paid any attention to the tiny projectiles and continued his hungry pursuit. Jikondo climbed up a nearby tree and then jumped and hovered across more trees to get closer to Yoshi, who had his back turned away. Soon he got close enough and was able to lign up a shot and hurled an egg at the back of his head. Yoshi felt the egg and noticed this time, and he stopped to growl and faced Jikondo with eyes of rage.

“Forgive me for this, Yoshi, but I won’t allow you to devour our kind and our friends no matter how you feel. Hyah!” He threw another one between Yoshi’s eyes. That one caused him to become more angry and he dashed towards the tree and try to slurp him off. The graceful gray dinosaur jumped to the left tree to avoid the giant tongue, threw a third egg, and then jumped back to the other tree, like a frantic cranival game. While he did this, the other yoshies of his group quickly ran up to Yoshi’s feet, jumped on, and pounded them several times before running off. Yoshi roared in pain.

“Yoshi!” yelled his father Hiroshi. “Can you hear us? Stop this now before we have to hurt you more!”

“Please, son!” said his mother Sanya. “We promised to help you and we still will even now! Listen to us.”

Jikondo remembered what Koshi had tried to do and thought about bringing this up, but then decided to let them keep trying anyway.

The next thing they did was remove a large thick rope from the crate and wrap it around his ankles to try and make him trip. But the terrible black dinosaur also noticed this and moved his feet away to break through. Not the best thing that could happen.

“Why don’t we just cut off his tongue or something?” someone asked. But when they looked over at Yoshi’s parents and saw the look on their faces, they didn’t say anything else.

“Can we wrap the rope around his mouth?” another asked.

“No,” answered Jikondo who was still tree-hopping and staying alive. “The rope isn’t big enough and that would be too difficult. What else can we do now?”

Jikondo was about to answer that but couldn’t when to their complete surprise Yoshi came closer to Jikondo and actually chomped the top of the tree, uprooted it, and then chewed it up and swallowed. There would have been no reason to really care about this much except that...

“Oh no!” yelled out a dark green Yoshi girl. “He just ate a fire mellon tree! Run! Run! Run for your liiiiiiives!!!”

No one even stopped to think if the girl was right but immediately dashed into the small open forest, and soon bursts of red fire shot out at them from Yoshi’s mouth. The yoshies split up, and the Yoshisaurus Dragon followed them into the trees while spitting out hot blasts of fire. It seemed like almost every tree in his path was either toppled or torched or both. All of them wanted to egg roll and escape faster, but it was impossible to see where you were going inside of the eggs (my own theory) and bumping into trees would only slow you down. Many of them were starting to seriously freak out and decided to split up from the main group and go to the left or right. Jikondo and four other yoshies kept running forwards in, although they kept their distance from each other.

“Hey, leader,” shouted Sanya, “We should change direction too!”

“Yeah,” said Boshi’s father, “Sounds good to me too!” A blast of fire almost hit him. “Woah! That was close!”

“Do not leave yet!” ordered Jikondo. “The others can go but we need to make sure that Yoshi follows some of us to the right area! I know where we’re going! If we can lead Yoshi here then I’m almost positive we can finally... oh Koopa! NOOO!!”

“What is it?” asked Hiroshi. Then he saw it too. “Yaaaaaaaagh!! Please not here!!”

“Are you really SURE this is the right place?!” asked Koshi’s mom.

The forest they had been running through was soon leaving behind them and the path ahead began to abruptly narrow into the edge of a long cliff. The rectangular cliff suspended dangerously over a huge bottomless pit that stretched as far as you could see, dropped down farther than you could see, and looked as dark as a starless night. The only things to keep one from falling into the abyss were several different floating platforms scattered around the area like a tricky obstacle course. This was Plummeting Pit and only one of many strange yet terrible dangers that existed in the Mushroom world.

{Super Mario 64 "Devastation's Doorway" OC remix by Audix}

“I don’t believe this!” Jikondo gasped. “I thought this forest was the right one!” Then he quickly and loudly proclaimed, “But never mind! I want everyone to decide for themselves what to do right now: turn back and try to escape, or push forwards and try to live!”

Boshi’s father looked back and then forwards again. “Well, he ran out of fire breath just now so I’m gonna go distract him and then go for it!” He stopped, turned around, and shot the rest of the eggs at Yoshi's face, but once again they had little to no affect. Not even the ones that exploded. The giant dark monster was still coming straight for him and looking hungrier than ever. “Just forget it! Wait for me! Yah!”

The five courageous yoshies ran to the edge of the cliff and took a giant leap off the edeg. A short distance away, they landed on some large brown floating platforms that were shaped like sideways donuts with flat tops. These platforms were donut lifts and there had to be at least 100 of these platforms sticking close together in a rectangle and all perfectly level to each other. However, if you were to stand on one of them for more than a couple seconds, they would drop out of the sky and take you with them.

Everyone kept their distance away from each other again and Yoshi followed them onto the dangerous lifts, which managed to hold him just as long as the other lighter dinos. They kept moving ahead, but eventually the field of these platforms came to an end, and in front of it a new course of different kinds of platforms that filled up the area. There were platforms that stayed in one place in the air, platforms that moved up and down and side to side, platforms that disappeared after you jumped on them too much, and, most of all, platforms that ran on rails that looked like white dotted lines (and were as solid as the air around it). Some of them moved by themselves, some when you jumped on them, and each one moved at a certain speed depending on the color. Hundreds of shiny coins also floated around the area, but no one even cared about them right now with this situation at hand.

“Oh no!” said Koshi’s mom. “Where to now?! I don’t want to go any further!”

“No choice!” said Jikondo as he studied the perilous platforms awaiting them. “Everyone choose their own platforms and try to escape! But try not to let Yoshi die either!”

“Our son will never make it across!” said Sanya as she and Hiroshi boarded a vertical moving platform. “He’s too blinded by his anger to concentrate on getting to the other side!”

“Help him too? Are you kidding me?!” asked Boshi’s dad in shock, as he jumped on a yellow platform that moved on a rail. “We not only have to try and survive but also help him survive while he tries to eat us?! Are you insane, Jo?!”

Jikondo skillfully leapt up some hovering platforms that were positioned like vertical stepping stones. “I know! This situation is very bad. I feel the same way but we have to do our best. It’s my fault for bringing us out here, but we still need to try and keep him alive. Don’t kill him unless we have to in order save someone else’s life.”

“Ah! He’s coming for us right now!” yelled Hiroshi.

The others looked back and saw that he was right. Yoshi had just boarded a large checked platform that ran on a thin black wire (and wasn’t dotted like the other wires) and it was moving slowly towards the giant structure. The yoshies jumped off their platforms, ran across some clouds, and found some red rail platforms that would move faster than the yellow and green ones. But they soon realized that it didn’t even matter how fast the platforms moved, because the rails were set up in this area so that they climbed and twisted around each other like a big tangle of string, and consequently sent all of the platforms very close to each other. It would be awhile before they left the area and moved towards land.

Yoshi patiently stayed on his platform, watching each of them on their rides, and he grinned when he saw that his meals were coming right back to him again soon, but everyone else began to panic. Hiroshi and Sanya were the first to start moving back towards him, and before they knew it they were traveling right past Yoshi’s head. He lashed out his tongue at them and they immediately leapt off to another rail platform to their left away from him. Then Jikondo’s rail also took his platform over Yoshi’s head and leapt off too and hovered to a patch of clouds to find more safe areas.

One after the other, the five Yoshies traveled around Yoshi and had to dodge his striking tongue and vicious teeth. But this terrible situation became even worse when Jikondo, while still running across clouds, noticed something that no one else had seen. Yoshi’s rail was going to end soon and the platform would be falling off and take him to his doom. The only way to stop this from happening was to hit a floating box that would switch the railing to a second set of railing that continued on its path of safety. Jikondo stood by an Egg Plant (a flower that spit out an infinite supply of eggs) to get some eggs, and as fast as he could fired one at the block. It changed from a blue block to saying Off to a red block that said On. The railing switched just in time, Yoshi’s platform followed it, and Jikondo sighed in relief.

This dreadful process continued on for what seemed like forever. The rail platforms traveled to the other side of the bottomless pit while twisting and looping around Yoshi who kept trying to eat them. More than once, there were some very close calls: dinosaurs almost slipped off, Hiroshi fell on Yoshi’s head and almost got eaten, and more than once Yoshi bumped the rail switch boxes and Jikondo had to hit them again to switch them back. But finally... it was about to end.

“Yes!” said Sanya. “I see land up ahead! It’s about to end!”

“About time!” said Koshi’s mom. “I’m so whooped and scared that it’s not even funny!”

Jikondo rolled his eyes. “You should talk! If you had any idea what I’ve been doing while you guys have been hopping about, then—“

“Hold on,” interrupted Hiroshi. “It may be just my imagination but are our rides moving farther apart?”

“I think they are,” replied Sanya who was still on the same platform as her husband. “But that shouldn’t be a problem. The rails are evenly lined up and spaced out in the same distance. We can switch at any time.”

“And look how far back Yoshi is!” said Boshi’s dad. “We should be able to make it there easy!”

He was right and Yoshi was currently very far behind them, although Jikondo still watched for the deadly rail junctions. And all of the rails were indeed moving farther apart now so that they created a “tunnel” around Yoshi's rail and his platform that split through the center. Jikondo was on the top left rail, Hiroshi and Sanya were on the top right rail, Boshi’s father on the bottom left, Koshi’s mom on the bottom right and everyone had a yellow platform that moved at a medium speed. Land was approaching and salvation looked very near.

“Come on! Come on, baby!” shouted Koshi’s mom. “Bring us home already!”

“These yellow platforms are way too slow!” complained Boshi’s father while he looked back at the other speedy rides. “Is there nothing else to get?”

Jikondo didn’t answer them and was frankly getting quite sick of their grumbling when their lives were still at stake. But he saw something that made him speak up. “Hey... what is Yoshi doing? He’s... jumping off?! Wait... AAAAAGGH!! WE’RE IN HUGE TROUBLE NOW!!”

Everyone else turned to see what was going on and then screamed too. Yoshi had finally abandoned his big platform and boarded two fast-moving red platforms that were side by side, with one foot on each one. Now he was zooming down the center on two rails and pulling ahead towards them at an alarming rate. At the speed the others were going and the lack of anything else to jump to, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

“He’s coming too close!!!” screamed Koshi’s mom. “This is the end of us!!!”

“We’re all going to die! What have you done to us, Jo?!” yelled Boshi’s father.

Jikondo simply said, “If anyone has any eggs left, throw them at Yoshi’s eyes right now!” They listened to him and unloaded the rest of their eggs at his face to try and make him not be able to see. Yoshi reacted quickly and opened his mouth to block them from doing so. No one had anything left to do, and Yoshi was almost in tongue’s reach.

Sanya and Hiroshi closed their eyes and prayed together. Boshi’s father thought about how much it would hurt to be eaten alive, and that he would never see his family again. Koshi’s mom thought about her family too and cried that she would never see her wonderful children again. Jikondo kept his eyes on Yoshi and thought, “Well, son, I guess that I made a big mistake with trying to help you through all of this. The second that you get too close to us, I’m going to jump on your head and do everything I can to send you down this pit before you can do anything else. Forgive me, Yoshi. I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop this from happening to you.”

Just as Yoshi flew towards them and Jikondo got ready to attack, the rails suddenly moved up diagonally at the same time and came to an abrupt end. All of the platforms ramped off and sailed through the air while going underneath a line of golden coins. Yoshi stuck out his tongue and tried to eat Sanya, but thanks to the ground coming ahead of them soon, the five survivors could leap off their platforms away from him and flutter through the air (they can kick their legs to float down slower) and let him land in the forest. However, something unusual occurred and for some reason Yoshi closed his eyes and looked irirated, like he couldn’t see anything. The last thing they saw Yoshi do was crash into the forest, slamming into several trees and knocking them over. He now laid on the ground motionless.

“No! Son!” yelled Sanya and Hiroshi as they fluttered to the ground. They ran up to him and checked to see if he was alive. The others soon arrived and ran up to him as well. They felt his pulse and... yes, he was still alive. Jikondo immediately told the others what to do and they ran away to do them. Boshi’s father left and came back with some rope, which they used to tie up Yoshi’s legs, chest, and around his mouth, and then drove the ends of the ropes into the ground with stakes and covered them with large stones. Soon after that Koshi’s mom came back with the medical yoshies that sprinted to the area and checked on him.

Sanya looked at the face of her son and felt tears in her eyes. “Yoshi... Why did you do this?! What caused you to act this way?! We did everything we could for you! And it wasn’t enough! YOOOOOOOOSHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! Uh huh huh huh huh huh!!”

Hiroshi put his strong pink arms around her again and let her rest her face in his chest. “He’ll... sniff... make it through... my love. The gods will forgive him... and let our boy come back. I... just know it.”

Yoshi had listened to the voice of darkness, and darkness had taken over his mind. The future of Yoshi and the safety of Yoshi’s Island now hung on a thread. Whether or not he would receive a second chance at life, no one knew. But no one would give up hope.

{Yoshi’s Island “Game Over”} To Be Continued...
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