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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 2)
By Jacob Gibson

What just happened to our main character? How will everyone react? Will he ever find out how it happened? Will things ever be the same again? Read on and find out. (and critique too, please ^_^)
Episode 2: Make Dreams, Lose Dreams (part II of III)

Last time we saw Yoshi, something very bizairre had happened to him. But before we can find out what that was, we should jump back all the way to the beginning of the story with Dr. K to see what happened there. As soon as he heard that the “thing” was on Yoshi’s Island he ran as fast as he could up the stairs that led to a big quiet room. Inside of the room, lots of other turtles called Koopa Troopas were running around and doing different things like paper work or others tasks. (They walked upright like he did but had smaller beaks than him) K. avoided getting hit by them and walked up to someone in a large black chair in front of large machine.

“Your highness! This is great news! One of the ‘ducks’ just quacked and we finally have some good information! We may finally know where the treasure is at!”

The person in the chair immediately stopped what he was doing. “Do you really believe that, Dr.?” it said. “After all the countless time those snakes have lied to us? Nothing they said has helped us before. I hope that they haven’t tricked you again!”

“Oh I don’t think so. This time it seems real. The enemy’s friend was bawling his eyes out when he told me this. When he said that the treasure was on Yoshi’s Island, the other guy just went all crazy and looked like he could just—“

The person stood up and faced Dr. K. This person wasn’t really a person at all but a large evil creature. He had green scaly skin and a turtle shell on his back like the other Troopas, but this shell was much bigger and had a greenish-black color with several sharp gold spikes sticking out. His face was big and lumpy, and spikey orange hair as bright as fire sat on his head between two large horns. This person was no person at all but a giant turtle king named King Koopa.

“Yoshi’s Island? Ha… ha ha ha! That’s too good.”

“I knew you would be happy about it.”

“I’m not happy about it… because I don’t want to believe it!!! We searched the entire Mushroom World looking for that thing and and no one in those places has said anything useful to its whereabouts. And in a way that includes Yoshi’s Island! The last time we came there we threatened the Yoshies to tell us if they had the treasure and then surrender to us. If you remember correctly they didn’t tell us a thing and they also kicked our rears off the island faster than anyone else! Those dinosaurs are crazy monsters that swallow up everything like a tweester and then lay countless eggs they hurl at you like nobody’s business! I’m not afraid of them… I just know how tough they are to conquer.”

“I… I’m sorry, your majesty. But… are you saying that you think it could be there?”

“I think it just might. My point is that I don’t want to go back there until we’re ready to face them again with our new weapon. But on the other hand I’m getting a little bored with how things are going now and feel ready to look there again. We’ll try to capture some of them this time and bring them to our side and then we’ll have a great opportunity to conquer even more land for the Koopa Kingdom.

“So… I say let’s just do it. We’ll send a guy down to the dungeon and ‘double-check’ and make sure he’s telling the whole truth and nothing but. Either way, I could stand to get out of this dark world and get some more sun. Ha ha ha!” Then he turned on a microphone and said, “Attention, Stoopa Troopas. We are going to be moving a little ways to the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom to get closer to Yoshi’s Island. Please do not be alarmed… but do not drink any coffee either! Bwahahaha!”

He ran off to go to the control room but K. asked, “So… do I get a reward?”

“That depends… if I get my treasure! Bwahaha!”

Dr. K sighed and walked back to the dungeon to feed the other prisoners. A few minutes after Koopa got into the control room, the entire stone castle began to rise out of the ground. A structure shaped like a shell pushed the building up and then four feet came out from underneath. It slowly walked forwards and carried it like a building on top of a giant turtle. It marched out of the dark dead and went straight to the shore several miles away. Even though this stone building couldn’t float in the water, just getting that much closer to the island could mean terrible things for the Yoshies.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Now we return to the next day with our friend’s rude awakening. Yoshi simply refused believe his eyes at what he saw. He thought, My once cute little tail is now much longer than usual and round instead of flat. My little feet are now big ugly things that look and feel like a monster’s. My eight little toes… look scary and have sharp toe nails that could scratch something to pieces. Wait. I only see six toes but before I had eight. Oh no! I think the other two on each foot somehow “moved” to the back of my feet! And hold on… if I can see my feet that means that… where’s my boots? He moved his feet and saw his boots in front of his feet. In tiny little pieces. I broke through my boots? Then that means I also ripped up my pajamas too! Oh NOOOOOOOO!

Now that I’ve mentioned his clothes I think it’s time to introduce my first theory and that is… the Yoshi apparel theory! Here’s what it is. You may not believe this but the Yoshies actually do not wear saddles in the story. Let that sink in for a second. They sometimes wear some clothes like we do such as shirts, glasses, and necklaces. Not because they’re ashamed to be naked or anything, but simply do that for looks or warmth (most of the time they don’t even wear shorts). That’s right, no one cares if you wear nothing at all. They have got it good! But why don’t they wear saddles yet? You’ll just have to find out!

And here’s one more quick theory while we’re on the topic. Gender theory. In the Mario games you may notice that all Yoshis look almost exactly the same (aside from their colors) and determining gender is impossible at this point. But in my story, I like to think that the males have more masculine bodies like men and the females have bodies similar to women (more of an hour glass shape). Females also have longer eye lashes and sometimes wear make up, but if it kills you to think that way pretend that it’s not like that. Yoshies also walk upright like in Yoshi’s Story but still have their long necks like in Yoshi’s Island.

“Are you alright, son?” asked his father, Hiroshi, a Yoshi with light pink skin. “How do you feel? And how in the world did this happen?!”

Yoshi was too shocked to answer but his hyper little brother jumped up and down and shouted, “WHAT?! WHAT, NOW?! THIS IS SO CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! THERE’S NO WAY! AND HOW COME HE ALWAYS GETS THE BEST STUFF AND I DON’T?!?!?!”

Sanya, Yoshi’s mom with green skin, shushed him. Then another of Yoshi’s friends, Yoseph, walked up to Sanya and asked, “Mitheth Zoruth, ith Yothi going to be okay?” Yoseph had an embarrassing lisp that he couldn’t help, and his brown face turned red when several Yoshies laughed at him then. (And that’s the last time I’ll make him talk like he sounds)

“Shhhhhh, don’t laugh! Don’t worry, Yoseph, we’ll figure something out. I know it seems terrible but there has to be a reason for this.”

Yoshi closed his eyes and tried to convince himself it was all another bad dream, but this dream was taking too long to end.

“I like the red stripes on your arms and legs! It goes well with your orange skin.” said a young girl.

“Ha-WHAT? STRIPES?!” He tried to see but his nose blocked almost all of his vision.

“Yeah, you’ve got two thin red stripes on your legs below your knees and on also your arms above your elbows. Can you roll over so I can see what your back looks like!”

“And my what big teeth you have!” said another. Sanya asked them to quiet down.

Yoshi’s father said, “I think we should tell your teacher that you can’t come to school for awhile. We need to understand what the koopa is going on before we let you walk around with the other kids. And we should definitely get a doctor too.”

“No more school?!” he thought about Victoshia and how he might never see her as much. “But how be I s’posed ta learn anyting, doooooooyyyy?!”

“We’ll get you a tutor,” said Sanya. “Can anyone tell Yoshi’s teacher that he needs some time off for this?” Yoshi blushed. “And in fact… could you all leave for awhile so we can talk to him in private?”

Everyone groaned and walked away, except Yoshi’s many brothers and sisters because there was no school that day. Yoshi’s dad ran to get a doctor while the rest of his family stood by him. “Are you sure you feel okay, my little kiwi?”

“Yes, mom! Ouch! I mean… fine. I’ve always wanted to be a huge creature with weird skin, huge legs, and short arms. Wait… AGH! My arms! Where are they?! They feel tiny and useless! Oh-ho no! This is insane! I get through puberty and now this! Why me, Yozu?”

Sanya tried to encourage him. Then she asked, “By the way, how did you get all the way out here last night? You don’t usually sleep walk that much or that far!”

“I… I don’t know,” he lied. “I… guess someone carried me here.” He paused for a second and then shouted out, “Ah believe that the DEVIL a-carried me to this a-here spot, and he did try to send me right dowwwwwwn to the pit o’ lava. But then… a glow-hooooorious angel appeared by mah side… and he-a gave me the powa to beat the devil by making me into ah new creation! And now ah am completely FREE from his attacks forever... and he can NEVER come-a near me again! HAlleluah!”

Everybody gave him a weird look, but a few laughed. Then Sanya said, “At least you still have a sense of humor. If that is humor and not something else.”

Later, Yoshi’s dad showed up with the doctor, who was actually a monkey, and he looked him over for awhile. But he couldn’t feel more shocked and confused than anyone.

“Good gravy. I just don’t understand this. You’re perfectly healthy but you’re a giant beast!” He opened Yoshi’s mouth, peered inside, and quickly closed it when he saw his sharp teeth. “So you’re sure you don’t understand why you’re like this, Yoshi?”

“Nope. Don’t think that extreme depression could cause this.” His mom frowned.

The doctor looked at a square piece of wood in his hands. “So your family doesn’t have a history of strange traits that could cause something like this? Like… uh… genes of… monster-like features or something?”

“No. Uh…” she paused for a second and then quickly said, “No! No, not at all. Uh… excuse me doctor, but do you mind if we talk privately? Yoshi, I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time,” he said. Then he started to sing a song that sounded like ‘Old Folks at Home’.”

The doctor and Yoshi’s parents left for a long time and Yoshi stayed there with the rest of the family. As soon as they were gone, everyone crowded around close to him and asked him more questions. A female Yoshi with greenish blue skin and green boots decided to ask him a question. It was Lily, Yoshi’s sister of the same age as him.

“So... how are you doing, brother? Do you hurt pretty bad or just feel weird?”

Yoshi stared up in the sky and didn’t answer her right away. It seemed like he was in shock or something. Then he finally said, “I don’t how I feel, and I don’t know what I understand any more. This doesn’t make any sense. It can’t be happening. It just can’t.”

Lily replied, “How do you think it happened? Is it because of something you did recently, maybe? Do you think it will go away soon? Do you think it could happen to anyone else? Could you ever get used to being like this if you have to? Do you think I’m asking you too many questions?”

He didn’t answer and the other just stared at her. Someone else asked, “Well, are you going to stand up soon so we can see how big you are?”

“No, he probably doesn’t feel good enough to do that,” someone else replied. “Let him stay there in peace and decide that for himself.”

Yoshi thought about that and decided that he didn’t feel as sore now and wanted to try to stand up. Besides, all of the creatures that were starting to come towards him were becoming very irritating. “Actually... I think that I will try to stand up. The dew on the grass is starting to feel kind of gross.”

So he slowly arose to his feet and watched the whole world shrink below him. Everyone gasped and backed away to give him space. He thought to himself, Man, I must be at least four times bigger than I used to be! And woah! It feels like I can’t stand up straight like I usually do! How am I even supposed to walk without falling on my face?

Eventually he did adjust to this, and when he could finally stand up straight and take a few steps he said, “Excuse me, guys. I just need to do something quick.” They said goodbye and he walked off the ball field and headed to a lake to look at his reflection. What he saw there didn’t make him feel better. Yes, he had big legs and yes he now had tiny little arms that were about useless, and yes he had horizontal red stripes on his arms, legs, and back. But his face… this was beyond insane. Even though his eyes still looked the same and were still located on the top of his head, the rest of his face was no longer cute with a big round nose. Now his nose and mouth were connected together, it looked more square than round, and the skin appeared rough instead of smooth. The final surprise came when he opened his mouth and saw that his perfect square teeth were now jagged knives. Yoshi didn’t know this but he was no longer a Yoshi but now part Yoshi and part Tyrannosaurus Rex. He had become… a Yoshisaurus Rex. (Or Yoshiasaurus Rex if you prefer)

“I don’t believe this! My life is never going to be the same again! Why has this happened to me! Wasn’t losing the Yoshi ball game enough? How much punishment can a guy take? What did I do to deserve this?!”

He sat there at the lake and just thought about this situation. I feel so rotten.

Before he could think very long, a huge blobby purple creature with a big mouth full of sharp fangs, called a Nep Enut popped out of the water and roared at him. But as soon as he took one look at Yoshi he turned pale and cowardly dove back under and disappeared. Yoshi laughed. Then he suddenly realised something and stood up. “Hold on… this new body could be awesome. No one can bully me around now! Nothing on this island can even hurt me! Wow... ha ha ha! And hey… how fast can I run anyway? It’s time for a test run! Look out Yoshi’s Island!!” Then he blasted away through the jungle trees and went straight to the edge of the island.

On another part of the island, a little Yoshi was riding around on his speedy Poochy dog. “Wheeeeeeee! This is great! You’re the dog now, Moochy!”

“Arf! Arf!” the blue-spotted dog barked.

“Yeah, thanks! Okay, now I’m turning this way so let’s go that way!” He leaned a little to the side and the dog changed course into the jungle.

Another little Yoshi was walking through the jungle and enjoying the scenery. Until he heard something big and fast charging his way. Before he could even attempt to jump out of the way, a large blue spotted dog flew right into him and bounced him several feet away. (Boy, there’s a lot of violence in this story, huh?)

“OW! What’s wrong with you? Can’t you control your stupid dog?!”

The other Yoshi had also fallen off and now Moochy was running excitedly around them both, wanting him to jump back on. “Hey! Moochy ain’t stupid! He’s just… too fast for his own good that’s all. But I’m sorry about that. Let me help ya.”

While the two of them had their conversation they suddenly felt the ground shake like crazy and saw something huge run by them. Then it stopped and ran towards the boys.

“Hey there, boys!” said Yoshi. “Do you guys want to ride something that can go really fast?! Ha ha!”

The second Yoshi who had just got hit, gasped loudly and stared at him with his knees shaking. The first Yoshi yelled, “WOAH, DUDE! Can I ride you, please? My mom wouldn’t care at all. Well… my Dad wouldn’t!”

“Oh yeah! Just climb up my tail, sit on my back, and hold on. You coming too, kid?”

The other stared at him and stuttered, “I… I… I-ya-ya-ya-ya…”

“That’s all right. Let me know if you change your mind. Here we gooooo!” Then Yoshi ran back to the shore and sprinted around the island (being careful not to go too fast and drop the boy). He felt incredible running like this, with the sun on his back and wind going past him. Soon he found himself humming a happy little song. I believe it’s actually the song from Yoshi’s Island “Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts” to be exact. (Now, about Yoshi’s speed… I understand there’s a debate that T-rexes may or may not be able to run very fast or at all. But this is my story so I say he can run like the wind!)

Back near the field, Yoshi’s parents and the doctor were coming back to where Yoshi had been and finished up their talk.

“Thank you so much for your help, Doctor Fleezworth,” said the father. “We appreciate it.”

“No trouble. I’m just sorry that I can’t do more to help your son. This seems like a terrible nightmare that may never end.”

“I know, but I try to have hope for him,” said Sanya. “If he can’t change back to normal, we’ll do what we can to help him adjust. Who knows? Maybe something wonderful could... uh-oh. Yoshi! Where are you?!”

Yoshi’s siblings were sitting around the area where he had been and talking about him. Then they looked at her and pointed to some foot prints going out of the area. She sighed and Hiroshi left to go look for him.

{Yoshi’s Island “Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts”}

“Yaaaaaaahooooooo!!” yelled a bunch of little Yoshies happily. “Faster! Faster!” By this time, Yoshi had gone around half of the island and picked up even more happy kids and more speed while he was running around. And all of them were now humming the same tune he was and having a great time. Especially when they went past people who hadn’t yet seen the new terror of the island and fell into shock. Just then he remembered that his mother would come back and might worry. He almost stopped that very second but thankfully remembered about the kids on his back and slowed down.

“Hey, don’t slow down!”

“Sorry, kids, but I just remembered something important I need to do. I’ll drop you off and at your homes and see you around.”

“Ah man.”

“Fine. We’ll go even faster on the way back.”


Finally, Yoshi dropped them off and came back to the field where his mother and dad were waiting for him. And looked a bit impatient as well, but smiled a little when she saw how happy he looked. She thought that yelling at him wouldn’t help after everything he had gone through this week.

“Hey, Mom. I’m sorry, I guess I kinda forgot.”

“Oh... that’s fine. At least you’re walking around now. But… heh… now we have to find your father who is looking for you.” Then suddenly the trees rustled above them and his father landed right in front of them on his feet and almost hit his face. “Never mind.”

“Yow! I almost bonked my honker! Uh… hey, Yoshe. Are you ready?”

“Ready? For what, Dad?”

Are you ready for some… MARIO!! *NFL fanfare* Oops… uh…

“Your mother and I just want to have a little discussion with you in private if you don’t mind. We’ll be right back, kids.”

The brothers and sisters groaned and walked away to do other things while Yoshi and his parents walked a ways into the jungle. He wondered what his Sanya and dad wanted to say to him. Neither of them looked very happy about what they were about to tell him.

{SMW “Mario dies”} To Be Continued…
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