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TITLE: Hey God, Got a Flashlight?
By Judy Sauer

We have all got to start some place. This is my most recent article and thought I would test the waters. Thank you kindly for helping to hone my skills.
Hey God Ė got a flashlight I can use? Itís dark down here and I cannot see where I am going. Is this the edge of a cliff or just a step of stairs? Really could use one of those gizmos the minersí have Ė you know, those hard hats that protect them from getting hurt and a big light to shine on their path.

What am I doing in this dark hole? Did I fall in or have the clouds descended and shrouded around me? Am I to be digging for something, and if so, for what treasure am I searching? Should I be looking for an escape plan? Iím feeling clueless.

Hey God, can you also give me a map so I can see where I am, where I was, and where I am going? It will help me to gauge my progress and maybe shorten my stay in this abyss. Please God; can you give me the tools to help me out of this hole?

Whatís that you say ďNo can doĒ? But why God? Am I not worthy of your help and direction? Okay I know that was a low dig. Sorry God, my frustration is showing again.

I cannot hear you God. Can you speak up please?

I am not alone or the tour guide either, you are. Oh Ö so thatís why I donít have a flashlight hat. Guess that means you are not going to be giving me a map, a lantern, or even a compass. Bummer! But what about my head Ö can I at least have a safety helmet?

I donít need one Ö Why?

Oh Ö my head and each strand of hair are protected by your mighty hand. Well that does sound better than a plastic hat.

So God, if I am not the tour guide and you wonít give me a flashlight or map, then why am I here in the dark? Where am I God? Surely you would not be making me walk through hell, right? Life hurts, my feet ache, my heart feels torn apart, and my mind is so confused. Help me God.

Hey, look at that wall God? It just glowed Ö and now a flicker of light is dancing on the wall. Itís a little fuzzy; I need to get closer. Wow! What a beautiful mural. There is something very familiar though. What does it mean?

Well that is a cool hologram! No sooner than I asked what it meant, the picture turned into words. Let me read it to you, okay God?

You are here following me; I am leading you to safety
This is not the edge of a cliff Öyet it feels like a precipice nonetheless
Where you are is at a major turning point in your life
What you saw in the mural is your life through the eyes of God
And I am he that is helping you on this journey.
Enjoy the trip. I love you

Oh God, now Iím crying. You know how I am with tears Ė once one escapes, my eyes turn into Niagara Falls. God, you know how scared I can get. When I am afraid, would you mind showing me a flicker of light as a sign of hope?

Wait! What do you mean by that God? You mean to tell me there will be times when I wonít hear you? But why? Are you off taking care of another lost soul?

Oh Ö you want me to be independent and interdependent. What exactly does that mean?

Live my life as I believe you are asking of me and rely fully on my faith to pull me through even the darkest of nights. Isnít that what I have been doing all along?

Hey God. Since you brought up nighttime, let me ask you something. Even at night there are stars and a moon that pierce the black sky. Will I get to have those as friends on this journey?

Follow the biggest star Ö okay God. Have I told you lately how much I love you?

Really? I told you just minutes ago? When? I donít recall saying the words. I did it be asking you all my questions? So youíre saying our simple conversation is an expression of my love? Well thatís a cool way to look at it God.

Guess we better get going Ö only you know what lies ahead. Thanks for leading me. You are a wonderful friend.

Copyright © 2007 Judith M. Sauer
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.



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