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TITLE: The Devil is a Moron
By Jacob Gibson

Well, I'm still having a little trouble forcing myself to finish the next chapter of my story but at least I'm making a little progress now. I think that whenever I have to do research on something it always makes me hesitate, and when I get an idea of a quick project I want to do it soon. Anyway, this idea came to me as I was getting out of the shower one day and I just had to make it. Although we should be aware of the devil's lies, we shouldn't be afraid of him when God is so much stronger. If it's already been done it won't surprise me at all. Thank you for your suggestions! This doesn't sound too much like something else, does it?

Oh, and here's a deep question for you to think about. If God is all-knowing and He knew that the devil would cause so much trouble and deceive many so they would go to hell, why did He create him in the first place? I don't know why but I know that I can trust God and I don't have to know all the answers.
The devil is a moron and I will tell you why
I'll give you some examples of how he's not so sly
For anyone who fears him they have no need to quake
The master of deception but the professor of mistakes

The devil is an idiot, he thought he was so grand
He marched right up to his Creator and proudly took a stand
"I'm the one who should be worshipped. Who do you think you are?
The others may think you're so amazing but I am greater by far!

Why should you get all of the glory? You've had it for long enough!
I'm the best looking one around here and made of all the right stuff.
God didn't budge and stayed on his throne until Satan's face turned red
When he wouldn't shut up he was thrown out of Heaven and landed on his head

Down on Earth he stewed in fury and shook his fist in rage
He vowed to be worshipped and adored by all if it took to the end of age
When a man and woman came on the scene he smiled and rubbed his hands
"Let's see how that bigshot feels after I defile His precious land!"

With one temptation and a single lie, he threw all into disarray
As a serpent he laughed without cease as everything turned to gray
For thousands of years he ran around Earth and thought he had control
Until God revealed his secret play to rescue our sinful souls

When God sent His Son into our world to walk in His own creation
Lucifer panicked and tried to tempt Him, but failed in aggravation
The Messiah healed the sick, taught about faith, turned water into wine
He cast out Satan's minions and sent a legion into swine

He couldn't stop this man named Jesus, no matter what he did
This One never sinned and never gave in, and couldn't be forbid
Finally, He died and rose again, and washed away sin with His grace
Then He marched right down to the devil's court and punched Him in the face

Two times he had failed and you'd think he'd learn
to give up and surrender his goal
But still blinded by pride and too stubborn to quit
he began to dig a deeper hole

With the anti-Christ he'll try one more time
to get what he demands
He'll thumb his nose at God as he performs his flashy tricks
and thinks he's in command

"I will ascend up to Heaven!
I will reach the top of the sky!
I will exact my throne above the stars of God
and be like the Most High!"

The prince of darkness is not so bright though he may be full of tricks
Three times he tried to reach the number seven and ended up with 666
He never gives up and continues to form his evil and worthless plots
Yet he's destined to lose it all at the end, to fall in his own pit and rot

Now let us be careful before we think that we're much smarter than he
For that's just what he wants us to think so we'll lose our humility
Pride comes before a fall, the exalted are brought far down
Those who believe his lies and follow him will end up looking like a clown

All have sinned and none are righteous
Ourselves we cannot save
But the gift of God is eternal life
With acceptance of the sacrifice He gave

The devil is a fool and so are all who believe his glowing lies
If they don't run from him and go straight to Christ,
they're in for a bad surprise

God can use the foolish things to greatly confound the smart
When faith trumps knowledge,
love beats brains,
and hope is in our heart

The devil is a moron, so don't let him frighten you
His power pales to the Holy Spirit's, this I know is true
He's playing a game he cannot win, fighting a battle that can't be won
God will one day take back His world and people when all has finally been done

Like a roaring lion or barking dog, he whimpers before His Master
All of his best attempts will lead him nowhere but complete and utter disaster
Fear not and do not worry, our Father is wise and strong
He'll shield us from the enemy's darts and take us home where we belong
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