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Member Shout-Outs for November

Let’s cheer on these FaithWriters members for their writing accomplishments!

LYNDA SCHAB‘s second novel in her Madi series, Madily in Love, is now available in paperback and on Kindle. WOOWOO!

DENIS SHUKER‘s kids’ adventure novel, Attack at Shark Bay, is now available on Kindle. YAY!

JIMMY MACK had a devotional accepted for publication in the magazine Devozine, and a true story article accepted in the online edition of Shout Lifestyle Magazine. SUPER!

LYNN GIPSON will have two Christmas short love stories published in OakTara’s [...]

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Member Shout-Outs for October

Let’s give a cheer for these FWers and their writing accomplishments!

FRANK CREED‘s technothriller Devil’s Hit List, Book Three of The Underground, has been published by Splashdown Books. WOW!

VERNA MITCHELL‘s book of poetry, Don’t Frighten the Pansies, is now available at Amazon and Barnes And Noble. LOVELY!

BRUCE FOTTLER‘s second novel, Dover Park, is now available. SUPER!

LISA G. will have a devotional in the Winter issue of WONDERFUL!

ALLISON EGLEY‘s skit, Service with a Smile, was recently performed at her church’s Fall [...]

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Member Shout-Outs for September

Congratulations to the following FWers for their writing sucesses!

PETER STONE has published his teen/YA Christian epic fantasy, A Knight from Dein, on Kindle.

JOANNE PRIETO has published her first book – Christian Stepordville, The Hijacking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – book one, Fire and Ice.

LAURIE GLASS had an article, “A Companion on the Journey – How the Church Can Help Those with Eating Disorders” in a recent issue of EFCA Today.

ANGELIKA DEFRANCESCO has a story published in the OakTara [...]

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Member Shout-Outs for August

Let’s give a cheer to these FaithWriters and their writing successes!

Annie Keys published her first e-book, a youth skit called “Got Mouth?,” on Amazon. SUPER!

Joanne Sher is a finalist in the Write Integrity Press’s One Hope – Nonfiction Contest. GREAT!

Doris Smith‘s poem, “My Friend,” will be published in World Poetry Movement’s new book Stars in our Hearts. FABULOUS!

Patrick Bucksot‘s first book, The Weapons of Our Warfare – God’s Arsenal for Victorious Living, is now available. WONDERFUL!

Shell Vera has become a [...]

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Meet Linda Germain – 3rd Place BoB Winner

Best of the Best Winner Alison Egly’s interview is here.

BoB 2nd Place Winner Marita Thelander’s interview is here.

Linda Germain has been a FaithWriters member for almost a decade, and has been entering the challenge since it first started. And now, her incredible piece, Who Was That Scary Man?, was chosen as third place in the Writing Challenge Best of the Best contest. Read on to learn more about this devoted FW regular.

JOANNE: First of all, congratulations! Tell us a bit [...]


Bring Your Writing To Life – with Amy Michelle Wiley

Many of you know Amy Michelle Wiley – she’s been at FaithWriters for quite a while, and is one of the coordinators for the FaithWriters Conference, among other things. And now she’s written an e-book to help us with that “law” of great prose – “show; don’t tell.” Read on to learn a bit about her, her writing journey, and this great writing resource.

JOANNE: Thanks for agreeing to be here. Tell us a bit about yourself.

AMY: Thanks for having me, [...]


Meet Marita Thelander – BoB 2nd Place Winner

Click here for the interview with Alison Egly, 2012 Best of the Best

Time to get to know Marita “Mari” Thelander – whose beautiful and poignant entry, “Hail Mary,” took second place in the 2012 Writing Challenge Best of the Best competition. Join me as I chat with Mari about writing, FaithWriters, and her life in general.

JOANNE: First of all, congratulations! Tell us a bit about how you found out you were second place in Best of the Best. How did [...]


An interview with Allison Egly – 2012 Best of the Best

FaithWriters 500 member, Allison Egley, has been entering the Weekly Writing Challenge for the past 7 years! She’s placed in the top 10, but this year, she made it not only to first place, but to the very top of the top, as the 2012 Best of the Best! Join interviewer Lynda Schab as she chats with Allison about her life, her writing, and the sweet taste of victory.

LYNDA: First of all, Allison, congratulations on [...]


Member Shout Outs for June

Come and cheer on the following FaithWriters in their accomplishments!

KATHY C. STEVENS‘ fourth book, Seeing Through a Glass Darkly, is now available  as an ebook on and on her website. WONDERFUL!

BELLA ROSSITER‘s book, Pride Kills – Forgiveness Heals, has been published and is available on GREAT!

KELVIN FOWLER‘s poem, Her Journey, won a poetry contest at Christian Creative Writers. FABULOUS!

LYNN GIPSON‘s short story, Just Breathe, Said Jesus, was recently published in the Christian [...]

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Member Shout-Outs for May

Let’s give a cheer for these FaithWriters’ members for their accomplishments!

JOY BACH‘s devotional, “Labels,” was published in the April issue of Shabbach. SUPER!

KEN GRANT‘s first novel, So Great A Salvation, has been published and is available for purchase. WONDERFUL!

BELLA ROSSITER‘s book, Pride Kills – Forgiveness Heals, has been published and is available for purchase. GREAT!

LeANN RUSSEL‘s book, Obesity Among Us/ Taking the Journey To End, has been published and is available for purchase. YAY!

TRACEY BROWN‘s devotional, “Taking the High Road,” [...]

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