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Just One Week To Enter Xulon Raffle

August is just over a week away – which means you only have a few more days to enter to win a Xulon Press Bestseller Package (over $4,000 value). The deadline to get your name “in the hat” is August 1, 2015 at noon ET. And how do you enter this old fashioned raffle with a high tech twist?

The only requirement is that you must be a FaithWriters member – anything from a free silver member up to platinum. (You [...]

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The First Deadly Sin of Writers

The First Deadly Sin of Writers
By Randy Ingermanson

If there’s anything that can wreck your writing career, I’d say it’s envy.

What do I mean by “envy?”

Envy is not merely wanting what somebody else has.  Envy is the feeling of resentment you get when wanting something somebody else has.  The problem is that the publishing world naturally breeds envy. Here’s why.

It’s just a fact that different writers get very different results from their writing. Most writers earn hundreds of dollars per year [...]

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Tough Love For Writers

Tough Love for Writers
by Linda Yezak

Author C. Hope Clark wrote a tough-love piece for writers who are afraid of taking the step to becoming published authors. In her blog post, “On Being Tentative,” Hope writes:

This is all on you. We all like the pat on the back and the positive reinforcement. That’s human nature. But if you need someone petting you on the head every day to keep going, maybe this isn’t the job for you. There are too many others [...]


Don’t Say It All

Don’t Say it All
By Karen Burkett

One great temptation when writing an article or a book is to try to say it all. There is so much we want to share, we don’t want to leave anything out.

Great way to hide our primary message. Also a great way to chase readers away.

I recommend that you prayerfully select your topic. Then the part of that topic you want to zero in on and what audience you want to address. Ask [...]

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Is it Reflection, Interior Monologue, or Introspection?

Is it Reflection, Interior Monologue, or Introspection?
By Gail Gaymer Martin

I’ve been teaching fiction for years and during the Q and A time, I have received many interesting questions. The interior monolgue or internal speech, stream of consciousness and even introspection often cause confusion. Exactly what is it and what does it do? First let’s look at this question:

Difference between Introspection and Internal Monologue
The dictionary definitions are:
Internal speech, or verbal stream of consciousness is thinking in words. It also refers to [...]


Hook Me

Hook Me
By Delia Latham

If it had eyes, they’d be watching me. Reproachful. Accusing.

It’s a book, for heaven’s sake. A simple, ordinary, inanimate object without sight or voice. And yet it chides me for neglecting a duty…back pedaling on a promise. I feel its sightless stare each time I’m within five feet of it.

Here’s the weird thing: I love to read. If I pick the book up and read it, it will stop taunting me. So why not just do that, [...]

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Writing Challenge Best of the Best Contenders: Fall 2014

And now for another set of Best of the Best contenders (see the ten from last summer here).

Unfamiliar with Best of the Best? Each week, the top scoring entry overall in the FaithWriters writing challenge is eligible to be declared the Best of the Best winner. At the end of all four ten-week quarters, we have 40 potential pieces vying for the Best of the Best crown. And, on July 1 each year, the highest rated of all the first [...]

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Literary Baklava – Adding Layers of Meaning to Your Novel

Literary Baklava – Adding Layers of Meaning to Your Novel

By Dorothy Love

As newlyweds, Ron and I frequented a local deli owned and operated by a man known  as Big Al. Though his tiny deli ( it had  only 5 tables) was located in the heart of a sprawling Dallas suburb, it might as well have been sitting in the heart of Athens (Greece, not Athens, Texas).  Most everything on Big Al’s menu, except for the sandwiches, came wrapped [...]

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Discipline and Writing

Discipline and Writing

By Lynda Lee Schab

Writing lately has been challenging for me. I take that back. Writing has been virtually non-existent for me. . As I was mulling this over, I had an epiphany. Wanna hear it?

My book won’t write itself.

Deep, I know.

A while back, I saw a reporter interviewing Anne Hathaway on some entertainment TV show. Apparently, Anne had just lost about 15 pounds for a movie role. I know, right? The girl doesn’t have an extra [...]


FaithWriters’ Daily Devotional

Did you know that FaithWriters puts out a daily devotional? And that you can get it for free in your email box, or put it on your site at no cost? AND that you could have your own devotional included?

Every day, a devotional by a FaithWriters member is posted at the FaithWriters Great Multitude Christian Daily Devotional area of the site. These short bits of God’s wisdom and encouragement from your sisters and brothers in Christ are a great way [...]

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