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Get feedback on your work

One of the purposes of FaithWriters is to offer members a chance to showcase their work. And one of the most fun aspects of posting your work is to receive feedback from other members. There’s nothing quite like seeing that email come through saying a comment has been left on your article.

But maybe you’ve posted your article, story, poem, or essay and several days have gone by with no comments. Maybe you’re getting discouraged because you really want to learn what [...]


Buy and Sell Your eBooks

Did you know that FaithWriters offers an eBook store? As a reader, you are able to purchase great eBooks on topics like

Biblical studies
Church Administration
Family matters
Women’s Interest

These eBooks start at .99, but most average around $4.95.  To start shopping, set up your FREE Buyer’s Account HERE.

But not only can you purchase Christian ebooks, you are also able to SELL your eBook(s). For a small monthly fee, you can list your eBooks in the FaithWriters sBook store. Once your eBooks are listed, [...]

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Private Message Systems on

There are two systems of Private Messages (PMs) on FaithWriters. Private  Messages are a great way for members to contact one another without sending actual emails. Some members have trouble discerning the difference between these two messaging systems, so I’ll try to explain it here.

On the regular FW site, you must pay a small fee to access your PMs. Once you sign up, either by paying a yearly or monthly fee, you may send as many [...]

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A Few FaithWriters Features You May Not Know About

If you’re a FaithWriters member, chances are, you know all about the Writing Challenge,  the General Article Submissions area, and the Message Boards. But there are probably a few things that FaithWriters offers which you might not be aware of. Like the following:

* DAILY DEVOTIONAL – FaithWriters offers a daily devotional to reflect on. There is also a code that you can copy and paste onto your blog or website for FREE.

* SUBMISSION TRACKER – This is a great feature that allows you [...]

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Feedback Etiquette

Today, for What’s Happening Wednesday, I want to cover a FAQ that you may be wondering about, too. It’s regarding the feedback that you leave for others and that others leave for you. I suppose you could call this the Etiquette of Feedback.

The following guidelines were created by Deb Porter, Challenge Coordinator and FaithWriters Do-Everything Gal, and posted on the FaithWriters message boards. You can view all frequently asked questions HERE.

FAQ: Are There Guidelines for Leaving Feedback/Critique?

As a [...]


FAQ: Who are the FaithWriters Jewelers?

FaithWriters has many precious members. But perhaps among the most precious of them all are the FaithWriters Jewelers.

The FaithWriters’ Jewelers is a member initiated group that has committed to read every Challenge entry and ensure that each entry has at least one comment. They also post comments on as many of the regular article submissions each week as possible (

The group also chooses a few exceptional new articles each week (from the regular submissions), which they compile as [...]


Tracking (not stalking) authors

One of the FAQ’s over on the FaithWriters forum is “How do I track an author?” Deb Porter posted a response and I thought it  was worth re-posting here. She also added another cool tracking feature you may be interested in.

Re-posted from the FaithWriters message board:

If you’ve discovered a FaithWriters’ author that you just can’t get enough of, there’s a really easy way to make sure you never miss any articles they submit at FaithWriters. You can track them (in [...]

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FAQ: What is the difference in publishing rights and is my work on FaithWriters considered “published”?

There’s no doubt that publishing rights can be confusing. Hopefully, this will help clear things up a bit.


What are the different Rights that a publisher might ask about?

These are some of the basics:

First Rights: First rights gives a publisher permission to be the first to print your article. You can only sell First Rights on an article or story once.

One-time Rights:  The publication agrees to publish your piece only once. This may or may not be for a [...]


The Writing Challenge for Dummies

Disclaimer: we really don’t think you’re a dummy…we’re talking to that other writer.

The Weekly Writing Challenge is the most popular feature at, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we receive many emails each week with questions regarding The Challenge. Although the guidelines are laid out on the official Challenge Page, here is an easy-to-understand account of just how the Challenge works.

The Weekly Challenge is a great way to improve your writing skills, be encouraged and get your [...]

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