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March is Reading Month

Besides the Lord Himself, there is one thing that just about every reader needs desperately. No, I am not talking about inspiration, ideas, writing utensils, an editor, or anything else of that nature. No, just about every writer needs a READER – preferably more than one 🙂

Because of that, writers should certainly be aware that the month of March (only two days away!) is National Reading Month (here in the States, anyway). While it is geared mostly toward children and […]

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Twelfth Annual Page Turner Open!


2018 – CHRISTIAN FICTION AND NON-FICTION and Breath of Fresh Air Press are pleased to announce the twelfth annual Page Turner Writing Contest. If you are a FaithWriters Platinum member, you are invited to enter this very special contest created just for you. If you are not yet a Platinum member, this may be the perfect reason to upgrade. The feedback on your manuscript alone makes it an outstanding […]

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