Do you enjoy writing or illustrating stories for children? Do you have a favorite children’s book? Well, this week is for you. February 5-11 is Children’s Writers and Illustrators Week. According to the Children’s Author Network, during this annual event, acclaimed authors and illustrators from Children’s Authors Network (CAN!) visit schools, libraries, and children’s shelters all over the country. Lively storytelling, fascinating presentations, and hands-on writing workshops make books spring to life, and inspire a life-long love of reading and writing.

So, thank a children’s author or illustrator today – and maybe look for some author reading/visits for your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or other children in your life to attend. And maybe try your hand at writing a children’s story yourself!

But, say you’re not a children’s writer or illustrator. Don’t fret, because it’s ALSO Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. And freelance writers do more than query editors and write and submit articles and books (nonfiction and fiction). They provide overworked editors with material, as well as inform and entertain readers. And many of YOU are one of them.

So, hug a freelance writer this week (in real life OR virtually) – or send out a query to a magazine. (I know some of you have thought of it but never did. Go for it! What do you have to lose?)

How are you planning to commemorate this week?

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