According to, April is National Humor month. I guess that makes sense, seeing how April 1st was the day for pranks and jokes.

Research shows that laughter is good for you. Of course, the Bible has been telling us for years (Proverbs 17)

Some of the benefits of laughter include:

*Reduces stress

*Releases negative emotions

*Helps us Relax

*Total body workout

*Strengthens our immune system

*Lowers blood pressure

*Improves respiration

*Makes us feel good.

As a writer, I love to incorporate humor into my stories. A lot of my story humor is through character sarcasm and I often wish I was better at writing general humor. We all have a sense of humor…some are dry, some sarcastic, and some just a little more wacky and twisted than others :-).

So the free-for-all question today is:


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