Getting the shakes? Breaking out in night sweats? Are your fingers starting to twitch? If you’re a regular Weekly Writing Challenge entrant, you may be experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms.

The Writing Challenge runs in four 10-week increments per year. After each quarter, there is typically a short break to give the judges a reprieve and to gear up for the next quarter. The “Time” topics ended a couple weeks ago, so we are in the middle of a hiatus.

The Challenge resumes next week Thursday, April 7. In the meantime, why not take some time to read and comment on some of last quarter’s entries. View previous entries here:

So hang in there, Challenge addicts! After reading and commenting on other entries, focus on some of your other writing projects, start an exercise routine, go get a massage, work in your garden. And be sure to keep plenty of water on your nightstand for those middle-of-the-night sweats.

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