If you regularly read the FaithWriters newsletters, you’re probably familiar with the Out of the Mouths of FaithWriters section included at the end of the newsletter. Basically, each month a question is posed and FaithWriters members send in their responses. A few of those answers are then selected to appear in the next month’s newsletter.

Well, last month’s question generated so much response that I thought I’d share all of them here on the blog. (Read the selected responses in the March newsletter). Because there were so many, I will post half today and the other half next Monday. Feel free to chime in with your own answer in the comments. It’s always interesting to see when other writers got the “writing bug.” I’ve also posted next month’s question at the end of this blog post. Looking forward to your answers!


Here are the answers received:

“When I was in fourth grade we watched a movie of different characters and settings; we had to choose a character, put it in a setting, and write a story. That is when I realized I loved making up stories and writing them down.” – Cheryl Paine

“When I was 4-years-old, I spouted off a poem that my mom wrote down and got published for me. It took me awhile to learn to write my own but….GRIN, that was the beginning.” – Marijo Phelps

“As I was growing up, I remember struggling to find someone I could trust. I needed an outlet for my thoughts, emotions, dreams and desires, and I found that outlet in writing; being able to express myself how I wanted, with no fear of judgement.” – Wanani Sibanda

“As a child, my first Christmas presents to family members were homemade books (with cardboard binding) of stories typed up that I’d written over the year. In a sense, before I realized I wanted writing to be a huge part of my life, I’d already self-published!” – Sarah K

“DAD…BAD…SAD……MAD! … It was in Africa, when I just turned seven years of age.. …Our Orthodox Pastor came to baptize my younger twin sisters. I clumsily spilt the glass of orange juice on his habit, so my dad ordered me to go to my room. There, I wrote this verse: ‘My dad said I was bad .Jesus—I am very sad–Please forgive me for making him mad.'” – Henrietta W. Romman

“I really looked forward to my English essay every week at school, loved writing letters and entering juvenile short story contests. I enjoyed letting my imagination run riot!” – Christine Cain

“Born with a deep desire to be understood, I was always the mediator in my family, helping others to sort through issues and reach resolution. I began to realize my passion for writing when I found it effective in reaching out beyond my family boundaries, helping others I encountered to see God’s great plan of reconciliation, as described in 2 Corinthians 5:18.” — Douglas L. Thompson

“I first discovered my passion and love for writing in 1994 after I had a spiritual victory and thought I should write about it. It came out in the form of a poem. I hadn’t intended that. It was so much fun that it opened the floodgate and I started writing every day. Within a year, I had written over a hundred poems. I also discovered that I loved editing and rewriting my poetry. It was still marginal but my passion never waned.” – Gary Coon

“I am overcome with God’s natural beauty and seeing others enjoying life. And I feel I must write a story or poem to share this wonderful feeling.” – Richard L. Provencher Truro, Nova Scotia

“I realized in first grade that I loved to write and I wrote stories, lists, letters, and diary entries for most of my school years into adulthood. In the last 4-5 years, I have paid more attention to developing my writing and trying to write what God puts in my heart.” – Terri Forehand RN, author

“Writing became my avenue of survival when I was eight years old and already an avid reader. I quickly discovered that writing as well as reading drew me INTO a world of happiness and imagined love, briefly AWAY from the reality of angry, abusive parents.” – Beverly

“I knew I had a passion for writing when I was in junior high. I knew a very interesting lady at my church and I wanted to write her story for a writing contest. I didn’t win, but the seed was planted to tell the story.” -Robin Ratcliff



Send your 1-2 sentence answer to faithwriters.contact@yahoo.com. Then check the April newsletter to see if your response was selected to appear.

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