We’re winding up the Challenge for the year and a new BOB will soon be crowned! Next week will wrap up the BoB contenders and I’ll post a link to the list of all the contenders so you can take one last look at the outstanding entries and make your personal choices of who you think will take the top three prizes. Then stay tuned for the announcement in July!

In the meantime, please take a moment to congratulate the following members for their contending #1 Challenge entries.

RACHEL PHELPS – I am a recent college graduate hoping to let my passion for words take me somewhere amazing God has planned for me. Rachel’s FaithWriters Profile

Rachel’s 1st place entries:

FEBRUARY 23, 1807




LINDA GERMAIN – Linda’s goal is to make a real difference in the lives of others, and as a daughter of the KING, to produce fruit borne of truth, empathy, love, and charity; to be bold, yet wise in dealing with the condition of mankind.

Linda’s FaithWriters profile

#1 entry in the running: TALENT SEEKS ITS COURSE


MELANIE KERR – Melanie has been a Chrstian for a long time and has been involved in creative writing for the past six years. She used to be a prolific letter writer but life got in the way. Melanie teaches Religious Education in High School and says on any given day her mood swings between thinking it’s the best job in the world and writing her letter of resignation. She is very involved in a small church, leading worship sometimes, preaching sometimes and leading a house-group sometimes! Melanie is growing as a writer and has had a few articles accepted for newsletters.

Melanie’s FaithWriters profile

Contending BoB entries:




TIM CHEZUM – Tim has been married for over 20 years. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 17 year old son and the freedom and solitude of riding his bicycle. He has been writing for pleasure since he was very young. After a several year hiatus from any writing he came to Faith Writers on the encouragement of family members.

Tim’s FaithWriters profile

Tim’s BoB contending entry: THE RIGHT-ON WRITING ACADEMY


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