Have you ever wondered if you’re a real writer? Well, here’s how you can tell. Read the following statements, then use the guide at the bottom to determine whether you can officially call yourself a Writer.
  • You would rather talk to the voices in your head than the person sitting by you.
  • You know the library’s phone number, but not your work number.
  • Some of the letters on your keyboard are completely worn off.
  • You have a favorite pen that no one else can touch.
  • Books are your favorite scent.
  • If you could meet anyone in the world, it would be your favorite author.
  • You eat macaroni and cheese for a week because you spent all your money at the bookstore.
  • Your/you’re errors drive you crazy.
  • You named your laptop.
  • You would rather write than go out.
Count the number of times you answered YES.

Two or less – Nope. Call yourself anything but “Writer.”
Three to seven – You are on your way to becoming a real writer.
Eight to Ten – WOOT! Congratulations! YOU are a full-fledged, official writer!

What other ways can you tell you’re really a writer?

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