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EASTER ONE ACT Ancient Mysteries
by David Ian
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Ancient Mysteries

A Play in One Act (Adaptable to Music)

(C) Copyright 1997 by David Ian


(As first performed by Christian Life Center's Celebration Drama Group)

HOST 2 Art Evans
HOST 1 Renee Bowen
REPORTER 2 Paul A. Hinton
REPORTER 1 Barbara Sides
ROMAN GUARD Dennis Stocking
MOTHER Denise Degman
WOMAN 1 Betty Pleasant
BLIND MAN David Morgan
PETER Greg Shepard
WOMAN 2 Annette Hinton
TECHNICIAN 1 Steve Pleasant
TECHNICIAN 2 Joshua Lang
BIBLICAL YOUTHS Janelle Beals, Carissa Bowen, Kimberly Bowen, Justin Schlaf, Laura Schneider, Kristen Sides

(Stage is set in "News Magazine" setting, with chairs and fake plants and perhaps a designed backdrop. Many stage lights are visible to the audience, some are functional, some are not. The production is divided into three set areas. One "in-studio" setting (Host Set) as just described, and two "on location" platforms (Time Cam Set SR and Now Cam Set SL) where minicams and lights are used for various interviews. A forth set is an optional Technician's Table which simulates the switching room of a television studio with real or mock-up monitors, sound boards and mixing boards. It should be on the audience level so as to not be a great distraction.)

AT RISE: (TECHNICIAN 1 comes up to the Host Set, lights are low. TECHNICIAN 1 does a mock sound check, gives a countdown and then cues the offstage cameras)

TECHNCIAN 1: "Ancient Mysteries Special Edition" in five, four, three, two, one...

(Theme music is begun to start the show, and lights come up full upon Host Set.)

HOST 1: Hello everyone, and welcome to a special edition of "Ancient Mysteries." I am your host, Pat Lutz, and with me tonight is our guest commentator, Richard Bennett. Welcome to the show, Richard.

HOST 2: Thank you, Pat. Today we will be looking into one of the most puzzling and yet miraculous mysteries throughout all of history. The life and death and resurrection of one man known as Jesus. Jesus of Nazereth, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One, the Savior of the World, or as His closest friends called Him, simply Master or Teacher. Jesus Christ: merely a good man and charismatic teacher, or the Son of God, and Risen Savior?

HOST 1: Today on Ancient Mysteries we examine these questions and many more. Did Jesus die two thousand years ago? Is he alive now? And what impact does He have on you, in this modern day and age. Richard...

HOST 2: From ancient manuscripts surviving to us today in a collected work known as the Bible, we have this testimony from John, one of Jesus' followers: "The Word became flesh and lived for awhile among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." What must it have been like to witness the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ first-hand? Today we will talk to people from two thousand years ago who have seen Jesus, and whose lives were forever touched by His life.

HOST 1: Also, we will look into the lives of His followers in the present day. Can modern day believers also confess that He is able to do His will today--work in people's lives, just as He did two thousand years ago? Jesus Christ, is He the Son of God and the Savior of the World? That is what we must know, and that is what we will find out!

HOST 2: Today, on Ancient Mysteries!

(Theme music comes up again, and then fades out)

HOST 2: With us now on location and speaking to us via our "Time Cam", and broadcasting from two thousand years in the past, is field reporter Tracy Blake. Tracy, can you hear me?

(REPORTER 1 is standing in the dark with JOHN THE BAPTIST, WOMAN AT THE WELL, and if possible, CAMERAMAN 1 with lighting "crew")

REPORTER 1: (in darkness) Richard, I am standing here with one of the first witnesses--

HOST 2: --Tracy? Tracy? We can hear you, but we don't have video link.

REPORTER 1: What's that, Richard?

HOST 2: You're audio is fine, but we have no visual.

REPORTER 1: Ah, well, as you know, Richard, "Time Cam" is a brand new technology, and we haven't gotten (lights come up on Time Cam Set) all the bugs out of it yet...

HOST 2: There you are! Tracy? You're coming in, Tracy.

REPORTER 1: What? What Richard?

HOST 2: We've established visual, you are coming in clear.

REPORTER 1: Ah, as I was saying, I am speaking to you live, from the past, using our Time Cam which, I must say, it is very exciting to be here, in the past, speaking to you, our audience, in the present. (lights fade on Host Set) I have with me many people who have seen and heard the man in question, Jesus of Nazereth. And you sir, if you could step up here, thank you, sir.

Richard, I have here John the Baptist, who I understand was one of the first witnesses of the beginning of Jesus' ministry, is that not right, sir?

JOHN THE BAPTIST: I was the arrow that pointed the way. All those hopeful eyes that looked to me, so they could know the Father better, I turned them all toward Jesus.

The messenger is never more important than the message, and I was the messenger that Jesus was the message.

REPORTER 1: Yes, but back to my question. The first witness to Jesus' ministry, when you baptized him, and when you saw the Spirit came down like a dove...

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Let me tell you, my friend, when I was in my mother's womb I jumped for joy in the presence of the Messiah. His ministry began the moment God came upon the earth in the form of Jesus. Please, no more about the past, (shouting) the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

REPORTER 1: Thank you. That, again, was the very colorful John the Baptist. Now, if I could have a word from you ma'am, and, if I have done my research correctly, that's not a Hebrew weave in your clothing, is it?

WOMAN AT THE WELL: Um, no, I am a Samaritan, actually. We're not really suppose to consort with Jews at all.

REPORTER 1: Much less, a man to a woman, is that not right?

WOMAN AT THE WELL: Exactly. Well, let me tell you, my life was not the epitome of virtue. I, uh, have not had the best of luck with men. But Jesus, this Jewish man, he started talking to me, he didn't care about my past, He didn't care where I came from, what nationality or what race I was. I knew that He only cared about me, and the searching I had done in my life; right away I knew there was something special about Him.

REPORTER 1: Thank you. Indeed, a special man, this Jesus. This is Tracy Blake from Time Cam. Back to you, (Lights up on Host set) Pat and Richard.

HOST 2: We'll be hearing more from Tracy (Lights down on Time Cam set) later on in the program.

HOST 1: But presently, we go to our Now Cam, live with field reporter Jim Wallard. Come in, Jim.

(Lights up on Now Cam set, REPORTER 2, who is standing with BUSINESS WOMAN and MOTHER and if possible, CAMERAMAN 2 with lighting "crew")

(to simulate audio difficulty, REPORTER 2 mouths the following line)

REPORTER 2: (Pat, I am standing here with two women who come with two very different points of view, and yet, they share a common theme between them. And that common theme is--)

HOST 1: (just after REPORTER 2 begins reporting with no audio) Jim, check your audio plug. Jim? We apologize for the technical difficulties ladies and gentlemen--

REPORTER 2: (now REPORTER 2 speaks verbally) --the grace and mercy of Jesus. Indeed, He is still a comforter today. With me now, is Ms. Angela Hammond.

(Lights down on Host Set)

BUSINESS WOMAN: I had pretty much closed my mind to church and church people and Jesus and all that. I had run into so many hypocrites who pretended to know Jesus only as an excuse to point out other people's faults.

Then one day at the office I got some terrible news about my mother in the hospital. I told myself I wasn't going to cry when Jeannie, one of the women I work with, and frankly, didn't like very well asked me if I was all right. I guess I must've looked a wreak. I broke down then, and I told her about my mother, and then Jeannie asked if she could pray with me. At that time, I didn't care about my prejudice. It was for my mother.

Then we both took the day off. She drove me down to the hospital, and stayed with me the whole time I was there, and then she took me home and stayed for coffee until she was sure I was all right. I'm still not crazy about churches, but maybe I've been wrong about church people, and Jesus, for that mattter, too.

REPORTER 2: Thank you, Ms Hammond. And now, Mrs. Kimberly Sorensen, with a similar story of comfort.

MOTHER: Thank you. Um, some time ago I was pregnant with a little girl, we had already named her Alisha, and I was due to deliver. But then my doctor told me that some complications had occurred and there might be some problems.

Well, as it turned out, I, uh, lost my baby...my little darling...(pause)...pardon me. But even though I had family and friends and the pastor to help me through a difficult time, I never would have made it if I hadn't felt the tender comfort of the sweet presence of my dear Lord and Savior, Jesus.

REPORTER 2: Thank you, Mrs. Sorenson, for sharing with us that touching, poignant story with us. Back to you, Richard.

HOST 2: Standing by with our Time Cam is Tracy Blake with an exclusive interview, come in, Tracy.


REPORTER 1: Richard, I have the fortunate opportunity to have one of Jesus' closest friends on hand for an exclusive Time Cam interview--but first, a prisoner from the dungeons of Rome tells his amazing story. And sir, your name is?

1ST CENTURY CRIMINAL: My name is Caleb, son of Eldad.

REPORTER 1: And I understand that you have spent a considerable amount of time under Roman arrest?

CRIMINAL: Yeah, I done my time. All right, a lot of time. But when I was out I got to hear Jesus talkin', an' he was talkin' 'bout how the first bein' last and the least being the greatest.

Well...not long after that I got throwed back in jail agin, this time for good. I suppose I should tell you, I'm gonna get executed at week's end.

REPORTER 1: And that doesn't bother you?

CRIMINAL: 'Course it bothers me. I want to live just as much as the next person. But if Jesus said the least and the last here will be greatest and first in heaven, what have I got to lose?

REPORTER 1: So, no regrets, then?

CRIMINAL: Regrets? Hey, Jesus has given me a full pardon. Better than I can say for this mess I'm in with the Roman law.

REPORTER 1: Caleb, son of Eldad, I thank you for taking what precious time you have left to speak with us.

CRIMINAL: My pleasure. (turns to ROMAN GUARD) Home Centurius!


REPORTER 1: And now, as I mentioned before, an exclusive interview with one of Jesus' best friends, a disciple of the inner circle, John, Son of Zebedee, or as Jesus called he and his brother, Sons of Thunder. John, what was it like travelling with Jesus?

JOHN THE DISCIPLE: Well, we all had expectations about The Messiah and what his coming would be like. But then Jesus told us he no intention of marching on Rome and replacing the Emperor, or even taking Isreal back for His own people.

REPORTER 1: Did that discourage you that you had followed into disappointment?

JOHN THE DISCIPLE: No, no, no. Not at all. Instead, He kept telling us and everyone else what the Kingdom of God was like, and how we fit in with God's Kingdom. We had all figured out how the Messiah would fit in man's kingdom. Now that I know God's plan, I'm certainly thankful for Jesus, His message and His mission.

REPORTER 1: "His message and His mission;" (lights up on Host Set) back to you, Pat and Richard.

HOST 2: "His message and His mission", that's powerful, Pat. (lights down on Time Cam Set)

HOST 1: Filing another report with us is Jim Wallard, with some powerful stuff of his own. (lights up on Now Cam Set) Jim?

REPORTER 2: From followers of Jesus in the past to followers of Jesus in the present. I am standing here with Jennifer Hixby, who hasn't been sleeping well at night, and who is examining her own relationship with Jesus.

WOMAN 1: Well, I'll be the first to admit that I started following Jesus for the wrong reasons. I memorized all the scripture verses like, "Ask and you shall receive," "give and it will be given unto you," and "God will give you the desires of your heart."

REPORTER 2: And "God helps those who help themselves"?

WOMAN 1: Uh, that one's not really in the Bible.

REPORTER 2: It isn't?

WOMAN 1: Believe me, I looked. What I skipped over, were the verses like "Forget yourself, take up your cross, and follow me,""Daily deny yourself" and "lose your life for Christ's sake." One day I realized that Jesus didn't spend much time striving for things of this world. Then I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn't either.

REPORTER 2: Thank you, Jennifer Hixby. And now ma'am, if you could help me with this gentleman here, easy sir, if you could just stand right here and look this way sir. (BLIND MAN takes WOMAN 1 by the arm and stands, facing the "camera") Pat and Richard, this is Ben O'Brien, he's been blind since birth, but he has been an inspiration to me for this short time I've been talking to him. Ben, why don't you share with us your story?

BLIND MAN: Well Jim, I've prayed, and I've had many of my Christain friends pray that I would gain my sight. But God in His wisdom has chosen to let me remain the way I am.

REPORTER 2: But that used to bother you?

BLIND MAN: It used to, yes. Naturally, I used to blame God for the way I was, and then I'd bang on the gates of heaven shouting, "You broke me, you fix me!" But after a time God showed me just how he uses me the way I am, and how others have gained inspiration from me despite my handicap, all for His glory. Hey, don't call me "visually challenged," call me "spiritually blessed."

REPORTER 2: Ben, you've got an infectious smile, and an even more exciting story. Thank you very much for sharing both with us.

BLIND MAN: Anytime, Jim.

REPORTER 2: (Lights up on Host Set) Back to you, Richard and Pat.

HOST 2: With Tracy Blake now, (lights down on Now Cam Set)using our exclusive Time Cam, is a woman whose life and time spent with Jesus presents us with an unforgettable story. (lights up on Time Cam Set) Tracy.

(REPORTER 1 is standing with MARY MAGDALENE)

REPORTER 1: Richard and Pat, I have here Mary Magdalene, a woman who has told me of her horrifying experience of being possessed with demons. (Lights down on Host Set) But she has asked instead, if she could tell of her even worse tragedy, of seeing Jesus, the man who delivered her from that terrible torment, of seeing Him executed in front of her very eyes. Mary, that must have been quite a trauma.

MARY MAGDALENE: Tracy, that terrible day when they flogged Him, and put that awful circle of thorns on His head, and the blood ran down His body, I could never give words to the agony I felt inside.

The crowd was yelling out cruel, terrible things to Him, while He dragged Himself up that hill with the cross on His back, it was almost more than I could take.
Then I saw the Roman soldiers and how they treated Him, I couldn't bear to look any more. He was so gentle, so understanding.

"No! Jesus, not you! Not you!" I shouted over and over again. The more the crowd laughed at Him, the more I pleaded for Him; the more my heart broke for Him.

Here, He had done so much for me already. He had driven out demons housed inside of me, Tracy, and now here He was, dying for my sins, so that I could truly be whole. If there was any way, Tracy, any way, I would have gladly taken His place on that cross. I would have taken His beatings without a thought.

He didn't deserve to die, and I didn't deserve to have Him die for me. But He did. He did, Tracy, and now I am doubly blessed. You'll have to excuse me...

REPORTER 1: Pat, we'll be back in a moment as soon as Mary is able to continue with our live Time Cam interview, (lights up on Host Set) an eyewitness account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

HOST 1: Thank you Tracy, let us know when you're ready again. (lights down on Time Cam Set) It is hard for us even to consider the agony that this man Jesus went through. Not just the physical suffering but the rejection of the people who hailed Him as their king just a short time earlier, and the desertion of His best friends in His hour of need. I'm getting a signal that we're ready, Richard.

HOST 2: And now we take you back to Tracy Blake and the second installment of her two part interview with a woman whose story is so incredible it would be difficult to believe if we didn't see (lights up on Time Cam Set) and hear it ourselves on our exclusive Time Cam. Tracy.

(REPORTER 1 is standing with MARY MAGDALENE)

REPORTER 1: Richard, there is a happy ending to the heart rending story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, (lights down on Host Set) His delivering her from the horror of demons, His kind friendship with her drawing controversy and criticism from religious leaders, and His brutal torture and subsequent execution.

Mary, I thank you for sharing with us your story about watching Jesus die, but could you share with us what happened, three days later?

MARY MAGDALENE: Well, I had gone to His tomb, and the huge stone that was there had been rolled away, and I remember crying and crying--

REPORTER 1: And what were you thinking at the time?

MARY MAGDALENE: I don't know what I was thinking--I was just crying. They had taken His life away--and now I thought they had taken His body away--it just felt like bitter cruelty.

REPORTER 1: And what happened then?

MARY MAGDALENE: And then someone was talking to me, and I was asking where they had taken the body--I thought I was talking to the caretaker, but then He called out to me--Jesus called out to me, Tracy, and I knew, I just knew, I couldn't believe it but He was alive, and I saw Him for who He was and I grabbed onto Him and I wasn't going to let go!

REPORTER 1: So you witnessed Him alive, after He had been executed? You are sure it was Jesus?

MARY MAGDALENE: If you had known Him like I had, Tracy, you would understand that there could be no doubt.

REPORTER 1: Well, there you have it, a first-hand account of Jesus, risen from death, and offering comfort just as if business were as usual. And you've seen it live, here in the past, on Time Cam, on Ancient Mysteries. lights up on Host Set) Back to you Pat and Richard.

HOST 2: A happy ending to an incredible story with an amazing woman, (lights down on Time Cam Set) and an exclusive here on Ancient Mysteries, an eye-witness account of Jesus, risen from the dead--

HOST 1: Excuse me, Richard, we take you live to our Now Cam and Jim Wallard with a late breaking story. (Lights up on Now Cam Set) Over to you, Jim.

(REPORTER 2 is standing with WOMAN 2)

REPORTER 2: (excited) Pat, I have here Susan Hosford, (lights down on Host Set) who has just come out from her church's service and she has seen such an incredible transformation this day. Susan, can you tell us what happened today?

WOMAN 2: I was in the nursery taking care of the children when the service had just finished. Jody Sheridan, a good friend of mine, came bursting in and said that I had to go see Randall in the auditorium--

REPORTER 2: Now, that is your church's auditorium?

WOMAN 2: Yes. When I got to him, he was crying, my Randall, crying. I thought something was terribly wrong. He never cries. But when he saw me he broke out into this huge smile!

REPORTER 2: So he was all right, then?

WOMAN 2: Oh, more than all right. We'd been married for four years, and I'd never seen that big a smile on him, he'd always been so reserved, so, private--

REPORTER 2: So what happened, then, Mrs. Hosford?

WOMAN 2: He hugged me and I thought I was going to burst! Then, between snuffles, he explained that he had let go of all his resentments that he had built up over all these years, and now he knew Jesus like I did, and oh, WOMAN 2 (CON'T): you'll have to excuse me, I've got to go call my mother, she and I have been praying for him for so long, and I promised I would tell her immediately. We're so happy for him--

REPORTER 2: Jesus Christ, risen in the past, changing lives in the present, (lights up on Host Set) the power of His resurrection resounding in the hearts of men, even today!

HOST 1: Thank you, Jim for that uplifting report--

HOST 2: Excuse me, Pat, (lights down on Now Cam Set) but I've just heard from Tracy that she now has exclusively on Time Cam, Peter, probably one of the most famous of Jesus' disciples, joining her, live, in the past. So now, without further ado, (lights up on Time Cam Set) we take you to Tracy Blake on our Time Cam. Come in, Tracy.


REPORTER 1: Joining me with John the Disciple is a man who up until he met Jesus was known as Simon, (lights down on Host Set) but who was given the name "Peter" by his mentor and teacher. Peter, what does it mean to have Jesus give you this new name?

PETER: Well, there's no doubt that once you have met Jesus and allowed Him to work within you, you are a changed man. I know I am, and perhaps that why Jesus saw fit to give me a new name.

REPORTER 1: Now, my research tells me that "Peter" means "the rock". Is there any significance to this double meaning?

JOHN THE DISCIPLE: Actually, it's been the unanimous decision of the rest of the group that Jesus was referring to his hard head (JOHN THE DISCIPLE knocks on PETER's head) when he named him "the rock". (they both laugh and fake wrestling with each other) But seriously, Peter will never tell you this, but Jesus said that on this "rock" He will build His Kingdom. And since Jesus has risen from the grave, that Kingdom is coming closer and closer.

REPORTER 1: Simon, now named Peter, and John, disciples of Jesus, and the coming Kingdom. But now, Richard, I have here another before and after story concerning Jesus. Out of the mouths of babes comes a story all too typical and yet, one we are often too afraid to admit to ourselves. These youths, growing up in the streets of Jeruselem, tell of their own experiences with Jesus. Tell me, what was it like when you first saw Jesus?

BIBLICAL YOUTH 1: It was like a parade. We were all cheering and waving branches, it was a lot of fun.

BIBLICAL YOUTH 2: Yeah, we climbed on top of the roofs and watched him come into the city.

REPORTER 1: And when was the next time you saw Jesus?

BIBLICAL YOUTH 3: Um, he was in another kind of crowd.

BIBLICAL YOUTH 4: This one was lots different. People were yelling at Him, and throwing things at him.

BIBLICAL YOUTH 2: I threw rocks at Him.

BIBLICAL YOUTH 1: We all were. Especially the adults.

REPORTER 1: And how do you feel about that, now?

BIBLICAL YOUTHS 1,2,3&4: Bad, really bad. (staggered, so they do not speak in unison)

BIBLICAL YOUTH 3: But we know it's all right now. Jesus is okay.

BIBLICAL YOUTH 4: And we're sorry for what we did--

BIBLICAL YOUTHS 1,2&3: Yeah, real sorry-- (staggered)

BIBLICAL YOUTH 4: --And Jesus knows we're sorry, and He knows now we'll treat all people like in the parade, and not the other way.

REPORTER 1: I thank you all for your honesty in sharing with us your story

BIBLICAL YOUTHS 1,2: You're welcome--Thank you (unison)
BIBLICAL YOUTHS 3,4: Thank you--You're welcome (unison)

REPORTER 1: This is Tracy Blake reporting live, (lights up on Host Set) from the past, on Time Cam. Back to you Pat and Richard.

HOST 2: Thank you, Tracy. (lights down on Time Cam Set) It is well understood the sacrifices that Jesus made for redemption of sin, but what about afterward?

HOST 1: Is it an easy ride for the rest of your life into the pearly gates, or is there a price to be paid? What is the "catch" for this free grace of forgiveness for sins. With the often untold part of this story, we have Jim Wallard, in the field, (lights come up on Now Cam Set) live with our Now Cam. Jim?

REPORTER 2: Pat, We have seen the fantastic redemptive power of the grace of Jesus wiping clean the slate of sin in people's lives. (lights down on Host Set) But what about afterward? What is expected of the person who has accepted the grace of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins?
With me now, is someone we have seen earlier, Mrs. Kimberly Sorensen. Mrs. Sorensen, tell me now, what is the "catch" to receiving all the wonderful things we've been hearing about Jesus and His grace?

MOTHER: Well, Jim, it's not just a one time thing, but a committment you make. You dedicate your life to Jesus, nothing else becomes more important to you--your life is centered around serving Him. In a way it is like a marriage, a sacred bond between you and Jesus, forever.

REPORTER 2: We've already seen many examples of how Jesus enriches your life in response to this relationship, but what do you mean exactly by "serving" Jesus?

MOTHER: There is a great commandment that is quite commonly known: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart"; but a second lesser known commandment is actually likened to it: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

REPORTER 2: I'd never heard that one before.

MOTHER: It's true. Serving God in one way means showing the love of God to others who don't know Him. Serving them in the same way you would serve God. That's what Jesus meant when He said "Feed my sheep", the ones in His fold, and the ones who don't know Him yet as their shepherd.

REPORTER 2: Thank you Mrs. Soreneson for sharing that enlightening truth with us. Pat and Richard, we have seen the love of Jesus at work in people today as they seek comfort, direction, and purpose for their lives. We also see the compassion of Jesus as His followers administer His love through their actions. Indeed, Jesus is alive and living today, equally in the words of "love your fellow as you love yourself," and "All who believe in Him will not be disappointed." Reporting live, from the present using our Now Cam, I'm Jim Wallard for Ancient Mysteries.

(Lights up on Time Cam Set, lights down on Now Cam set)

REPORTER 1: Well, there you have it, Pat and Richard. Jesus, a man of mystery, who, ironically, made known to us the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have witnesses testifying to His changing lives back here in the past, His ultimate sacrifice, and glorious resurrection.

The world will never be the same because of what happened here, not only in the immediate past, but in the future past as well, all the way up to the future present. What is in store for the future future? Only time will tell. Reporting live from the past using our exclusive Time Cam, I'm Tracy Blake, signing off for Ancient Mysteries.

(Lights up on Host Set, lights down on Time Cam Set)

HOST 2: From the past we see the die cast for the present--

HOST 1: And from the present we can look back upon the past--

HOST 2: And the message is the same.

HOST 1: Today on Ancient Mysteries we asked the question "Was Jesus alive two thousand years ago?"

HOST 2: And "Is Jesus still alive today?" From the past we see how and why Jesus is indeed alive today--

HOST 1: And in the present, we see why it was so necessary for Jesus to sacrifice Himself and rise again, two thousand years ago.

HOST 2: We see now, through the lives of people past and present, why Jesus should be the Lord of our lives, and that every knee should bow--

HOST 1: --And every tongue confess--

HOST 2: --That Jesus Christ is Lord! For Ancient Mysteries, I'm Richard Bennett...

HOST 1: And I'm Pat Lutz. Have a pleasant Easter!

(theme music up)

(lights down on Host Set)

(theme music down)

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